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Inconspicuous Anagram Baby Names

I recently updated my old Anagram Baby Names post to make it much more comprehensive. As I worked on it, though, I noticed that many of those sets of names had obvious similarities, such as the same first letters and/or the same rhythm.

So I thought I’d make a second, shorter list of anagram names that were less conspicuously similar. Specifically, I wanted the second list to feature sets of names with different first letters and different numbers of syllables.

And that’s what you’ll find below — pairs of anagram names that are relatively distinct from one another. So much so that, at first glance (or listen), some might not even strike you as being anagrammatic at all. :)

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Most of the names above have a clear number of syllables, but a few do not. (I categorized them according to my own interpretation/accent.) So, if you’re interested in using any of these pairings, just remember to test the names out loud first!

Which of the pairs above do you like best?

How did “Family Ties” influence baby names?

Family Ties

Who here used to watch Family Ties?

I sure did. (The last few seasons, anyway.)

The popular sitcom debuted in mid-1982. It was one of the top 5 shows in the nation from 1984 to 1987, and new episodes aired until mid-1989.

The show had a big impact on baby names, especially the following four.


Middle child Mallory was played by Justine Bateman. Check out how Family Ties affected the popularity of the name Mallory during the mid-1980s:

  • 1980: 17 baby girls and 8 baby boys named Mallory
  • 1981: 27 baby girls and 9 baby boys named Mallory
  • 1982: 45 baby girls and 9 baby boys named Mallory
  • 1983: 689 baby girls and 10 baby boys named Mallory
  • 1984: 1,470 baby girls and 15 baby boys named Mallory
  • 1985: 2,037 baby girls and 21 baby boys named Mallory
  • 1986: 3,323 baby girls and 23 baby boys named Mallory
  • 1987: 3,138 baby girls and 24 baby boys named Mallory
  • 1988: 2,365 baby girls and 20 baby boys named Mallory
  • 1989: 1,971 baby girls and 16 baby boys named Mallory

Mallory was a top-100 name in both 1986 (83rd) and 1987 (91st). Usage of the name not only skyrocketed for girls but also rose slightly for boys, surprisingly.

Usage of spelling variants also increased dramatically. Mallorie, Malorie and Malarie got a boost on the charts, while Mallory-inspired debuts throughout the ’80s included Mallori (the top debut name of 1983), Mallery, Mallary, Malory, Malori, Malerie, Malloree, Maloree, Mallarie, Malary, Malari, Mallerie, Mallari, Malery, Malaree, Melorie, Mallorey, Malorey and Melarie.


Next up is everyone’s favorite character, Alex, played by Michael J. Fox. Here are the numbers for the name Alex:

  • 1980: 1,676 baby boys and 28 baby girls named Alex
  • 1981: 1,871 baby boys and 32 baby girls named Alex
  • 1982: 1,955 baby boys and 46 baby girls named Alex
  • 1983: 2,148 baby boys and 27 baby girls named Alex
  • 1984: 3,017 baby boys and 84 baby girls named Alex
  • 1985: 3,902 baby boys and 85 baby girls named Alex
  • 1986: 5,104 baby boys and 142 baby girls named Alex
  • 1987: 6,040 baby boys and 211 baby girls named Alex
  • 1988: 6,396 baby boys and 269 baby girls named Alex
  • 1989: 6,538 baby boys and 240 baby girls named Alex

Alex was already on the rise in the early ’80s, but the show gave the name a big boost mid-decade.


Now let’s look at the name of Keaton mom Elyse, played by Meredith Baxter-Birney.

  • 1980: 82 baby girls named Elyse
  • 1981: 78 baby girls named Elyse
  • 1982: 80 baby girls named Elyse
  • 1983: 243 baby girls named Elyse
  • 1984: 426 baby girls named Elyse
  • 1985: 637 baby girls named Elyse
  • 1986: 701 baby girls named Elyse
  • 1987: 804 baby girls named Elyse
  • 1988: 790 baby girls named Elyse
  • 1989: 612 baby girls named Elyse

The name Elyse, which had dropped out of the top 1,000 in the mid-1950s, was boosted back into the top 1,000 by Family Ties in 1983. It even reached the top 500 for a time (1985-1989). Usage of the spellings Elise, Alyse, and Alise also increased during this period.


Finally, let’s look at the family surname Keaton.

  • 1980: 26 baby boys named Keaton
  • 1981: 15 baby boys named Keaton
  • 1982: 23 baby boys and 6 baby girls named Keaton
  • 1983: 47 baby boys and 8 baby girls named Keaton
  • 1984: 69 baby boys named Keaton
  • 1985: 109 baby boys and 9 baby girls named Keaton
  • 1986: 131 baby boys and 10 baby girls named Keaton
  • 1987: 135 baby boys and 8 baby girls named Keaton
  • 1988: 163 baby boys and 11 baby girls named Keaton
  • 1989: 225 baby boys and 14 baby girls named Keaton

Keaton entered the boys’ top 1,000 for the first time in 1985. It’s been on the rise for both genders ever since. In 2010, nearly 800 baby boys and nearly 50 baby girls were named Keaton.