More names from “Star Trek”

Sybo, from a 1967 episode

Yesterday, we looked at three Star Trek characters that influenced U.S. baby names back in the late 1960s.

But those three were just a handful of the many interestingly-named characters from the original Star Trek. Here are some of the others.

For those with names that have appeared in the SSA data before, I’ve included links to the graphs.

Female charactersMale characters
Areel, Aurelan*, Daras, Deela, Drea, Droxine, Elaan, Eleen, Gem, Losira, Luma, Miramanee, Miri, Natira, Nona, Odona, Rayna, Sayana, Sirah, Sybo, Tamoon, Tamula, Thalassa, T’Pau, T’Pring, Tula, Vanna, ZarabethAbrom, Akaar, Akuta, Anka, Apella, Ayelborne, Balok, Bela, Bele, Bilar, Claymare, Cloud, Decius, Dionyd, Duur, Egen, Ekor, Eraclitus, Goro, Hacom, Hanar, Hengist, Henoch, Jahn, Jaris, Kahless, Kalo, Kang, Kartan, Keel, Khan, Kloog, Korax, Korob, Krako, Kras, Krell, Krodak, Kryton, Lal, Landru, Lokai, Maab, Makora, Marplon, Melakon, Merik, Midro, Mirt, Morla, Nilz, Parmen, Plasus, Rael, Reger, Rojan, Salish, Sargon, Shras, Stonn, Tamar, Tark, Tepo, Thann, Thelev, Tomar, Tongo, Trefayne, Trelane, Tyree, Wu, Yutan, Zabo, Zefram

*Aurelan is from Aurelan Kirk, Captain Kirk’s sister-in-law.

Do you like any of the names above? Are any usable, in your opinion?

Source: Star Trek (1966-1969) – IMDb

P.S. The word “Trek” itself started appearing in the data in the early 1970s, also likely due to the show.

2 thoughts on “More names from “Star Trek”

  1. I really can see quite a few of the names from both genders being usable today and not getting , “old and dated”, in 20+ years.

    But most of them are fantastic names for, of course, science fiction, or even fantasy stories.
    I loved Data’s daughter’s name Lal, which I saw on here for a boy, and wonder if it was a reuse or not. I loved Data’s brother’s name Lor. I wanted to name another boy Lorne, after Lorne Greene (Bonanza/Battlestar Galactica) but people kept thinking I was saying Lauren, so I scrapped it. LOL
    I wonder how all of these children faired in school and later in life. Surely some must still be living? I am curious as well to surnames for these unique first names (would they be called Christian names?) would they be like, Moon? I went to college with a gal Ginger Moon, and yes, she was a ginger.

    Aurelan is my favorite girl name. Merik is my favorite boy name.

    Although you know Jayden is my favorite ;o)

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