Car-naming formula for “Name Your Car Day” (Oct. 2)

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Did you know that October 2 is Name Your Car Day?

Some people have no problem coming up with names for their cars. But not everyone has it so easy.

For those who don’t have a clue which name to choose, here’s a simple formula I came up with.

The Name Your Car Formula

Answer three quick questions:

  • What year was your car made?
  • To you, what gender is the car?
  • At what age did you get the car?

Now check your region’s baby name rankings. If you’re in the U.S., you can find the national rankings on the Popular Baby Names page of the Social Security Administration’s website. If you’re in England, the rankings are on the Baby Names page of the Office for National Statistics website. If you’re in Ireland, try a search at the Central Statistics Office website. For other regions, look at Wikipedia’s Popular Names page. (Use the links in the footnotes.)

Find the set of rankings that corresponds to your car’s YEAR and GENDER. Then scroll down until you find the ranking that matches the AGE at which you got the car. The name with that ranking is now the name of your car.

Want to see how it works? Here are a bunch of examples (using U.S. name rankings):

  • You have a 2009 Nissan Altima. To you, the car is female. You got it at the age of 33. So you go to the 2009 girl name rankings, scroll down to #33, and find the name Gabriella.
  • You have a 1998 Toyota Camry. To you, the car is female. You got it at the age of 44. So you go to the 1998 girl name rankings, scroll down to #44, and find the name Savannah.
  • You have a 1973 Dodge Dart. To you, the car is male. You got it at the age of 20. So you go to the 1973 boy name rankings, scroll down to #20, and find the name Steven.
  • You have a 2011 Lincoln Navigator. To you, the car is male. You got it at the age of 51. So you go to the 2011 boy name rankings, scroll down to #51, and find the name Jeremiah.
  • You have a 1992 Isuzu Trooper. To you, the car is male. You got it at the age of 19. So you go to the 1992 boy name rankings, scroll down to #19, and find the name Anthony.
  • You have a 1986 Mercury Marquis. To you, the car is female. You got it at the age of 41. So you go to the 1986 girl name rankings, scroll down to #41, and find the name Kristen.
  • You have a 1953 Buick Skylark. To you, the car is male. You got it at the age of 65. So you go to the 1953 boy name rankings, scroll down to #65, and find the name Billy.
  • You have a 2005 Volkswagen Jetta. To you, the car is female. You got it at the age of 38. So you go to the 2005 girl name rankings, scroll down to #38, and find the name Rachel.
  • You have a 1989 Ford Mustang. To you, the car is female. You got it at the age of 22. So you go to the 1989 girl name rankings, scroll down to #22, and find the name Michelle.
  • You have a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle. To you, the car is female. You got it at the age of 31. So you go to the 1968 girl name rankings, scroll down to #31, and find the name Wendy.

What’s Your Car’s Name?

Using this formula, what’s the name of your car?

If you don’t have time right now to look it up, just leave me a comment with the three facts — year, gender, age — and I’ll look it up for you and write back with your car’s new name.

P.S. Please share this post with your friends today! We don’t want anyone’s car to feel left out on Name Your Car Day.

Image by Tyler B from Unsplash

239 thoughts on “Car-naming formula for “Name Your Car Day” (Oct. 2)

  1. This formula has dubbed my 2012 Hyundai Elantra ‘Carter’ (Aliyah if it’s female).

    I think Carter is maybe a little too young and trendy for this big dark grey conservative and stern-looking vehicle.

    I feel like it needs a name like Graham or Felix or Malcom, something with just a hint of ‘cool’ to it, but with ‘old man’ roots.

    But maybe it’s female. Maybe I’ll name it Jolene or Margot or Paula.

  2. I got Gabriella as well, believe it or not! My car is a 1998 Daewoo Lanos and I used Australian (NSW) data, and I got her when I was 21. Gabriella actually quite suits her. :)

  3. I don’t think of my car as either male or female. It’s gender-neutral. So, I’ll look up both male and female names.

    The car that I drive right now is a 2003 Buick Century: either Justin or Hailey. I think I’ll go with Hailey since it’s unisex.

    My last car was a 1993 Ford Taurus: either Kevin or Chelsea. I think I like Kevin the best, I’ll go with that.

    My first car was a 1994 Mercury Sable: either William or Victoria. I’ll go with William, since there’s a model of car called Crown Victoria.

  4. i still don’t know a name for my sweetheart.

    its a 1964 Volkswagen Coupe. but it’s a kitcar.
    does anyone know a good name?

    BTW, its a girl

  5. @Robert – Maybe something German, since she’s a VW?

