Baby born outside of pub, named after pub

The Rose Inn (Rainham, London, England)
The Rose Inn

In September of 2021, a baby girl was born unexpectedly in the front seat of a car “in early morning traffic on the A2 in Rainham” (a suburb of East London).

Her parents had been trying to reach the hospital in time for the birth, but instead the baby was born while the car was outside a London pub called The Rose Inn.

The couple parked the car, and a local woman named Sue offered them assistance until an ambulance arrived.

The baby was later given the middle name Rose, after the pub.

Source: Horn, Jenni. “Newborn named after Rainham pub The Rose Inn where Sittingbourne mum gave birth.” Kent Online 21 Sept. 2021.

Image: © The Rose Inn

[Latest update: Oct. 2023]

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