Five-name Friday: Boy name for 4th baby

It’s Five-Name Friday! Here’s today’s baby name request:

We are expecting an unexpected 4th baby (it’s a boy!) and are open to all name suggestions. Our first three are named Owen, Leo, and Norah.

Can you come up with five solid baby name suggestions for this person?

Here are the rules:

  • Be independent. Choose your five names before looking at anyone else’s comment.
  • Be sincere. Stick to legit recommendations you would offer a real-life friend.
  • Five names total in your comment. If you go over, I will delete the extras.

Which five baby names are you going to suggest?

23 thoughts on “Five-name Friday: Boy name for 4th baby

  1. Liam – Resolute protection
    I took the other children’s names which were king, honor, and noble and ran with that theme for their next son. Still keeping with the same name theme.

    Ethan – Strong, Firm

    Ian – Lord is Gracious

    Aiden (or spelled Aidan) – Little and Fiery

    Asher – Fortunate, Blessed, Happy One

  2. These are some truly amazing names for the little fellow to have. How they will choose 1 or 2 (middle name) is beyond me. I’d have to give him 14 names LOL And tell him “Aunt” Nancy’s friends helped find him a name, on the internet. THAT would be quite a name story!
    Is it common for children to have “name stories”? Mine does. Anybody else?

  3. Malcolm

    With names that begin with O, L, and N, I thought an M name would fit nicely.

  4. I like strong names:
    Josiah – Fire of the Lord
    Etan – Firm and powerful
    Barrett – Bear strength
    Griffin – Strong Lord
    Edric – Power and good fortune

  5. Howell (this links all the first and last letters!)
    (I’m pattern obsessed so all have 6 letters, 2 syllables, and contain an O!)

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