“Birth as Art” Baby Named Ajax

Yesterday, performance artist Marni Kotak gave birth to a baby boy at Brooklyn’s Microscope Gallery as part of her exhibit “The Birth of Baby X.”

I had a hunch that the letter “x” would be in the name somewhere, and turns out my hunch was right: the baby has been named Ajax.

As the child of a performance artist, Ajax can now expect his life to be put on display for all to see:

Her exhibit “The Birth of Baby X” kicks off her long-term project “Raising Baby X,” which will document her child’s upbringing “from birth through attending college and developing an independent life,” according to her website.

Part of me thinks this is not a good idea. Then again…how different could this possibly be from all the parents out there who overshare about their kids on Facebook?


2 thoughts on ““Birth as Art” Baby Named Ajax

  1. I’ve always held Ajax in reserve… for a pet. Specifically a white pet. The cleaning products have ruined it as a name for a child.

    I can’t imagine using my (non-consenting) child’s life as an “artwork”, but then I don’t even post my kid’s pictures or full names on the internet. Privacy is too precious these days.

  2. This name just came up on my blog last week! Not my style, personally, but X names are all the rage – not to mention she’d already taken to calling him Baby X! I guess there’s room for this one after all!

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