    Some ideas: Karla, Trudi, Greta, Steffie, Ulrika, Leonie, Selma, Heidi, Mitzi, Ilse/Ilsa, Liesel.

  6. 1977 Pontiac Trans Am, Christina. Interesting because I got the idea to name my car after watching Christine.

  7. @Kent – The 2014 list isn’t out yet. :( So we’ll have to modify the formula a bit and use the 2012 list, which is all we’ve got at the moment.

    Your 2014 Dodge Charger, female, acquired at the age of 29 (I’m assuming?) would be named Brooklyn.

  8. I just bought a 2004 chevy Aveo yesterday. I’m 25 and the car is 10 years old. I think its a male.

  9. @Andrea – The 2013 list won’t be out until May, so you’ll have to wait a few months for the *official* name, but if we use the 2012 list for now we get the names Kaylee and Landon.

  10. I am the very proud owner of my little girl. She’s a 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury with a 413 Ramcharger and two Holley Carburetors. Yeah, she’s a beauty and can do the quarter in 11.5. She is turquoise in colour with two black hood scoops and an awesome rear spoiler, no shopping cart she is. She also has two side pipes, glass packs, darkest legal tinted windows and awesome boots. I am having a little trouble giving her a name. I thought about Blue Swede, because of the band and the song Elvis did, but they don’t seem to fit. My sister thought of blue crush, but in reference to the movie, no. Any help you could give would be most appreciated. Cheers, Jill.

  11. Hi Jill! Sounds like a very cool car. Not sure if these can compete with Blue Swede and Blue Crush, but how about…

    Firuzeh – Means “turquoise” in Persian. (Actress Fairuza Balk has a version of this name.)

    Alecto, Megaera, Tisiphone – the 3 Furies of Greco-Roman myth.

    Lisa, Kimberly, Michelle, Karen, Susan, Tammy, Cynthia, Donna, Pamela, Deborah, Sandra, Lori – some names from the top of the 1966 baby name list.

  12. @Lola – Wow, very new car! The 2014 list won’t be out until 2015, so we won’t know the *official* name for a while, but if we use the 2012 list for now we get Sophie.

  13. Hi Boschick – The 2014 list won’t be out until 2015, so we won’t know the official name until then, but if we use the most recent list (2012) we get Samantha.

  14. ok si im goingt to be getting a 92 acura integra I look at all my cars as girls, and im 22 so if I did it right she should be called Victoria, if someone wants to check to makesure I did it right please feel free to and let me know

  15. @Leann – I’m guessing you got both cars at 18? If so, the truck is Crystal and the mustang is Jessica.

    @Lenin – The Infiniti is a Brianna.

    @Malcomn – Yup! Victoria it is.

  16. 2014 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi, I’m 49 and my gender for the car is girl, it is charcoal gray with racing stripes. what is my car’s name?

  17. Hi colleen – The 2014 list won’t be out until 2015, so we won’t know the official name until then. If we use the most recent list (2012) in the meanwhile, though, we get Arianna.

  18. I have a 2004 Saturn L300 and I purchased it at the age of 17. I would like to know the possible female and male names for it so I can choose between the two. Thank you.

  19. see following the steps for USA, the name for my car would be either Justin or Destiny.
    But she’s a girl.
    I don’t really find Destiny fitting for her (she’s a 2001 Lexus GS300) lowered and going for a VIP vibe. :/

    guess she remains nameless

  20. So this is crazy… After having my jeep for 10 year and debating a name I finally settled on Jenny… not ten minutes later I found this site and the formula landed me on Jennifer. It’s now official!

  21. My car is a 2000 Buick Lasabre. Its a boy. I got it when I was 17.
    My other car is a 2003 beetle that I got at 16 it’s a girl

  22. @Kaylyn – The 2014 names aren’t out yet, but if we use the 2013 list (which came out a few weeks ago) we get Joshua.

    @JeepGuy32 – Cool!

    @Chloeeee – Your sibling cars are named Anthony and Kayla.

  23. Hi,

    My 2006 metallic-red Chevrolet HHR is ‘male’. I purchased it used in 2009 when I was age 55. Looked up the baby name. Nam is “Jason”. It fits! I think of ‘Jason and the Argonauts’. Intrepid explorer, wandered for years in search of the golden fleece and adventure, a leader of men, an inheritor of a kingdom!

  24. i have a swift dzire 2008 model (INDIA)
    biege in color.
    i got it this year when i turned 18.
    i am looking for both male and female names.

