Five-name Friday: Boy name with classic nickname

It’s Five-Name Friday again! Here’s today’s baby name request:

I’m trying to think of boys names with obvious/classic nicknames that don’t come from the beginning of the formal name (as in girls names Nell for Eleanor and Bess for Elizabeth). Any ideas?

Can you come up with five solid baby name suggestions for this person?

Here are the rules:

  • Be independent. Choose your five names before looking at anyone else’s five names.
  • Be sincere. Stick to legit recommendations you would offer a real-life friend.
  • Five name suggestions total, but if you want to include nicknames as well for this particular request, that’s fine.

Which five baby names are you going to suggest?

18 thoughts on “Five-name Friday: Boy name with classic nickname

  1. Ezekiel (Zeke), Malachi (Kai), Christopher (Topher), Theodore (Ted/Teddy), Abraham (Bram)

  2. Andrew – “Drew”
    Alexander – “Xan” or “Xander” or “Sandy”
    Everett – “Rett”
    William – “Liam”
    Anthony – “Tony”

  3. Atticus “Kit”
    William “Liam”
    Sebastian “Bash/Bast”
    Alexander “Sandy”
    Benjamin “Jem”

  4. Ashton/Nash
    Beckett/Ketcher or Kit
    Edward/Ned, Ted or Ward
    Henry/Hal, Hank or Harry

  5. Alexander “Sandy”
    Andrew “Drew”
    Charles “Chuck”
    Ezekiel “Zeke”
    Theodore “Teddy”

  6. William (Liam)
    Andrew (Drew)
    Christopher (Topher, Kit)
    Frederic (Fritz)
    Henry (Hank)

  7. William (Liam)
    Alexander (Xander)
    Dominic (Nick)
    Jonathan (Nathan)
    Everett (Rhett)

  8. Cassian – Ian
    Albert – Bert(ie)
    Sebastian – Bas
    Nicolai – Cole
    Lysander – Sander/Sasha

  9. William (Liam)
    Alexander (Xander)
    Malachi (Chi – pronounced Kye)
    Andrew (Drew)
    Reuben (Ben)

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