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A number of people come to my blog looking for “car names.”

I’ve recently figured out that, while some of these folks are looking for car names for their babies, far more actually come to find names for their cars.

So, to help this latter group out, I scoured the web to find out what sorts of names people give to their cars.

Here’s a list of over 50 car names I found:

Abraham: “Next, we named the car. My husband said that if we were going to spend a week together, our family and this shiny automobile, it needed a name. And “Abraham” was christened.” -Whitney of Rookie Moms

Ailey: “Of course the first thing I did (after sucking in lungful of that luscious smell) was to name the car. Meet Ailey, my brandy-new, alien green Kia Soul.” -J Monkeys of Writing Secrets of 7 Scribes

Alfred: We took the new car on a road trip to test it out, during the trip we named the car “Alfred”. After the Alfred on Batman, Batman’s Butler. Since we call Hudson “Little Batman”, and the car does escort “Little Batman” around Alfred seemed like a perfect fit.” -Shannon of Bird a la Mode

Angus: “We named the car “Angus,” after Angus Hudson, the butler played by Gordon Jackson in the long-running ITV/PBS series “Upstairs, Downstairs.”” -Kit of Kit Foster’s CarPort

Apollo: “Thank you Apollo for not having a regular trunk. Yes, my car is named Apollo, as in the space ship. Because my car reminds me of a space ship.” -Sammi of Running To Fit

Bianca: “Our new car is named Bianca della Carza. Clearly we went with Bianca because the car itself is white and since I speak Italian it allows me to pretend to speak it fluently. The “della Carza” was added because a local news caster is named “Bianca de la Garza” and as soon as we named the car Bianca the della Carza followed naturally out of our mouths as though we had been fully indoctrinated by our TV watching. Laughing, we decided to go with it. Bianca is in the garage now. It is still hard to believe that we bought a new car, said good bye to Zoe, and weaved our lives together even more all in a single day.” -Melissa of foster & feed

Bono: “Bono is my car. I named him Bono because I had a crush on Felix, my brother’s friend, who happens to be obsessed with U2. Somehow, I thought naming my car Bono would increase my chances. Sadly, I must admit t it did nothing for my chances.” -Anya of Anya Violetta

Bruce: “My car is named Bruce. I’m really not going to elaborate here, but it’s got something to do with the fact that some people seem to think it’s a Transformer and that it, being an inanimate object, actually has a sexual orientation. I’m leaving this one alone.” -The Mishap of Confessions of a Walking Mishap

Charlene: “I was NOT about to let anyone but a professional — thus excluding myself — touch my Charlene. (Yes, my car is named Charlene.)” -Sarah Piper of Bon Appetit Management Company

Christina: “My phone’s name is Verity Loud. My last phone’s name was George. My computer’s name is Francis Lenovo. My brother’s computer’s name is Opal. Our car is named Christina, but we call her variations thereof (Katrina, Chris, Christy, etc). Yep. I live in a family that names their technology. But are we so weird? Why do we give stuffed animals and dolls to children? Why do we own pets?” -Phoeg of Ramber’s Light

Dip: “My car is named Dip.” -Jen of come and rest your bones with me

Dorothy: “Why Dorothy? Well, 1) because her previous owner was an elderly woman who recently passed away, and I named the car in homage to my favorite Golden Girl, Dorothy, to honor the memory of all the awesome old women out there. Also, 2) she is named because “there is no place like home” and Dorothy is the closest thing to “home” I have right now. She is mine, I own her, and if all else fails me in the next few weeks or months while I search for a more permanent “home”, at least I will have Dorothy.” -Emily of GreenDesignCollective Blog

Eeyore: “I was so worried about my car being damaged, but it looks like the trees overhead stopped Eeyore from getting pummeled. Yes, my car is named Eeyore :)”
-Lisa Boland of Bitchin’ Kitsch ‘n’ Kitchen