  25. 2002 Subaru Impreza RS that I just got at the age of 26 and of course I’m a guy so the car is a female and according to this it would be named Jasmine which is kinda cool because I’ve always liked that name and would want to name my daughter that if I ever have one.

  26. Volkswagen, jetta 2014 dark grey. I’m 23
    I’d like to know both male and female names for it :)

  27. I just got a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, girl & I’m 44…if I’m working the formula right, the names list doesn’t go that high. ;)

  28. @Jennifer – For the Hyundai we get Lillian (22nd on the 2011 list). The 2014 isn’t out yet, though, so if we use the 2013 list instead for the Honda, we get Grace.

    @Becky – Yup, you’re the first commenter to figure that out ahead of time. :) If we substitute the 2013 list, though, the 44th most popular girl name is Arianna.

  29. @Samantha – The formula backfired for you! Sorry about that. You can either wait for the real 2014 list (out next May) or try going back another year — 29th place on the 2012 list was Brooklyn.

  30. I have a 1964 Kharmann Ghia. It’s a girl. So by doing this name thing, her name is Lori.

  31. My name is Mitch, yes I am a girl. I just bought my first car which I have to say is absolutely the best car ever. I’m not too sure if its a boy or girl yet. But it’s a 2003 Honda civic, black and silver and I have no clue what to name it. Oh and it’s stick shift! I want to name it something different and unusual. All suggestions open!

  32. @Penny – The 62nd most popular girl name of 2011 is Lauren.

    @Dean – If you got it at the age of 15, then yes, the name would be Lori.

    @Mitch – The 19th most popular names on the 2003 list are Taylor and Dylan. Do these work?

  33. @Ruby – Oh, Schubert is perfect. Nice choice!

    @Ana Banana – Sadly we don’t have either of those lists to work with yet. And the 2013 & 2012 lists give us Anna, which isn’t helpful (if Ana is your name IRL). Earlier lists give us Nevaeh, Kaylee, Kayla, Gabriella, Sofia…maybe one of these?

  34. Hey so I just got my first car today :) I really can’t look it up but I was wondering if you could use that formula for her name? I feel the car is a female, it’s a 1996 Chevy Corsica. I bought it at age 18. Please and thank you!

  35. @andrea – The 2014 names aren’t available yet, but if we use the 2013 names instead we get Savannah.

    @Johnathan – The 18th most popular name on the 2005 list is Natalie.

  36. I have a 2006 BMW 120i…..
    I puchased it when it was 8 years old
    So going to baby names in 2006 and eight numbers down, I got Olivia – my name. And for male I got Nicholas – my brothers name. Not sure if a coincidence!

  37. @Aj – The 18th most popular girl and boy names of 1996 were William and Victoria.

    @Olivia – You bought yourself a BMW as an 8-year-old, eh? :) The 8th most popular names of 2006 were actually Hannah and Christopher.

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  39. I have a 2003 Hyundia Sonata and l believe it is Male and l was 62-63 years old when l got it almost a year ago. I will be 64 in December and got the car around my birthday.

  40. I have a 2004 TrailBlazer, I got her at 20 so her name is Anna. I think it’s a great name for her, Also the name of one of my favorite actresses Anna Kendrick! Funny part I showed my father this formula for his 2002 Chevy Silverado and to him his truck was also female and her named turned out to be Anna as well!

  41. I have a 2006 KA and I was 18 when I got her. This formula came up with my name, Chloe! So strange!

  42. I just bought a 2010 Nissan maxima its a boy. I’m 22. I was thinking of naming him maximus or Maxine if he were a she.

  43. I purchased a 2015 Ford Fiesta hatchback – this doesnt work when your year hasnt passed yet :( boo!

  44. Hi Jason and McKenzie,

    Unfortunately, the 2014 and 2015 baby name lists aren’t available yet. If we go with the current (2013) list, though, Jason’s Dodge Charger R/T is either Ryan or Layla (depending on gender, and assuming he got it at 30) and McKenzie’s lady-Jeep is Grace.

  45. My car is 2008 Chevy Impala SS I’ve had trouble trying to name her. I was25 when I bought her

  46. I also have a 98 Chevy Truck also female I’ve called her Cheyenne because thats the model I was 22 or 23 when I bought it

  47. I have a 2014 Kia Soul. I recently purchased it and I’m 24 years old. I’m not certain of the gender so, I would like to know both genders. Thank you in advance.

  48. @Tabitha – The 2014 names will be out in May, so check back in a couple months for the real names. Until then, if we use the 2013 list, we get Zoey and Gabriel.

  49. @Thomas – If you want me to use the formula for you, I need to know the gender (of the car) and the age at which you got it.

