Nameless baby “Corey”: Where is he now?

Last week’s post on namelessness reminded me of another nameless baby I know of.

He was born on October 28, 1946, in San Pedro, California.

His parents, Joseph and Lucille Corey of nearby Wilmington, decided not to give him a name. “When our boy is old enough to know what he wants, he can choose his own name” is reportedly what they told the San Pedro General Hospital records clerk.

So the California Birth Index lists him simply as “Corey.”

Did he end up adding a first name when he got older? I wish I knew — I haven’t been able to find any later records or newspaper articles about Corey or his parents.

If you’re familiar with the family and know what happened next, please leave a comment!

Source: “Boy to Choose His Own Name.” Ludington Daily News 2 Nov. 1946: 1.

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