Where did the baby name Sivi come from in 1967?

Sivi Aberg (with the Joker) in an episode of the TV series "Batman" (Nov. 1967)
Sivi Aberg in “Batman

The rare name Sivi first appeared in the U.S. baby name data in 1967. It stuck around for several more years before disappearing again.

  • 1971: unlisted
  • 1970: 7 baby girls named Sivi
  • 1969: 5 baby girls named Sivi
  • 1968: 8 baby girls named Sivi
  • 1967: 27 baby girls named Sivi [debut]
  • 1966: unlisted

What put it there?

Curvaceous actress Sivi Aberg.

She was born Siv Märta Åberg in Sweden in 1944. After representing her home country at the 1964 Miss Universe pageant (and placing 3rd runner-up), she moved to America to give acting a try.

In early 1967, under the name Sivi Aberg, she won the title of “Hollywood Star of Tomorrow” on a pageant-like American TV special. (Previous winners of the annual contest included Raquel Welch, Sally Field, Carol Lynley and Kim Novak.)

Also during the second half of the 1960s, she appeared on various American TV shows, such as Batman, I Spy, Hogan’s Heroes, Mannix, and Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.

Sivi’s birth name, Siv, is a form of Sif — the name of the wife of Thor in Norse mythology. Sif’s name was derived from the Old Norse word sifjar, a plural noun meaning “relatives.”

What are your thoughts on the name Sivi?

P.S. Jinx, Gwili, and Donivee are three more forgotten Hollywood actresses who left their mark on the U.S. baby name charts.


Image: Screenshot of Batman

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