How Do You Like Your Name, Jennifer?

“I love the sound of my name and the history of it deriving from Guinevere,” says Jennifer Marie, a 30-year-old who was born in Minnesota but is now living in Tennessee.

What’s the story behind her name?

I was born at 28w6d weighing only 3lbs8oz and being 13in in length. In short I was very early and very tiny. The doctors prepared my parents for the worst, so being Catholic, they wanted me named and baptized as soon as possible. Throughout their pregnancy, my parents had planned on naming Anastasia Marie nn Stacie if I was a girl and Nicholas Alexander if I was a boy (they didn’t know the sex). However, being born so early through a wrench in their plans. My grandma (mom’s mom) felt that Anastasia was too long of a name for such a little baby. Needing a name quickly and agreeing with my grandma, they chose Jennifer (like many other parents in 1982) with the nn Jennie/Jenny. They swear they didn’t know it was that popular. Ironically, Jennifer is only one letter less and one syllable less than Anastasia. Marie was kept as its a family mn; 13th generation on both sides of the family.

Is there anything she dislikes about her name?

I know most people would expect me to say I disliked the popularity of my name, and maybe at one point in my life I would have. However, I actually enjoy the link it has provided me to other people, creating friendships and conversation.

Usage of the baby name Jennifer peaked in the 1970s and 1980s.

Finally, would she recommend that expectant parents today use the name Jennifer?

I would recommend my name to today’s parents. Most people see it as a mom name, which makes it a pleasant surprise to meet a little Jennifer or Jenny.

Thank you, Jennifer!

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