Baby name story: Brighton

For their honeymoon, Dean and Kelly Hernandez of Columbus, Ohio, visited the city of Brighton, England (which is on the southern coast).

Four years later, they welcomed a baby girl. They named her Isabel Brighton in honor of the city.

Here’s what Dean had to say about Brighton:

In all of our travels around the world, there has been no place whose people made such a singularly good impression upon us.

Have you ever been to a place whose residents made “a singularly good impression” upon you? Would the name of that place make a good baby name?

Source: “US baby named Brighton after city.” BBC 13 May 2009.

4 thoughts on “Baby name story: Brighton

  1. Luxemborg was a delightful surprise. Maybe Lux as a middle name in tribute if I had felt that strongly about it.

  2. It was for these kinds of nostalgic reasons that I was named Chelsea – a fondness for London and that area having good memories particularly for my American mom.

    I do like place names although I can see why natives might find them unusual. Brooklyn is one example maybe to Americans and Brighton could be to Brits.

    Charlotte of course is a nice name and a city. I like Savannah too.

  3. I can understand this. Brighton is a beautiful city, and the people were very courteous when I visited.

  4. i met a baby boy named Brighton and thought it was nice, but soon realized my family from New England thought it sounded like “he’s a bright-un, y’all”, so killed that idea. if it weren’t for them, i may consider using it.

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