Do you like the name Rhenen?

North Carolina couple Simon and Aletha Arkley spent some time in the Netherlands as missionaries. While there, they took a short vacation to the town of Rhenen (pronounced RAY-nen, roughly).

The town must have made a big impression on them, because when they welcomed a daughter on February 18, 2014, they named her Rhenen.

Do you like Rhenen as a baby name? Do you think it works better for girls or for boys?

Source: Amerikaans echtpaar vernoemt dochter naar Utrechtse stad Rhenen (via

One thought on “Do you like the name Rhenen?

  1. I like it, Similar feel to Rhiannon. I suppose it would be mispronounced though..And I think it work for either gender. Kind of similar to Raymond for a boy

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