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Inconspicuous anagram baby names: Blake/Kaleb, Hale/Leah


I recently updated my old anagram baby names post to make it much more comprehensive. As I worked on it, though, I noticed that many of those sets of names had obvious similarities, such as the same first letters and/or the same rhythm.

So I thought I’d make a second, shorter list of anagram names that were less conspicuously similar. Specifically, I wanted the second list to feature sets of names with different first letters and different numbers of syllables.

And that’s what you’ll find below — pairs of anagram names that are relatively distinct from one another. So much so that, at first glance (or listen), some might not even strike you as being anagrammatic at all. :)

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Most of the names above have a clear number of syllables, but a few do not. (I categorized them according to my own interpretation/accent.) So, if you’re interested in using any of these pairings, just remember to test the names out loud first!

Which of the pairs above do you like best?

Baby names with letter “A” trendy in India

Many Indian celebrities are choosing baby names that feature the letter A, according a recent article in The Bombay Times.

For instance, A-names recently used for Indian celebrity babies include:

  • Amartya & Agastya (twin sons of Haseena and Mahesh Jethmalani)
  • Aryan (son of Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan)
  • Aiyana (daughter of Leander Paes and Rhea Pillai)
  • Arhaan (son of Malaika and Arbaaz Khan)
  • Ananyashree, Aryaman & Advaitesha (kids of Neerja and Kumar Mangalam Birla)
  • Arin (son of Madhuri Dixit Nene)

But not everyone is on board with the A-trend. Here’s what one schoolteacher had to say about it:

Today it’s difficult to call out to the kids. Every name is so similar sounding! For example, in my current batch, I have three Aryaans, an Arhan, a Rehaan, two Vedaants, a Reya, a Freya, an Aashna and an Ishnaa!

Source: Pathiyan, Priya. “Meet the New ‘A’ Listers.” Times of India 17 Jan. 2007.