Eleanor: “I have this thing with my possessions. It may just be the weird side of me, but I embrace it. I have a habit of naming objects, such as cars, the remote control, and my coffee maker. For instance, my car is named Eleanor because the first letter of my license plate is an E and I love the song Eleanor Rigby. My dad’s truck is named Genevieve, because she seems like a classy lady. My boyfriend’s old red car was named Bertha, because she was a big lady. His new car is named Stella, because, really, why not? My laptop is named Scarlet because she has a red cover. My Keurig coffee maker is named Monica for no particular reason – I just happened to look at it and it was the first name that came into my mind on Christmas morning. And so when I bought my Blackberry Bold 9650 back in July, I knew she would need a name. She would be with me at all times of day. As I held her in my hands in the Verizon Wireless store for the first time, it was like the name came to me immediately. She was wrapped in a blue silicone case that would protect her from bumps and scratches. Her name would be Belle, like after bluebell flowers.” -Therese of Therese Zdazenski

Elenor: “Lucky me, lucky me, my wonderful husband surprised me with a brand new Honda CRV Sport in a lovely shade of sage green for our anniversary. It was hard to say good bye to my beloved and trusty Elliot my Honda Element, but I have made the transition rather quickly. The new car is named Elenor…works well with the existing nick name Ellie. Sounds a little silly, I know, but I have had a wonderful relationship with Elliot over the last few years and he’s taken me over 152,000 kms safely while I’ve been out and about. Elliot never let me down, always started on the coldest of winter days, was able to make it up Scenic Caves Road in the worst conditions and took me to the cottage (my favourite place in the world besides Collingwood) always a happy road trip. Elliot and I had a remarkable relationship. He will be missed, but I’m looking forward to a great relationship with Ellie, the sleek looking, smooth running new car in my life (with a fantastic sunroof).” -Julie Card of Out & About

Elphaba: “I just wanted to say thank you to all of the lovely people that suggested names for my new oven. I thought Glinda fit as our car is called Elphaba!” -Lorraine Elliott of Not Quite Nigella

Elvira: “My car is named Elvira (I know, I named her). Last year, I blogged about my car topless (she is a convertible) under the title – Elvira Topless!!!. The post included pictures me in my convertible. Since then, my blog has picked up a lot of traffic from men (well, some women too) searching the term Elvira topless. I have always found this funny and even blogged about it a second time under, Elvira Topless. As a result, my blog now ranks 3rd in Google results for “Elvira topless”.” -Tom Whittaker of Tom Whittaker’s Blog

FitzWilliam: “In fact, my car is named Fitzwilliam, after Mr. Darcy. Yes, I am aware of how pathetic that is. And I’m okay with this.” -Sharon of The Book Barbies

Fjodor: “Our car is named Fjodor. (Yes, of course after Dostojevskij). Just sayin’. :)” -Torunn of A Little Nouveau

Gracie: “I name inanimate objects. Example: My espresso machine is named Max. My car is named Gracie. And my iphone is named Florence.” -Danielle of Taking Notes…Coast to Coast

Hans: “I’ve never missed covered parking so much in my life! It was like the Snow Miser sharted all over Hans. (yes, my car is named Hans. Judge if you must.)” -Megan of Six One in Heels

Heather: “I am mad at Tyler for waking up my shopping jones though. Did you see the way those broad were ragging in that movie?! Luckily, Heather Hunter Honda (yea my car is named after a porn star – don’t ask) had a major crisis that put a serious dent in my pocketbook so I’m banned from the mall for now. I can still dream…” -Danielle of Songs in the Key of Life

Ivy: “My car is named Ivy. She’s my first and only car that I have.” -Pakou of Off the Front Porch

Izzy: “My car is named Izzy. The car before was Adam. My phone is Janice. My AC unit is Jasmine. I like to name inanimate objects.” -Rachel of lala Lists

Karmit: “I am a big fan of the Muppets. Our car is named Karmit and a friend played “Rainbow Connection” on his guitar for us during our wedding ceremony.” -Gary and Louise of Lone Star on a Lark

