Where did the baby name Delinah come from in 1977?

The name Delinah popped up in the baby data twice in the late ’70s, and it was given to a relatively high number of baby girls both times.

  • 1979: unlisted
  • 1978: 21 baby girls named Delinah
  • 1977: 22 baby girls named Delinah [debut]
  • 1976: unlisted
  • 1975: unlisted

Where did it come from?

Celebrity gossip. Robert Blake was at the peak of his fame while Baretta was on TV, and, during that time, his family was also in the spotlight. In 1977 specifically, Robert and his wife Sondra separated and nearly divorced. The news outlets covering the story were always sure to mention that the couple had two children: Noah (age 12) and Delinah (11).

Robert and Sondra managed to stay together for another few years, but the marriage finally ended in 1981.


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