Bae as a baby name?

Here’s something I noticed recently — the baby name Bae has been on the SSA’s list since 2012:

  • 2014: 10 baby girls named Bae
  • 2013: 8 baby girls named Bae
  • 2012: 5 baby girls named Bae [debut]
  • 2011: unlisted

Bae seems to be rising on the heels of Bay

  • 2014: 74 baby girls named Bay
  • 2013: 70 baby girls named Bay
  • 2012: 44 baby girls named Bay
  • 2011: 10 baby girls named Bay
  • 2010: 11 baby girls named Bay
  • 2009: unlisted

…but I do have to wonder about the influence of the slang term “bae” here.

After all, 2012 was the year the Bae Caught Me Slippin’ meme took off. And 2014 was the year “bae” went mainstream with a Pharrell song (“Come Get It Bae”) and several high-profile articles (in TIME, Esquire, and The Atlantic).

What do you think — is Bae simply a variant of Bay, or could it be a baby name inspired by internet slang (à la Ily)? Or is it a bit of both?

Source: “Bae” Watch: The Ascent of a New Pet Name by Neal Whitman

8 thoughts on “Bae as a baby name?

  1. I think it has to be a bit of both but it also seems like Bay could be rising with the slang term as well (since some parents could be worried about the slang term so they change the spelling)

  2. @Anna Otto – I hope the parent of a Bay/Bae comes along and comments so we can get more insight into this.

    @Ebony – That could be the case! Bay could be rising on the heels of Bae. Hadn’t thought of it that way.

  3. Any chance it could be connected to one of the lead characters in the ABC Family show, Switched at Birth? According to IMDb, her character’s name is spelled “Bay,” but I swear I’ve seen it referenced as “Bae” as well. (I’ve only seen a few episodes, so maybe a more avid fan would know?)

    Just a thought!

  4. Another tv influence: Once Upon a Time has a male character called Baelfire, nickname Bae.

  5. Just spotted an article about spice company McCormick, maker of “Old Bay,” suing another spice company for naming a similar product “New Bae.” Reminded me of this post.

    Turns out that Bae dropped out of the data after 2014, and Bay has been declining (rather swiftly) since then as well. Very interesting.

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