Linda: “We got so many fantastic submissions! After pouring over them all, we had to choose just one… Introducing Linda, our transportation, and our travel companion.” -The Dudes of Cig Cross Canada Tour

Linus: “Linus is my car. I named Linus, because as I stated before I am terrified he will magically explode, and so when I am driving home (no joke) I talk to him. We chat about traffic, sometime I am asking if he has a flat tire or if it’s just the road. It took a while for me to trust Linus, since my last vehicle Vern let his tire fly off on the freeway, Vern and I had a really shaky relationship after that. So much so, that I had to sell him.” -Miki of Becoming What I Always Was

Little Dorritt: “My car’s name is Little Dorrit.” -Sarah Allen of From Sarah, With Joy

Lola: “Owning a Corolla, I guess the reason why I named my car Lola is for my tag line “Lola the Corolla.” I thought it was funny… As for the other things I guess I just named them just to give them a personality, a character.” -Shawn Tripputi of San Jacinto Times Staff Blog

Lorraine: “Another thing you can see in these pictures is my bike. Her name is Alexandra, “Lexie” for short, and I’m very excited for springtime rides. For your information, my camera is named Pepe (as in Pepe le Pew, the romantic skunk) and my car is named Lorraine. Do you name inanimate objects? It’s fun; you should give it a try.” -Sara of SK{ru}SH

Lucille: “Those of you who are familiar with the now-cancelled best-TV-show-ever Arrested Development should notice a resemblance to the car that was driven in the show by Lucille Bluth. While I could not find a picture of the car itself, I can provide a picture of Lucille, for whom my car is named.” -Brian of Ponystyle Industries

Lucky: “So the most recent blog-worthy thing that we have done is buy a new CAR! It is beautiful and we love it! We “named” the car lucky (c’mon you know everyone names their cars) because it was, to say the least, lucky that we were able to buy it.” -Brynn of The Dexters

Lucy: “Her car is a ’65 Ford Falcon named Shirley. Ironically, my car is named Lucy aka the Diamond in the Rust.” -Amber Von Felts of I Heart Everything

Maggie: “Just to clear up the subject on Maggie. Maggie is my car. I named her when I purchased her a few years ago. I thought that since she was a red car (oh yeah, the car is female) that entitles her to a red-head name… and Maggie sounds like a red headed person. All that came to me was an Irish gal name Maggie… so Maggie is a red head, possibly Irish and she kisses boy cars… really she does. I parked at a Wal-mart parking lot and she gave the blue chevy impala, which was parked across from us, a little peck on the lips. Thats just how she is I guess. She flirts.” -kw muah of The journal of an amateur dabbler

Marcus: “We zipped in for a rather late 1 pm brunch in Marcus (yes, our car is named Marcus and yes, he zips, not cruises)” -libbyty of The Little Bow Girl

Marty: “Marty Mazda. I named the car Marty because, well, it just wasn’t clear if he was a boy or a girl. (Even when you looked under the hood *wink* *wink*.)” -Lisa of Chick Lit is Not Dead

Max: “My mother and I are driving somewhere separately – her in the purple van and me in Max. (Sidenote: Max is my car. I named him after a male stripper named Max Steele.)” -99donuts of 99donuts

Merlot: “My new car is named MERLOT for her sparkling wine color.” -Dianne of Dianne Johnson

Moby: “We took that money and decided we wanted to buy a car outright and not have any payments. K said she didn’t really care what we got, as long as it drove nice and wasn’t a white four door. 2 weeks later, we purchased a 1996 white 4 door ford Taurus (the model that still had those ugly oval shaped back windows). On account of the shape, size, and color, we named the car Moby.” -rebb of rebb against the machine!

