Popular baby names in Turkey, 2020

Flag of Turkey
Flag of Turkey

According to Turkey’s Interior Ministry, the most popular baby names in the country in 2020 were (again) Zeynep and Yusuf.

Here are Turkey’s top 9 girl names and top 9 boy names of 2020:

Girl Names

  1. Zeynep, 11,179 baby girls
  2. Elif, 7,316
  3. Defne, 6,335
  4. Asel
  5. Azra
  6. Eylül
  7. Nehir
  8. Eslem
  9. Asya

Boy Names

  1. Yusuf, 7,540 baby boys
  2. Miraç, 6,236
  3. Eymen, 6,222
  4. Ömer Asaf
  5. Kerem
  6. Alparslan
  7. Mustafa
  8. Hamza
  9. Ali Asaf

In the girls’ top 9, Nehir and Eslem replaced Ebrar and Öykü.

In the boys’ top 9, Alparslan and Ali Asaf replaced Ömer and Miran.

Source: Names Zeynep, Yusuf in most popular baby names list of 2020

Image: Adapted from Flag of Turkey (public domain)

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