Popular baby names in Luxembourg, 2015

Flag of Luxembourg
Flag of Luxembourg

According to the Luxemburger Wort newspaper, the most popular baby names in Luxembourg in 2015 were Emma and Matteo.

Here are Luxembourg’s top 5 girl names and top 5 boy names (maybe) of 2015:

Girl Names

  1. Emma
  2. Julia
  3. Marie
  4. Lia
  5. Charlotte

Boy Names

  1. Matteo
  2. Theo (?)
  3. Leo (?)
  4. Louis (?)
  5. Noah (?)

I’m not sure about the boy names — the order wasn’t explicitly stated. Here’s the quote:

For boys, the most commonly given name was Matteo. It seems that names ending in -eo were all the rage as Theo and Leo also experienced considerable popularity.

Louis and Noah, the names of Grand Duke Henri’s two grandsons, continued to be popular among Luxembourg parents.

My source article also mentioned that “Portuguese, Chinese, Scandinavian and Irish-sounding names made a mark in Luxembourg with Jimao, Jia, Côme and Aidan making it into registers.”

In 2014, the top baby names in Luxembourg were Emma and Gabriel.

Source: “The most popular baby names in Luxembourg of 2015.” Luxemburger Wort 29 Dec. 2015.

Image: Adapted from Flag of Luxembourg (public domain)

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