Molly: “My car is named Molly, after Molly Weasley. I bought the car shortly after Deathly Hallows came out and found Molly a fitting name because, like Molly, my car is little, red and feisty.” -Morgan of Becoming Rooks

Nancy: “I named the car Nancy and she became mine.” -Jess of Bowl of Bees

Pearl: “About 15 years ago, a friend of mine loaned me a string of pearls to wear to my nephew’s wedding. I liked the pearls so much my husband offered to buy me some for Christmas. Unfortunately, before Christmas, his old car, which had well over 100,000 miles on it, began developing a series of problems and it became apparent he needed a new car, which meant no expensive Christmas present. I preferred having husband drive a safe vehicle to wearing pearls to pick him up at the side of the rode when he broke down, so a new car it was. I named the car Pearl.” -Coleslaw of Word Salad

Penny: “I also recently noticed that on top me naming my heat pack Glenn, my guinea pig is named Maggie, and my car is named Penny…I’ve been naming things after Walking Dead characters even before the show aired!” -Nicole of Crippie’s Corner

Peyman: “Willie brought us the car today right after work. We couldn’t be happier to have “The Peyman” in our possession at last! We named the car Peyman after our dear friend from camp. He is a great guy and he has quite a beard… He deserves a car to be named after him!” -Sarah J Cole of FollowSarah

Phyllis Nefler: “this morning the check engine light came on in my car. stinks! phyllis nefler (our car’s name) has a few other problems and needs to go see the car doctor soon. (p.s. our car is named after the movie troop beverly hills) :)” -Amanda of The Shepard Life

Pompidou: “My car is named after the Pompidou Centre located in the heart of Paris, a building with iconic architecture of the twentieth century, designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, the Pomipdou Centre opened to the public in 1977. Also the year of my birth.” -Trina of Eskimo to the World

Reznor: “And if you haven’t guessed it by now, my car is named after Trent Reznor from NIN.” -Danielle of Porcelain Heart, Ivory Tooth

Sacagawea: “Our car is named “Sacagawea”, because she takes us places.” -Rachel of rachelcoker

Sam: “I have a habit of giving proper names to many of the inanimate objects in my life. My car is named Sam. My first car was Burt – Burt was a wonderful car of some notoriety due to his many bumper stickers, totally un-me purple airbrushed racing stripes, the brutal-looking dent in the side where a drunk driver hit me and I never got it fixed, and the appalling among of trash accumulated inside…I was a messy 20-something. I used to have two bean bags named Clark and Aunt Bethany in college.” -Ruby Sara of Pagan Godspell

Shirley: “My car is named Shirley because my best friend’s car is named Laverne. Normally I don’t like naming things like cars.” -Kate of Leaving the Land of Cotton

Simon Templar: “I mean, my car is named Simon Templar (and there’s a sign of the Saint taped up in one of the windows, just to further reassure everyone that I am completely crazy).” -Millie of Classic Forever

Skarmory: I named the car “Skarmory”, which is the name of a Steel-type Pokemon. It was doubly appropriate since it’s a steel gray car, and the word ‘car’ is phonetically embedded in it.” -Cheryl of Twenty-Sided Woman

Sophia: “My car, Sophia, is leased through VW and her time with me is ending.” -Jess of Just What Jess Is Up To

Sylvia: “This is my car! I named it Sylvia. Sylvia the suzuki. It’s pretty small (I wish is was smaller!) and I got it brand spannking factory new. I still have the plastic on the seats. I have yet to hit anything! Yay!” -Kait of of Adventures in Kaitland

Trails: So who’s old enough to remember Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and their farewell song “Happy Trails”? Okay, it silly, but it works! Our RV is named “Happy” and our car is named “Trails” since it trails behind us when we’re toolin’ down the road.” -Nan & Gary of Happy Trails…on the road again

Veronica: “So much that my car is named, ahem, Veronica. Yeah I have no shame.” -TiffanyD of Makeup by Tiffany D

Which of the above do you like best?

Do you have a name for your car? If so, what is it, and why did you choose it?

Update, 2013: Here’s a fun Name Your Car Formula I posted for Name Your Car Day (October 2).

