Which Talmadge sister name do you like best?

Actresses and sisters Constance, Natalie and Norma Talmage
Constance, Natalie & Norma Talmadge

Sisters Norma, Natalie and Constance Talmadge were movie stars during the silent film era.

  • Norma, most famous for the 1922 movie Smilin’ Through, was born in 1894.
  • Natalie, who went on to marry Buster Keaton, was born in 1896.
  • Constance was born in 1898.

If you were having a daughter, and you had to name her either Norma, Natalie or Constance, which would it be? Why?

7 thoughts on “Which Talmadge sister name do you like best?

  1. Oh, I love Constance! Definitely would use it. I’m not a huge fan of Norma, but I think she’ll eventually make a comeback. Lorna, on the other hand? Lorna I adore …

  2. Clare of Name News made an interesting comment about this trio: “It’s hard to imagine these names as sisters: today, they sound like they’re all from different generations.”

  3. I like Constance. Norma is still a little stodgy, has a ways to go before it comes back. And Natalie is nice enough, but too common/popular for me.

  4. This is Constance’s week – I think three of us mentioned her almost all at once!

    Great name – I voted for her in a discerning minority.

  5. I agree with Clare: Norma’s the great-grandmother, Constance/Connie is the grandmother, and Natalie is the new mom to Sophia/Olivia/Sylvia.

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