Will D’Ussé become a baby name?

Jay-Z and D'Usse

Here’s one more for the predictions list.

D’Ussé [doo-SAY] is a cognac that was introduced by Bacardi Limited in mid-2012.

But I didn’t hear about it (and I’ll bet a lot of other people didn’t hear about it) until Jay Z’s Magna Carta… Holy Grail (2013) came out in early July. D’Ussé is mentioned three times on the album, in the songs “F.U.T.W.,” “Part II (On the Run),” and “BBC.”

Since then — now that I’m looking — I’ve noticed that Jay Z has hosted various D’Ussé launch parties, is being featured in a D’Ussé advertising campaign, and even drank D’Ussé from a Grammy back in February.

Now, I know endorsement deals between celebs and brands are nothing new, and that few of them inspire the creation of brand new baby names.

But Jay Z is extremely popular, and the French word “D’Ussé” has a rather pleasant sound, so I wonder…will this particular pairing put D’Ussé on the map as a baby name in 2013?

After all, Jay Z was one of the celebs who helped popularize the name Alize 20 years ago (back when he still had his hyphen).

What do you think?

One thought on “Will D’Ussé become a baby name?

  1. Beyoncé’s recent song “Sorry” mentions D’Ussé — I don’t know if this will do anything for D’Ussé as a name, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.

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