A secret stash of names like Everly?

Ever-names, particularly Everly, are very trendy right now.

In 2019, over 4,750 baby girls were named Everly, making Everly the 43rd most popular girl name in the nation.

And it was trailed in the rankings by a number of variants, including Everleigh (108th), Everlee (377th), Everley, and Everlie. Not to mention Evelyn-influenced forms like Everlyn and Everlynn.

So, when I came upon a group of Ever-names (deep in the SSA data) that hadn’t seen usage in decades, I was very intrigued. Here are the names I found:

They were used primarily in the South during the first half of the 20th century.

Do you think any of these could be revived in the midst of Ever-mania?

5 thoughts on “A secret stash of names like Everly?

  1. With Evelyn making such a huge comeback I can see all the ‘Ever’ names doing so as well. Especially with “Katniss Everdeen” being a popular name among up and coming moms to be.
    They all have a classy, classic sound, as if it would never go out of style.
    I’m thinking EverLeigh for a character that has been difficult to name. It’s starting to stick to me lol. A bit bold and brash, and yet demure. Not your run of the mill kind of gal, or a girl next door you can never remember her name. She stands out when she wants to be seen and is a wallflower at other times…..
    … I’m hooked, EverLeigh she is. Evie as a nickname. (EE-vie)
    Thank you once again for such inspiration!

  2. My grandmother’s middle name was Everetta. Her younger brother was Everette. It was apparently after someone in the family. She was born in 1922. In the Midwest. I think names like that have been in use since at least the 1800s.

  3. @Christa – So happy you found one that was useful to you!

    @Andrea – I just did a records search and I found feminine Ever-names not just throughout the 1800s, but back into the 1700s:

    I also spotted Everda, Everdina, Everella, Everina, Everlana, Everlena, Everleta, Everlinia, and Everlyna in the 1800s.

    Thanks for inspiring me to take a look!

  4. I’ve always like Everly, and I think Everetta is lovely. I’m also partial to Everson, which I think works just as well for girls as it does for boys.

    I do not like Evelyn, but I think that’s just because it’s one of the many ways my name gets mangled – I’d probably like it otherwise.

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