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Popularity of the baby name Artemis

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Girl names that end with an S-sound

Girl names that end with an S-sound

In the U.S., most of the names given to baby girls end with a vowel sound. And many of the remaining names end with an N-sound.

So, what about girl names that end with other sounds?

Below is a selection of girl names that end with an S-sound, regardless of last letter. The names are ordered by current popularity.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Grace.

An Ancient Greek word meaning “origin, creation.” Here’s the popularity graph for Genesis.

The Ancient Greek word for “rainbow,” as well as an ancient Greek goddess (the personification of the rainbow) and a type of flower (that is often purple). Here’s the popularity graph for Iris.

An Anglicized form of the Welsh name Rhys, meaning “ardor.” Here’s the popularity graph for Reese.

The feminine form of Francis, which is derived from the late Roman name Franciscus, meaning “Frenchman.” Here’s the popularity graph for Frances.

From the capital of France. Here’s the popularity graph for Paris.

From the late Roman name Florentia, meaning “blooming.” Here’s the popularity graph for Florence.

From either the Scottish surname (derived from a place name meaning “meadow dwelling”) or the English surname (derived from a place name meaning “valley house”). Here’s the popularity graph for Dallas.

From the type of bird. Here’s the popularity graph for Mavis.

From the English surname, which is derived from the name Elias. Here’s the popularity graph for Ellis.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Promise.

May be a French variant of the name of the Iranian goddess Anahita. Here’s the popularity graph for Anaïs.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Cadence.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Justice.

From the name of the ancient Greek goddess Artemis. Here’s the popularity graph for Artemis.

Might be based on Amaro, the name of a legendary 13th-century Catholic saint. Here’s the popularity graph for Amaris.

The feminine form of the royal title prince. Here’s the popularity graph for Princess.

From an Old Breton word meaning “prince, ruler, lord.” Here’s the popularity graph for Joyce.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Essence.

From the name of the ancient Egyptian city Men-nefer. Here’s the popularity graph for Memphis.

From the Ancient Greek word for “chaste.” Here’s the popularity graph for Agnes.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Patience.

From the name of the Roman goddess Venus. Here’s the popularity graph for Venus.

A Spanish word meaning “miracles” (from the Marian title La Virgen de los Milagros). Here’s the popularity graph for Milagros.

May be derived from an Ancient Greek word meaning “calf.” Here’s the popularity graph for Damaris.

From the name of the ancient Greek goddess Eris. Here’s the popularity graph for Eris.

From the English surname, which originally referred to a person who lived by holly trees. Here’s the popularity graph for Hollis.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Temperance.

Invented by writer George R. R. Martin for a character in the high fantasy book series A Song of Ice and Fire (upon which the TV series Game of Thrones was based). Here’s the popularity graph for Daenerys.

An Ancient Greek name of unknown meaning. Here’s the popularity graph for Lois.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Constance.

The feminine form of the royal title emperor. Here’s the popularity graph for Empress.

From the type of flower. Here’s the popularity graph for Lotus.

From the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. Here’s the popularity graph for Isis.

From an Ancient Greek name made up of elements meaning “good” and “victory.” Here’s the popularity graph for Eunice.

May be based on the Welsh name Carys or the Ancient Greek name Charis. Here’s the popularity graph for Karis.

From the Hebrew name Yehudit, meaning “Jewish woman.” Here’s the popularity graph for Yehudis.

A Spanish form of the name Agnes. Here’s the popularity graph for Inés.

A feminine form of Alan. Here’s the popularity graph for Alanis.

A nickname for Theresa. Here’s the popularity graph for Tess.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Prudence.

Based on Jane, which can be traced back to a (masculine) Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is gracious.” Here’s the popularity graph for Janice.

An Ancient Greek name meaning “Dorian woman.” Here’s the popularity graph for Doris.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Precious.

A Spanish word meaning “sorrows” (from the Marian title La Virgen de los Dolores). Here’s the popularity graph for Dolores.

Popularized by singer Kelis. Here’s the popularity graph for the name Kelis.

Might be based on the Gaulish name Briccus, meaning “speckled.” Here’s the popularity graph for Bryce.

From the type of flower. Here’s the popularity graph for Amaryllis.

From Kandake, the title of the queen in the ancient Kingdom of Kush (in northeastern Africa). Here’s the popularity graph for Candace.

Based on the Welsh name Gwladus (which belonged to a legendary Welsh saint). Here’s the popularity graph for Gladys.

Less-common girl names that end with an S-sound include Clarice, Bliss, Lamees, Solstice, Maris, Briseis, and Cypress.

Which of the above do you like most? What others can you think of?

P.S. Here are lists of girl names that end with D-, K-, L-, M-, R-, T-, V-, and Z-sounds.


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Boy names beyond the top 1,000 of 2022


Have you seen any of the boy names beyond the U.S. top 1,000 yet? If not, here’s the next thousand for you.