Update, 2022: I just came across a quote from Vanna White, who moved to Los Angeles in 1980 with $1,000. She used $700 for her first month’s rent, then “took the remaining $300 and bought a white Pinto. Penelope was the car’s name. My mother always named her cars Nellie Bell.” (Source: “Woman of letters hits the road,” USA Weekend, 24 May 1987)

Image: Adapted from 13º Encuentro Nacional del FIAT 600-9 by Francisco Paez under CC BY-SA 2.0.

75 thoughts on “Names people have given their cars

  1. My current ride is a 13-year-old Infiniti named Gwendolyn: she’s cool and aloof, and painted a color that suggests she shouldn’t get so much sun.

  2. His name is “Winged Zephyr Chariot of the She-Devil”; his nickname is Charly (Chariot = Charly). He’s a sturdy little Jetta and is quite adroit on the road.

  3. My dad had a green avanti we called Kermit, and a rusty old Toyota Camry we called Mrs. Toada…

  4. I have a 2008 burgundy Nissan Pathfinder, was a gift to myself for my 25th birthday, but cant come up with a name for her

  5. My car was first named Saphira becuase she was cool silvery sleek, but someone bumbed her in the parking lot and left a dent. She lost her shine and became “Stella”!

  6. We have five cars in our family. Husband’s Durango is named “Buster,” my Volvo is named “Buzz,” daughter #1’s Volvo is named “Rufus,” Daughter #2’s Volvo is named “Princess Eleanor Baby Car,” and granddaughter’s Kia is named “Oliver.”

  7. I names my 1998 Mercedes Benz SLK230 Lisa because she’s a very bright shiny teal color with shiny chrome wheels and reminds me of the Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers popular in the 90s.

  8. While I call my car “the old bird” I named ny old cop car Crown Vic the USS Silbervogel after a German rocket plane that is the namesake. Look up “silbervogel” on Google for a good aviation laugh. Good thing for the test pilot to have drawn the short straw. He would have burnt up on the first try!

  9. My first car was an Old Buick Electra I called “Bucky”. “Dex” the Ford Explorer was next. “Sassy” was a Chevy Cavalier. She had a “bra” and a “Wedgie”. The Wedgie was the cup holder that wedged in beside the seats. Next came “Comet” a Red Windstar, and her twin who was named by Hubby: “Seamus”. The last one was “SK the Secret Keeper”, since I was told secrets as we drove. Haven’t named this one yet, it’s a PT Cruiser, blue. Will update you.

  10. I just bought a yellow 2013 Hyundai Veloster with a panoramic roof. Named her Delilah

  11. The first car my ex and I bought was a 1966 Volkswagon bus. It was kinda unique in that it was what was known as a “Sundial” It was a verrry cool camper (NOT a pop-up). There are some pretty good images on line. One of the coolest features was the rear seat. It would pull out and along with the padded rear section (over the engine) made a quite comfortable bed. Goin’ to the drive-in was the BEST!!! (mind you this was ’75 or ’76) At that time I was totally immersed in the music of Bach and we named him “Johann Sebastian Bus” …Johann Or Joey for short. A kinda weird coincidence, and the reason for relating this story, is that just below this comments section was a link to “The 20 Children of Johann Sebastian Bach”…weird, eh?
    We also had an ’85 Ford Bronco that we named “Billy the Buckin’ Bronco”. But if we put on our Sunday go to meetin’ clothes (something other than Levis and a t-shirt) we referred to him as “William”. Sorry ’bout the rambling…recalling fond memories and all that
    “FREE THE WEED”…kingmambo

  12. My sister names most of the cars my family has. She named my mom’s old Beige ’88 BMW 325i Blondie and her old white ’91 318i pearl. Last year I bought a dark grey ’09 Toyota Corolla with really bad electronic steering, my sister drove it around the block and she told me that she’s naming it Sheldon. Mostly because it looked like a turtle and was afraid if she turned it too fast that he would roll onto his roof and wouldn’t be able to get back on his feet, lol. She recently bought a ’06 Scion xB that she named Ringo Star after her favorite Beatles member.

