Baby born to Elvis’ granddaughter, named after Elvis’ birthplace

Elvis Presley's childhood home in Tupelo, Mississippi
Elvis Presley’s childhood home

Actress Riley Keogh — daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and granddaughter of Elvis Presley — welcomed a baby girl via surrogate in August of 2022. A year later, in a Vanity Fair cover story, she revealed that her daughter’s name was Tupelo Storm.

Tupelo’s first name is a reference to the northern Mississippi city of Tupelo (pronounced TOO-puh-loh), which is where Elvis was born in 1935. (The Presley family didn’t move to Memphis, Tennessee, until Elvis was a young teenager.)

The city’s name, which was inspired by the abundance of tupelo gum trees in the area, derives from the Creek words ito, meaning “tree,” and opilwa, meaning “swamp.”

Keogh said:

It’s funny because we picked her name before the Elvis movie. I was like, ‘This is great because it’s not really a well-known word or name in relation to my family — it’s not like Memphis or something.’ Then when the Elvis movie came out, it was like, Tupelo this and Tupelo that. I was like, ‘Oh no.’ But it’s fine.

(The biopic Elvis was released in June of 2022.)

The baby’s middle name commemorates Riley Keogh’s late brother, Benjamin Storm Keough.

So far, the name Tupelo has never appeared in the SSA data — but do you think it could in the future? What are your thoughts on Tupelo as a baby name?


Image: Adapted from Tupelo EAP birthplace IMG 2649 by Bjoertvedt under CC BY-SA 4.0.

4 thoughts on “Baby born to Elvis’ granddaughter, named after Elvis’ birthplace

  1. Wow … think she could have brushed up on her Elvis trivia. The only reason I know where Tupelo is located is because of Elvis and any Elvis fan knows he was born in Tupelo!

  2. I think Tupelo is cute, but it’s over-the-top to make it Tupelo Storm. To me, that sounds like a men’s antiperspirant scent name.

  3. Tupelo makes me think of Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison more than Elvis, but to think people wouldn’t immediately make the connection is kind of odd.

    I think Tupelo would be a great name for a cat, but just doesn’t appeal to me for a person.

    Tupelo Storm could be a great name for an entire line of men’s products, or a superhero. Tupelo Storm and the ThunderCats.

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