How do you feel about your name, Brooke?

Today’s name interview is with Brooke, a 33-year-old from Melbourne, Australia who also happens to be the blogger behind Baby Name Pondering.

How did Brooke get her name?

Mum saw an article in a magazine about Brooke Shields while she was in the doctor’s office when she was pregnant. She liked the name and the rest is history.

(Many U.S. moms did the very same thing, I’ll bet. The visibility of Brooke Shields in the late ’70s and early ’80s definitely made the baby name Brooke more popular here.)

What does Brooke like most about her name?

I like that while it is common enough that most people know it, I’ve never known very many other Brookes. I was definitely always the only one in my class at school. It also felt like a preppy, sophisticated name but not too frilly, which I liked growing up, and I still like that it’s not a frilly name, or too young sounding now that I’m older.

What does she like least about her name?

I sometimes wished it was a little more ‘exotic’ sounding. :)

Finally, would she recommend that her name be given to babies today?

Yes! It’s still recognisable but not too common, works for all ages, different personalities and all occupations. Plus nature names are great.

Thanks, Brooke!

One thought on “How do you feel about your name, Brooke?

  1. I did not know that Brooke was named after Brooke Shields … and even though Brooke isn’t an unusual name, Brooke is the only person I know called Brooke!

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