Which “Mod Generation” sticker name do you like best?

mod generation stickers

In 1969, dozens of “Mod Generation” stickers — each of which featured a drawing of a young person, and a first name — were distributed inside packs of Topps chewing gum.

Female names used on the stickers included Alice, Ann, Barbara, Betty, Connie, Diane, Donna, Dotty, Ellen, Esther, Fay, Frances, Gloria, Helen, Jackie, Joan, Judy, Lois, Marie, Mary, Millie, Minda, Nancy, Natalie, Phyllis, Rose, Shelly, and Susan.

mod generation stickers

Male names used on the stickers included Barry, Bert, Bill, Charlie, Chris, Dave, Don, Fred, George, Herb, Irv, Jerry, Joe, John, Larry, Louis, Michael, Paul, Pete, Ray, Richard, Roy, Teddy, and Tony.

mod generation stickers

While of these female and male names do you like most? How about least?

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7 thoughts on “Which “Mod Generation” sticker name do you like best?

  1. I’d love to meet a baby Irv! Hmmm… would it be mistaken for Merv? And I guess it does rhyme with–

    I’d love to meet a baby Bert!

    For a girl, Nancy suits my fancy!

  2. I’ve known people with all those names except Minda. What’s with Minda?

    I like Frances, Susan and John. Dislike Barbara, Tony and George!

  3. …Come to think of it, I wonder if Minda was supposed to be “Linda” (which would have been super-popular among teens in 1969) and someone made an error somewhere.

    Overall the names sound like a blend of fashions of the 1920s and 1950s. Most of the names are typical of teens of the late 1960s, but I don’t think there were lots of young people named Dotty, Esther, Millie, Herb or Irv at that time.

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