Baby names trendy in particular U.S. states

Here are some baby names that are relatively popular in the U.S., but especially popular (i.e., top 5) in just one or two states:

NameU.S. RankingState Ranking(s)
Easton (m)74th4th in West Virginia
Ezekiel (m)71st5th New Mexico | 5th in Hawaii
Colton (m)59th5th in Delaware
Lucy (f)48th4th in Utah
Willow (f)46th5th in Wyoming
Asher (m)43rd4th in South Dakota | 4th in Wyoming
Lincoln (m)41st5th in Iowa | 5th in South Dakota
Carter (m)30th2nd in West Virginia

Any guesses as to why these names are so trendy in specific spots?

Source: Top 5 Baby Names by State for Births in 2019

4 thoughts on “Baby names trendy in particular U.S. states

  1. For boys, my guess is that those names are shared with famous athletes from teams in those states. As for Lucy and Willow… Maybe Lucy is an LDS favorite? And Wyoming has such a tiny population that it only took 21 births for Willow to be a top 5 name.

  2. I think that’s a very good guess on the boy names.

    For Willow in Wyoming, the W-thing might even be a factor. I think that played a part in Wyatt taking (or tying for) the #1 spot in the state several times recently (2009, 2016, 2017).

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