Baby name stories: Ruby


Typhoon Hagupit was known as Typhoon Ruby in the Philippines, where it made landfall in December of 2014. It initially struck the island of Samar on Saturday, December 6, and then hit the island of Masbate on Sunday, December 7.

At least two babies born on the nearby island of Cebu that weekend were named for the storm…

On Saturday evening, at Daanbantayan District Hospital*, Juvelyn Panghubasan and her common-law partner Eduvigio Luga welcomed their first child, a baby girl. Their named her Ruby Marie. (Luga suggested the second name to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, “because his wife was able to give birth safely despite the adverse weather.”)

On Sunday morning, at Cebu City Medical Center, Juliet Sanchez and her common-law partner Wilfredo Minorca — evacuees from Emrita, a coastal district of Cebu City — welcomed their fourth child, a baby girl. They named her Ruby Anne.

*Six babies were born at Daanbantayan District Hospital that weekend. None of the other babies had been named at the time my source article was published, but the names of the other mothers were Airen, Honeybee, Maritess, Devine, and Bengelen.


Image (Hurricane Elena) by NASA

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