    Lastly the car that made her start naming car, her first car which was a red ’94 Jeep Cherokee in which she named Lester The Molester. Because the day after she got it she found a box of condoms that was filled with candy wrappers under the passenger seat.

  13. I got a Ford Fiesta, so I decided she needed a cool Spanish name. Of course, the first step to this was googling “cool Spanish names”, which led me to naming her Zenita. Zenita the Fiesta. A party on wheels.

  14. My family has two cars, and they are two BMW’s (2014 new off the lot). One is a convertible and one is the X5. I named the convertible “Sexy Lexie”. There was a girl in my high school (back when I was in high school, senior in university now) named Lexie. She was very beautiful, but I never mustered up the courage to ask her out. So all of my friends to give me crap would go “Hey Joe, there’s Sexy Lexie”. So now I called my car Sexy Lexie because it is an innuendo among my friends. Now I say “Hey guys, today i’m going to be INSIDE Sexy Lexie”.

    As for the X5, I named it “Kim” who was Lexie’s sister. However the nickname is “Lexie’s nasty sister” because as it turns out, Lexie’s sister Kim was a year or two older than us. She was just as beautiful, and she thought I was cute. I was going to hook up with her until I found out she was stripping, and offering sexual services in order to pay her way through college. So that is where the nickname for Kim came from.

  15. We have 2 cars a jeep we call jelly the jeep and a pink car called rosey as she is as sweet as a rose


  17. So we had a 2002 chrysler voyager that we got when it was a year old and I was pregnant with my now 11 yr old son. I named it “Vanna”. Vanna served us well but we recently finally gave up on her for a brand new dark blue Ford Explorer. What I love most about it is the color. I want to name it a female name that preferably has something to do with the color but if its a play on words for Ford, Explorer, or SUV that might be cool. So far I debating between “Indigo” or “Blue Thunder” but unsure. Friends have suggested “blue angel” or “blue jean” but I just don’t know..cannot decide!! Help??

  18. Thx for your ideas. Yes Suvie was a thought I had too and then I REALLY wanted to name her Dora the Explorer lol but the kids and my husband nixed that. Decided on simple “blue” but will sometimes call her my blue babay or “blue blue” as in Lou lou.

  19. My husband bought me a a f150 and it is a beautiful truck. I love the thing so much. I thought about a name for a long time because of how much i was in love with it. Its the perfect shade between blue and green so i named her blue onyx. Such a beautiful gem for such a beautiful truck!

  20. Blue Onyx is pretty. I thought of “Indigo” too. I decided that the one day in the future when I get my “dream car”, a Mustang, I will name her “Sally” as in “Mustang Sally”

  21. My first car was a cherry red mini cooper with 2 white stripes. I called him Oswald on account of the very circle-filled design of the 2011 model (which just made it feel right) & my love of doctor who (character called Clara Oswald).

  22. Just bought a new 2015 Audi Q3. It’s black – total departure for me.
    I always name my cars, but really having difficulty this time around. I can’t decide whether it’s a boy or girl! It’s not a large car. Normally I would say it’s a girl, but the black gives it a sleek, more masculine appearance.
    I want a one or two syllable name that goes with the car’s personality which is peppy and down right fun to drive. A friend told me I always drive, “Old Lady Cars.” This is definately not that. Can you help? Every car needs a name.

  23. Here are some names that mean “dark” or “black” or “night” or something related:


    Anyone else have ideas for Debbie? Here are some Audi Q3 images for inspiration.

  24. I’m trying to find a name for my ‘new’ (to me!) 2011 Aveo5. He’s red, and I have no idea what to even call him!

  25. Rufus and Russell both have meanings associated with the color red.

    Desi (from Desiderio) is another idea, as aveo means “I desire” in Latin.

    Anyone else have ideas for Erin? Here’s the Chevrolet Aveo Wikipedia page for info/pics.

