Baby names in the news: Lahore, Pakistan, Leilyn

Four recent baby name stories out of Nepal, in the wake of the deadly April 25 earthquake:

  • Lahore: The first Nepalese baby born (on April 30th) in the Pakistan Army’s field hospital in Nepal was named Lahore after the Pakistani city.
  • Pakistan: The second Nepalese baby born in the same hospital was named Pakistan after the country itself.
  • Leilyn: The first Nepalese baby born at the Canadian Red Cross mobile hospital in Tatopani, Nepal, was named Leilyn after Nova Scotian nurse Lynn Henderson, who delivered him.
  • Teesha: “Another mom let Henderson name her baby girl. Henderson chose the name Teesha.”

Sources: Nepali baby named ‘Lahore’, A baby born at Pak Army field hospital in Nepal named ‘Pakistan’, Nepal earthquake survivor names baby after Bridgetown nurse

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