Unusual baby name: Bluejean


While doing research on old-fashioned double names recently, I spotted the unexpected-but-real name Bluejean on the 1930 U.S. Census:

unusual baby name bluejean
Bluejean Campbell (U.S. Census, 1930)

It belonged to an 8-year-old girl in Colorado, and it made me curious…was this Bluejean the only one? Were there others?

So I did some searching, and I ended up finding about a dozen people, mainly females, named Bluejean or something similar (Blue Jean, Bluejeans, Bluejeana, Bluegene). The most recent was born in the late 1980s.

unusual baby name bluegene
Richard Bluegene Garl (Indiana marriage record, 1952)

What do you think of Bluejean as a baby name? Would you ever consider using it?

2 thoughts on “Unusual baby name: Bluejean

  1. I confess; I like it. My mom has a double first name, and it causes no end of trouble, so I’d be unlikely to actually use it.

    I did have a student this year with the middle name Blue and I remember meeting a girl named Blue when I was a kid.

  2. I like it too. I don’t think I’d ever recommend that anyone use it, but…I think it’s cute that it has been used before.

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