Five-name Friday: Girl name for Zion’s sister

It’s time for a Five-Name Friday baby name request! Here we go:

We’re expecting a baby girl, her brothers are Zion and Isaiah. We’d like a strong sassy name that sounds good with her brothers’ names, no need to be biblical.

Can you come up with five solid baby name suggestions for this person?

As usual, here are the rules:

  • Be independent. Choose your five names before looking at anyone else’s comment.
  • Be sincere. Stick to legit recommendations you would offer a real-life friend.
  • Five names total in your comment, please. If you go over, the extras will be deleted.

So, which five baby names are you going to suggest?

15 thoughts on “Five-name Friday: Girl name for Zion’s sister

  1. Naomi
    Elijah (traditionally a boy’s name)
    Yael (a kick-ass woman!)

  2. Adair
    Jael — see Judges 4:21-22. It doesn’t get more strong and sassy than that.

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