Baby Name Timeline: 1960s

The baby names below saw sudden changes in usage during the 1960s thanks to the influence of historical events. I’ve written explanatory blog posts about some of them — please click the links to learn more!

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barbarella, movie, baby name, 1960s,

1969 News: Aldrin, Neil, Apollo, Tron, Francelia, Biafra, Salimah

1969 Movie character: Barbarella

1969 Movie: Heather

1969 TV characters: Aristede, Jamison, Shana, Toosdhi, Philana, Miosotis, Julia, Corey, Johnny, Scott, Jason, Jeremy, Joshua, Candy

1969 Actors: Tige, Keone, Diahann, Marc, Shani

1969 Literary character: Galadriel

1969 Songs: Juniper, Vance, Jude, Chelsea

1969 Singers: Deshannon, Donovan, Omayra

1969 Sports: Tuesdee, Trevino

1969 Products: Elan, Cantrece, Crissy

1969 Celebrity babies: Chastity, Tricia, Ennis

1969 Beauty queen: Troas


carrie anne, song, baby name, 1960s,

1968 News: Christiaan, Coretta, Yolanda, Dexter, Che, Trenny, Torben, Lurleen

1968 Politics: Onassis

1968 Movie characters: Neely, Stassa

1968 TV characters: Laryssa, Carolee, Jemal, Josette, Angelique, Lahoma, Kelly, Shahna, Kelinda, Layle, Manolito, Lancer, Blue, Shana

1968 Actors: Dustin, Dack

1968 Literary characters: Arwen, Thorin

1968 Songs: Carrieanne, Lalena, Valleri

1968 Singer: Quetcy, Tammi

1968 Musical group: Shondell

1968 Sports: Orenthal, Alcindor

1968 Product: Charisma

1968 Celebrity baby: Maryum


alfie, movie, song, baby name, 1960s,

1967 News: Svetlana, Ronisue, Roni, Marci, Tandeka

1967 TV characters: Tonia, Clayt, Cinnamon, Buffy, Hondo, Mannix, Dulcey, Rosaisela, Judd, Davy

1967 Actors: Millette, Sivi, Cami, Vitina

1967 Literary character: Kerith

1967 Comics: Geisha

1967 Songs: Alfie, Georgy, Sharmon, Windy

1967 Singers: Aretha, Nico

1967 Sports: Cazzie

1967 Product: Camaro

1967 Celebrity baby: Joely, Erinn, Chalene

1967 Celebrity related: Tahnee, Devara, Talitha

1967 Model: Twiggy


daktari, television, baby name, 1960s,

1966 News: Agena, Bedar

1966 Politics: Indira

1966 Movie characters: Raef, Lara, Yuri

1966 TV characters: Gidget, Audra, Heath, Tabitha, Tabatha, Tamantha, Alfy, Tavio, Anissa, Artemus, Kimble

1966 TV shows: Peyton, Daktari

1966 TV contestant: Sheva

1966 Actor: Marlo

1966 Comics: Yesenia

1966 Songs: Michelle, Cherish, Caramia

1966 Singer: Lainie

1966 Product: Caprice

1966 Celebrity baby: Devera

1966 Celebrity related: Sonji

1966 Model: Donyale


gemini, space program, baby name, 1960s,

1965 News: Gemini

1965 Politics: Luci

1965 Movie characters: Liesl, Sugar, Shelleen, Santee, Marnie

1965 TV characters: Samantha, Darrin, Endora, Morticia, Wednesday, Tatia, Illya, Petina, Bettyjo, Cara, Shenandoah, Jarrod, Allison, Rodney, Karen

1965 TV show: Addam

1965 Actors: Daliah, Virna, Lisi, Ursula, Mia, Ryan

1965 Literary characters: Kerensa, Mellyora

1965 Singers: Petula, Fontella, Fanita

1965 Sports: Marichal, Diron

1965 Celebrity baby: Xan

1965 Beauty queens: Apasra, Vonda

1965 Model: Kecia


charade, movie, baby name, 1960s,

1964 News: Hope

1964 Politics: Lyndon, Kennedy, Fitzgerald, Jacqueline, Jackie, Caroline

1964 Movie characters: Taggart, Hud, Dhana, Guendalina, Thomasina

1964 TV characters: Destry, Quint, Trampas, Thedy, Bobbiejo, Djuna, Tessa, Zina

1964 TV contestant: Celynn

1964 TV commercial: Deneen

1964 Actors: Janssen, Pleshette, Kamala, Inger, Senta, Diahn, Cherylene, Julissa

1964 Songs: Dawn, Charade, Abilene

1964 Singer: Bavan

1964 Musical group: Ronette, Vandella

1964 Musician: Ringo

1964 Sports: Nicklaus, Cassius, Deron


lolita, movie, baby name, 1960s,

1963 News: Medgar, Martin, Gordon, Camala, Janita, Valentina, Troylene

1963 Politics: Bouvier

1963 Movie characters: Lolita, Cybele, Heavenly, Phaedra, Tamiko

1963 TV characters: Pebbles, Grindl, Brycie, Tal, Sutton, Stoney, Joby, Glynis, Jerrod, Trisha, Sindee, Kris

1963 TV contestant: Candi

1963 TV personality: Keefe

1963 Actors: Keir, Tippi, Anjanette, Stanja

1963 Song: Paula, Nova

1963 Singers: Ral, Michaelann

1963 Musical group: Chiffon

1963 Sports: Cepeda, Maury

1963 Products: Tressy, Wondra, Chevelle

1963 Brand: Tangerine

1963 Celebrity related: Kristin


chubby, musician, baby name, 1960s,

Here are the names for 1962.


velvet, television, baby name, 1960s,

Here are the names for 1961.


devy, television, baby name, 1960s,

1960 News: Farah, Leisha, Aleida, Kwame

1960 Movie characters: Raymie, Haya, Ryder, Jordana, Pollyanna

1960 TV characters: Dobie, Thalia, Cully, Clay, Lisha, Andamo, Chantay, Bronco, Modesty, Tiare, Tiki

1960 TV contestants: Sherrylyn, Lavelda, Sita

1960 TV show: Bonanza

1960 Actors: Hayley, Ziva, Elana, Marpessa, Nedenia, Troy, Ansara, Jovon, Flip, Darren

1960 African-American magazines: Lajeune, Claudinette

1960 Comics: Kippy

1960 Songs: Misty, Laura

1960 Singers: Devy, Rydell, Brendalee, Darin, Dino

1960 Musicians: Wynton, Thelonious

More Names

Other historically significant baby names bestowed in the U.S. during the 1960s include Orbit.