How do you feel about your name, Matthew?

Today’s name interview is with Matthew, a 26-year-old from the U.S.

How did he get his name?

My mom saw a TV show in the 1980s called “You Again?” featuring a character named Matthew.

What does he like most about his name?

It’s easy to spell and pronounce. It usually doesn’t get messed up or misunderstood.

What does he like least about his name?

Popularity! Top 10 for years, several in each class. What a pain. I had to use my last initial in many classes. Boring. I wish my parents had picked something less common.

(He’s right — Matthew was one of the top 5 baby boy names in the U.S. from 1981 all the way until 2006.)

Also sound. Math, ew! Sounds like someone hates math. Matt sounds like mat. –at, it’s like the first thing you learn in English. Cat sat on mat. My middle name [Todd] isn’t much better, so I can’t use that. Toad, toddler, etc.

I’ve wanted to change my name for years, to something much rarer. I might still do it at some point.

Finally, would he recommend that his name be given to babies today?

I’d recommend STRONGLY against using a top-10 name.

Thanks, Matthew!

2 thoughts on “How do you feel about your name, Matthew?

  1. Don’t be too hard on your parents, Matthew! Could be where they lived it was not a popular name until after they named you! That happened to us. Twenty-two years ago, I had a son and named him Avery. We have British heritage and everyone loved his name saying it was a strong British name for a boy and not a name you heard very often. He was named after his godfather who was named after HIS godfather. There were no other Avery’s in our school large school district until our son was in 6th grade and then another boy named Avery moved to the area. Now – he constantly is asked why his parents gave him a girls name! The name Avery, although traditionally a male name, has become a very trendy girls name. There was no way for us to predict that when we named him 22 years ago. Luckily, he loves his name, says it is still unique for both boys and girls in his generation and just brushes aside any rude comments from young parents who have girl “Averys” who question his name. Matthew is a great name that conjures visions of strength and intelligence. You should carry it proudly!

  2. I find those parents of little princesses named Avery so damn rude. If I was the guy named Avery, i’d put them right in their place: “no you ignorant, you named your daughter a boys named! Next time instead of jumping on the bandwagon, do a little digging on the name instead of spewing crap!”
    Aaaah, if only we could be this brutally honest – but some of those rude parents do really deserve this type of response.

    As for Matthew, I have to agree, I know far too many. Its still way too common, just outside the top 10 and climbing (!). When it comes to boy names, I actually rule out the whole top 100, since popular boy names are used a lot more than their female rank equivalents, top 3 aside.

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