Last year, the 1,000th most popular boy name in the U.S. was London, given to 222 babies. After that, we find…

1,001st to 1,100th

Massimo, 222
Mordechai, 222
Branson, 221
Deandre, 221
Maurice, 221
Graysen, 220
Ulises, 220
Wren, 220
Carl, 219
Coen, 219
Kristopher, 219
Boaz, 218
Decker, 218
Fox, 218
Blaise, 217
Rogelio, 217
Shai, 217
Beck, 216
Brett, 216
Crosby, 216
Lev, 216
Aspen, 215
Billy, 215
Bishop, 215
Kole, 215
Mariano, 215
Ollie, 215
Veer, 215
Campbell, 214
Kolt, 214
Jireh, 213
Karsyn, 213
Tiago, 213
Blaine, 212
Cristiano, 212
Foster, 212
Hollis, 212
Yadiel, 212
Bobby, 211
Teddy, 211
Beaux, 210
Jaxtyn, 210
Kyng, 210
Ronnie, 210
Syncere, 210
Benny, 209
Genesis, 209
Kace, 209
Mike, 209
Rishi, 209
Howard, 207
Kendall, 207
Reginald, 207
Aizen, 206
Davion, 206
Gianluca, 206
Lyle, 206
Danilo, 205
Dominik, 205
Frankie, 205
Granger, 205
Kamdyn, 205
Lyric, 205
Eliezer, 204
Montgomery, 204
Rowdy, 204
Zabdiel, 204
Gerald, 203
Jahmir, 203
Laith, 203
Dereck, 202
Kacey, 202
Link, 202
Merrick, 202
Yaakov, 202
Ash, 201
Cashton, 201
Dhruv, 201
Izan, 201
Jamal, 201
Joan, 201
Josias, 201
Kenai, 200
Lucien, 200
Jabari, 199
Jakobe, 199
Palmer, 199
Dimitri, 198
Dayton, 197
Denzel, 197
Ephraim, 197
Knowledge, 197
Yitzchok, 197
Bowie, 196
Kruz, 196
Elon, 195
Gus, 195
Kross, 195
Marc, 195
Azaiah, 194

1,101st to 1,200th

Scout, 194
Adrien, 193
Menachem, 193
Zayan, 193
Zephyr, 193
Jad, 192
Jair, 192
Kody, 192
Makari, 192
Jordy, 191
Slade, 191
Ulysses, 191
Abner, 190
Benito, 190
Mikael, 190
True, 190
Matheo, 189
Achilles, 188
Hakeem, 188
Jesiah, 188
Ramiro, 188
Emil, 187
Shlomo, 187
Trent, 187
Aydin, 186
Ernest, 186
Gadiel, 186
Ren, 186
Zeus, 186
Cedar, 185
Landry, 185
Nazir, 185
Avraham, 184
Maison, 184
Ozias, 184
Azai, 183
Bronx, 183
Ralph, 183
Cory, 182
Jasiel, 182
Malakhi, 182
Marley, 182
Zakari, 182
Jessie, 181
Eleazar, 180
Jerome, 180
Keenan, 180
Keon, 180
Jethro, 179
Kashmir, 179
Bastian, 178
Coleman, 178
Daylen, 178
Shimon, 178
Isael, 177
Kaius, 177
Pierre, 177
Terrance, 177
Tzvi, 177
Wiley, 177
Vaughn, 176
Casper, 175
Kolten, 175
Kyaire, 175
Toby, 175
Will, 175
Caysen, 174
Harris, 174
Javon, 174
Jovani, 174
Krue, 174
Rylen, 174
Willie, 174
Yaseen, 174
Cayde, 173
Kaine, 173
Maxim, 173
Ever, 172
Gino, 172
Jakobi, 172
Turner, 172
Yasir, 172
Booker, 170
Jaxen, 170
Jeffery, 170
Lenox, 169
Sol, 169
Tylan, 169
Gio, 168
Kenan, 168
Torin, 168
Elmer, 167
Jacari, 167
Norman, 167
Ziggy, 167
Bentlee, 166
Bilal, 166
Edmund, 166
Harlow, 166
Sekani, 166

1,201st to 1,300th

Sidney, 166
Amado, 165
Draven, 165
Giancarlo, 165
Gray, 164
Juelz, 164
Mael, 164
Mayson, 164
Rami, 164
Khyree, 163
Nikko, 163
Rolando, 163
Carlo, 162
Jacoby, 162
Korbyn, 162
Viktor, 162
Aayan, 161
Lucius, 161
Arham, 160
Deon, 160
Giannis, 160
Jeriah, 160
Kenny, 160
Kilian, 160
Xzavier, 160
Zeppelin, 160
Gilbert, 159
Isai, 159
Jai, 159
Jet, 159
Sunny, 159
Terrell, 159
Zymir, 159
Alessio, 158
Eason, 158
Maddux, 158
Monte, 158
Semaj, 158
Sire, 158
Umar, 158
Zackary, 158
Anson, 157
Dov, 157
Dovid, 157
Kolby, 157
Oakland, 157
Jettson, 156
Rayyan, 156
Skylar, 156
Arden, 155
Benton, 155
Hasan, 155
Huxton, 155
Immanuel, 155
Khamari, 155
Krish, 155
Raheem, 155
Andreas, 154
Greysen, 154
Jermaine, 154
Kentrell, 154
Mattias, 153
Thorin, 153
Cormac, 152
Denim, 152
Ender, 152
Mazi, 152
Randall, 152
Canyon, 151
Carmine, 151
Clifford, 151
Elvis, 151
Jenson, 151
Laken, 151
Markus, 151
Terrence, 151
Caius, 150
Demari, 150
Macklin, 150
Milton, 150
Rian, 150
Aydan, 149
Cristopher, 149
Kylin, 149
Ross, 149
Malikai, 148
Pharaoh, 148
Archibald, 147
Ayman, 147
Bernard, 147
Dwayne, 147
Finnick, 147
Giovani, 147
Kyzer, 147
Tristen, 147
Koah, 146
Simeon, 146
Zaylen, 146
Bernardo, 145
Malaki, 145

