Baby name story: Cameron

Illustration of the COVID-19 virus
COVID-19 virus

Diana Crouch of Texas contracted COVID-19 pneumonia in August of 2021, when she was 18 weeks pregnant.

She was admitted to a hospital in Houston and placed on a ventilator. When her condition didn’t improve, she was moved to a life support machine. (Diana suffered “a heart attack, multiple seizures and a stroke on one particularly severe day in September.”)

In November, after gradual improvement, Diana’s condition “plateaued.” So her doctor, Cameron Dezfulian, performed a C-section on November 10. (The baby wasn’t due until January 9.)

Diana was finally released from the hospital on December 23.

She and her husband decided to name their baby boy Cameron Andrew Crouch — first name in honor of the doctor who they credit “with helping to save both Diana and Cameron’s lives.”

Sources: Pregnant woman who nearly died of COVID names baby after Texas doctor who treated her, Parents name baby boy after doctor who treated mom for COVID-19

Image: COVID-19 virus (CDC)

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