What gave the baby name Zana a boost in 1994?

The character Zana Beckley from the TV series "The Sinbad Show" (1993-1994)
Zana Beckley from “The Sinbad Show

According to the U.S. baby name data, the name Zana saw peak usage in 1994:

  • 1996: 51 baby girls named Zana
  • 1995: 76 baby girls named Zana
  • 1994: 252 baby girls named Zana [rank: 804th]
  • 1993: 37 baby girls named Zana
  • 1992: 12 baby girls named Zana

The same year, the spellings Zayna and Zaina saw similar (though smaller) spikes, and the spellings Zaena, Zeyna, and Zanah appeared for the very first time in the data.

What was drawing attention to these names around that time?

A cute character named Zana (pronounced ZAY-nah) from the single-season sitcom The Sinbad Show (1993-1994).

Six-year-old Zana Beckley (played by actress Erin Davis) and her older brother were the adopted children of the show’s main character, a single man named David Bryan (played by comedian David “Sinbad” Adkins).

What are your thoughts on the name Zana?

Sources: The Sinbad Show – Wikipedia, SSA

Image: Screenshot of The Sinbad Show

[Latest update: Jun. 2024]

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