Baby name story: Wyangala

Wyangala Dam (in NSW, Aus.) in the 1930s

The Australian town of Wyangala was established as the Wyangala Dam (1928-1935) was being built across the Lachlan River (in New South Wales).

Dam workers and their families began moving to the site in large numbers in January of 1929. By August of that year, there had been “three deaths and two births” among the newcomers.

The first baby to be born in the territory was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Field. The child was named “Wyangala Doris.”

The place-name Wyangala is of indigenous origin (possibly of Wiradjuri origin specifically), but the meaning is unknown.

Source: “Wyangala News.” Carcoar Chronicle 30 Aug. 1929: 6.
Image: NSW State Archives

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