Baby born during Hurricane Sandy, named Sandra


Inevitably, at least one baby out there has been named after superstorm Sandy.

Fernando Dimas Martinez and Anahi Sanchez Moreno of Brooklyn welcomed a baby girl a few hours before the storm hit.

Martinez had been considering “Jacqueline,” but after hearing nonstop storm reports at the restaurant where he works, he opted for a name reflecting current events.

The baby’s full name is Sandra Sanchez, nickname Sandy.

UPDATE, 11/2013: Just found the story of another New York baby named for Sandy: Adrian Storm Kusek, born on Oct. 29, son of Kinga and Pawel Kusek.

Source: Borough Park couple’s baby named after superstorm Sandy

Image (Hurricane Elena) by NASA

2 thoughts on “Baby born during Hurricane Sandy, named Sandra

  1. I was reading Brad Feld’s blog and spotted this line: “We are sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas in a country that is recovering emotionally from two disasters named Sandy – one natural (Hurricane Sandy) and one man-made (Sandy Hook).”

    Of course I was aware of both of events, but I hadn’t put two and two together about the name “Sandy” until I read that line.

    The baby name Sandy is already in decline. I wonder if Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook massacre will have any influence on the usage of the name in the coming months.

  2. The American Name Society has declared Sandy the 2012 name of the year [PDF]. From the release:

    The American Name Society voted “Sandy” Name of the Year for 2012 at its annual meeting in Boston, MA on January 4.

    “Sandy,” the name of the hurricane or “Superstorm” which devastated New Jersey and New York in late October, was cited for its historical importance and the use of the phrase “Superstorm Sandy” to create a memorable name which will bring to mind this event for years to

    Donna Lillian, incoming President of the American Name Society, said “Sandy is also memorable because of its association with the sand that filled many shoreline homes as a result of the storm.” Because of the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT, Sandy is also linked with the two biggest tragic news events of the year for the northeastern United States.

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