Iowa septuplets: Kenneth, Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey…


I’ve posted about sextuplets and octuplets before, but never septuplets!

A set of seven — four boys and three girls — was born in Des Moines, Iowa, to Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey on November 19, 1997. The McCaughey septuplets are the world’s first surviving set of septuplets.

What are the names of all seven? Here are their firsts and middles:

  1. Kenneth Robert
  2. Alexis May
  3. Natalie Sue
  4. Kelsey Ann
  5. Nathan Roy
  6. Brandon James
  7. Joel Steven

The McCaugheys also have an older daughter named Mikayla Marie (b. 1996).

What are your thoughts on the names? If you were having a set of seven (same mix of genders), which names would you choose?

Sources: McCaughey septuplets – Wikipedia, Happy birthday x 7! McCaughey septuplets turn 23

2 thoughts on “Iowa septuplets: Kenneth, Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey…

  1. I love Kenneth Robert and Joel Steven and Natalie and Nathan’s first names. Not a fan of Alexis and Kelsey for girls because they’re originally surnames/masculine names and I prefer the Anne spelling to Ann. Anne feels more classic to me. Mikayla is a nice name if it’s spelled Michaela. Not a fan of Marie, Sue, or Roy, but they’re not bad. I love the middle name James, but Brandon feels dated and I’m not a fan of the initials BJ for the obvious reason. Love May as a middle but prefer the Mae spelling.

    My septuplet name ideas:
    Dmitri James
    Lilia Genevieve
    Freya Rose
    Vera Abigail
    Eamon Francis
    Callum Raymond
    Rhys Alfred

    If they also had an older sister, Irena Judith.

    I love vintage/classic names that aren’t too common (#200 or below, but will consider something in the #150-199 range depending on the name) and names that reflect my Irish, Latvian, Scottish, and Scandinavian heritage, but I love some other international names too. I don’t like a majority of modern, trendy names or any BNOGs. I almost always prefer gender specific, more so for girls. Boys I’m a little more flexible with there.

  2. My septuplet name ideas:
    Kyle Michael
    Everlie Lynn
    Cheyenne Marie
    Lilly Ann
    Nolan Robert
    Blaine Steven
    Jarrett James

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