  50. My son has a 1964 ford pickup he is 30 what is the cars name?? I don’t know what yo look up??

  51. @Brenda – If he *got* the car at age 30, the name would be either Patrick or Kathleen. (If he got it at a different age, though, let me know.)

  52. @Tim – The 2015 baby name list won’t be available until mid-2016, but if we go with the current (2014) list, your Mustang is Ella.

  53. @celani – The 2016 baby name list won’t be out until mid-2017, but if we go with the current (2014) list, your Mazda 6 is Luke.

  54. 2002 was the year my car was made
    it is female
    age i got car 29yrs
    its a suzuki wagonR

  55. I have a Hyundai i30

    – It was made in 2007
    – to me, my car is a female, and
    – I was 16 when I got my car

  56. @Caroline – The 18th most popular girl name of 2005 was Natalie.

    @Erwilson – The 2015 list won’t be out until after the year is over, but if we use the 2014 list instead, the name is Layla.

  57. No stats for 2015 cars.

    2015 Black Ford Fiesta Hatchback
    Age 34

    I’m leaning towards Stella as there are no name stats for 2015 yet on those links.

  58. I have a 2004 Chrysler Sebring sedan that I got at the age of 15 :). I would like to know the male and female names that i could use. The color is Plum!

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  60. @Theresa – That’s an interesting question about gender. I don’t know if there’s a correlation. It does seem that female names are more popular for cars overall, though, judging by this comment thread.

    If you’d like me to use the name formula for your Audi, I’ll need to know your age (when you got the car) and the car’s gender (male?).

  61. I am 62 and never named my car…never jad a inclination to name my car but…I recently bought a 2016 Dark Gray Kia Soul. I loved the deal I got. Never really cared for that boxy car. Now that I have had it a month, I avsolutely love her!!! Even thinking about graphics….saw some pink flowers I like but I am probably a bit old for that. Anyway…2016 Titanium Gray Kia Soul

  62. @Erica – The 2015 list won’t be available until May, but if we go with the current (2014) list, the 28th most popular boy name was Luke.

  63. My car is Pink I need a name
    1966 Mustang she’s a Slot race car
    I need a name she’s racing tommow night help me

  64. I love this idea. I just got a 2016, and the SS site isn’t populated for that. Suggestions? It’s a female 2016 Jeep Renegade, and I’m 52. Thanks!

  65. @Jenny – If you don’t mind using the 2015 list for now, the 52nd most popular girl name of 2015 was Sadie. (If you’d rather wait for the new data, it’ll be out next year in May.)

  66. White 2015 Dodge Charger with a Stormtrooper look from Star Wars. Her name is Blanca Stormtrooper.

  67. 2017 brand new red velvet jeep with black interior, I am 57.
    I have a list started,
    Jaxon, Isabella, Bryan, Ruby, Wally, Thunder, Mitch, Olivia, Cloe

  68. @Noelle – The 2016 names won’t be out for a few months, but if we use the 2015 names, the 33rd most popular girl name is Zoe.

  69. My care is a metallic gray 2015 Nissan Altima what should I name him or her I’m about to be 28 and I have 2 kids

  70. I have a Purple Renault Master minibus which I intend to turn into a motorhome. I think the name of one of my late cats would be purrfect for it. ‘ STARLIGHT ‘ . Then again like a song naming it The Purple People Eater might be appropriate. I have a white transit too , No name yet . I do use it mainly for my allotment ‘ Herb-ie’ perhaps ?

  71. @Amber – The 27th most popular girl and boy names of 2015 were Natalie and Dylan. I think Natalie sounds pretty good for a Nissan, but it’s your car so you get to choose the gender. :)

    @Melissa – I like “Starlight” for a purple motorhome! And I bet your late cat would appreciate it too. :)

  72. @Hiilei – The 2017 rankings won’t be available until 2017 is over, but if we use the current rankings (2015), the 19th most popular girl name is Grace.

  73. Got this email a few days ago:

    I just recently purchased a 2009 Toyota Yaris…I want to find a cute name for it….I believe it’s female and I am 68 soon to be 69 years old in a week…The car is red but I had my heart set on finding a yellow one but since I couldn’t find a yellow car I liked I bought this burgundy one but plan to have it painted down the road sometime so whatever name you can come up with I’d love to hear it. Thanks!

    Using the formula, the 68th most popular girl name of 2009 was Charlotte.

    If a yellow-themed name is the preference, though, there’s Flavia and Xanthe (or Xanthia).

    Anyone else have a suggestion?

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