  26. I named my 2000 Isuzu Trooper the Unicorn because..well you just don’t see many of them anymore.

  27. Tina Serena – i named my BMW M3 convertible Tina Serena because she’s a strong champion like Serena Williams and some days I give her a beating like Ike used to do

  28. I’m going to be getting a 2002 Nissan Frontier as my first vehicle. Tried the name formula, but thought Jessica was a bit much feminine. It’s a 4WD pickup truck, so I sought something more adventurous and robust. I think I’ll name her Louisiana, y’know because of the American Frontier.

  29. I named my Toyota Tacoma Tiger Lily. Tacoma means water and Tiger Lily in Peter Pan gives water to as a gift. I have always named all my vehicles but this truck has the biggest story behind her name. My others were Dora (a brown Camry) Petrie (Land before time) and Charlie Jr. (I had a explorer and my mom had a aerostar which she named Charlie).

  30. I named my baby Geoffrey Fredrick With-No-Last-Name. I had taken my old car Genevieve to get an oil change at the dealership and decided to aimlessly walk around and saw him. Sitting there in the middle of the showroom with the sunlight shinning directly at him making his ever blue paint look like the ocean. I sat inside and knew I just had him. First words out of my mouth were ” Geoffrey Fredrick, soon we’ll be a family.” Took him for a test drive and called my dad and ask if i could have him co sign the papers. We became one on Valentines day.

  31. I named my first car Jethro . & here’s why…my mom had the car first & Jethro has been thru A LOT! including getting sugar put in the tank …the name came from Jethro from NCIS …cause he just kept on ticking lol .

  32. I have a beautiful 2001 Reflex Silver VW Passat named Luna (color & moonroof inspiration) and a Subaru Outback that is indigo blue and his name is Woady- for the dark blue woad color used for druid clothing and tattoos, and because we like to take woad twips in ouw cow…

  33. I have a green 1998 Ford Explorer. Dubbed “the little green monster ” because she grumbled and growled more so than a diesel due 2 some exhaust issues. She’s fast and intimidates the little cars on the NYS thruway. I have a 2008 Mercury mountaineer that I’m currently having trouble naming. She’s big (3 rows of seats, silver and quite zippy)

  34. My jeep’s name is Rusty-Lynn. Rusty was too masculine (she’s maroon with rust holes alone the bottoms of the jeep). I then considered the movie Ted when adding “Lynn” makes it a r
    White trash name. Then I live in the country where names like calliean, rustyLynn, and Billie Jo are common.

  35. Gollum is the name of my current Subaru, because it’s ugly and has a split personality.

  36. I have a 1986 Ford Thunderbird. And I wanted that more classic kind of name. I came up with Darleene. She’s a beaut and I love her on so much

  37. Going to pick up my new car today. It’s a black BMW X5. My boyfriend actually picked out the name…Stella. I think it’s perfect. :)

  38. My daughter’s ancient Toyota Avalon is named Grampa
    My white Hyundai was Blanca (my son wrecked her, so bummed)
    My brother’s old blue Honda is Frau Bluecar (Young Frankenstein’s Frau Blucher)

  39. MARGIE is my cars name.
    I asked my brother as a child why they always say about a car, look at HER go or, isn’t SHE pretty.
    My brother said anything that takes that much time and costs much money, as it does has to be a woman.
    So I named my car after my moms name. MARGERY.

  40. My car is named Edna because she is old, but I love her, and I am sure there are lots of sweet grandmother’s named Edna out there.

  41. Hi I need a female car name for my 2017 BMW 430i xDrive Gran Coupe. she’s black with red interior. pure beauty, sleek and fast. I’m looking for an exotic female name preferably Spanish or Italian. any suggestions?

  42. Named my 2014 Nissan Rogue
    “Rachel Green” after my fav tv show character on Friends! Besides the car color was midnight jade so it was perfect.

  43. I’d like ultraviolet bike race bike sporty car with spoilers bell basket pegs named Roise for girl with Roise 4/17/20 on license plate.3.

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