Baby name stories: Frank Peters

Sir Frank Peters holding baby Frank Peters Azad Ali
Sir Frank Peters holding baby Frank Peters Azad Ali

So far, three baby boys born in Bangladesh have been named “Frank Peters” after Irish-born activist Sir Frank Peters, who has been working to end corporal punishment in Bangladeshi schools and madrasas.

The first was born in 2010 to Ali Akbar and his wife Poppy from Haydarabad, Gazipur.

The second was born in 2013 to Mamun Tarek Ali and his wife Tanya from Banasree, Rampura.

And the third — Frank Peters Azad Ali — was born recently to Azad Hossan and his wife Shahida from Dhokhin Koriea, Fulgazi, Feni.

Sir Peters responded, “Having this unique display of love and respect bestowed upon me not once, or twice, but three times – and during my lifetime to be appreciated and enjoyed – I find completely overwhelming.”

Update, 7/3/2016: Thank you to Frank Peters’ private secretary Joanne for sending me the photo of baby Frank Peters Azad Ali!


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