1,301st to 1,400th

Sultan, 145
Tayden, 145
Agastya, 144
Ansel, 144
Efrain, 144
Lamar, 144
Micheal, 144
Shia, 144
Aleksander, 143
Eitan, 143
Gannon, 143
Kaycen, 143
Lazarus, 143
Reagan, 143
Zakariya, 143
Adiel, 142
Derick, 142
Eros, 142
Lyam, 142
Marcello, 142
Payton, 142
Seamus, 142
Zack, 142
Freddy, 141
Henri, 141
Makoa, 141
Noa, 141
Syed, 141
Taj, 141
Eliot, 140
Kallen, 140
Kyren, 140
Mikah, 140
Quintin, 140
Youssef, 140
Alister, 139
Davi, 139
Kolter, 139
Kymir, 139
Marquis, 139
Noble, 139
Octavio, 139
Oren, 139
Rashad, 139
Tahj, 139
Cru, 138
Gentry, 138
Harper, 138
Isiah, 138
Justus, 138
Kasey, 138
Kodi, 138
Renzo, 138
Rodolfo, 138
Rush, 138
Tristian, 138
Truth, 138
Kit, 137
Oziel, 137
Vince, 137
Zayvion, 137
Aslan, 136
Jaire, 136
Kreed, 136
Loki, 136
Oskar, 136
Perry, 136
Tariq, 136
Aryeh, 135
Aubrey, 135
Azlan, 135
Brent, 135
Cian, 135
Clarence, 135
Demir, 135
Garrison, 135
Jaylin, 135
Jean, 135
Yair, 135
Braydon, 134
Dominique, 134
Eliyahu, 134
Jiovanni, 134
Kaleo, 134
Nick, 134
Amar, 133
Ripp, 133
Yakov, 133
Zealand, 133
Anton, 132
Clinton, 132
Cove, 132
Deklan, 132
Draco, 132
Fredrick, 132
Huck, 132
Kalvin, 132
Nickolas, 132
Reyansh, 132
Yoel, 132

1,401st to 1,500th

Avion, 131
Camdyn, 131
Hans, 131
Kendrix, 131
Presley, 131
Atreyu, 130
Aurelius, 130
Benaiah, 130
Taylen, 130
West, 130
Benji, 129
Deshawn, 129
Elyas, 129
Ewan, 129
Jahseh, 129
Jelani, 129
Jessiah, 129
Perseus, 129
Wolfgang, 129
Zaxton, 129
Braxtyn, 128
Francesco, 128
Gerard, 128
Axle, 127
Chad, 127
Everette, 127
Karl, 127
Slater, 127
Warner, 127
Anas, 126
Darrell, 126
Ean, 126
Glenn, 126
Guy, 126
Haven, 126
Jordyn, 126
Keagan, 126
Niam, 126
Orson, 126
Ranger, 126
Brysen, 125
Kip, 125
Linus, 125
Teagan, 125
Wylie, 125
Zamari, 125
Arman, 124
Cristobal, 124
German, 124
Isa, 124
Jael, 124
Kassius, 124
Nikola, 124
Tyree, 124
Ved, 124
Viraj, 124
Alder, 123
Arrow, 123
Aston, 123
Barry, 123
Deangelo, 123
Jadon, 123
Jaylon, 123
Krishiv, 123
Osiel, 123
Pierson, 123
Sami, 123
Todd, 123
Truman, 123
Westen, 123
Akeem, 122
Aksel, 122
Eiden, 122
Emmet, 122
Finnian, 122
Ilyas, 122
Ismail, 122
Kelly, 122
Kymani, 122
Lenny, 122
Obadiah, 122
Ozzie, 122
Rogan, 122
Shaun, 122
Steve, 122
Townes, 122
Barron, 121
Chozen, 121
Kaizer, 121
Rafe, 121
Ramsey, 121
Shea, 121
Syrus, 121
Tyrone, 121
Uziel, 121
Vivaan, 121
Aamir, 120
Alexzander, 120
Carver, 120
Coy, 120

1,501st to 1,600th

Craig, 120
Darien, 120
Haziel, 120
Ivar, 120
Jonathon, 120
Steele, 120
Antony, 119
Bailey, 119
Cam, 119
Finneas, 119
Gilberto, 119
Hansel, 119
Javion, 119
Jayvion, 119
Oaklee, 119
Ravi, 119
Riaan, 119
Storm, 119
Ammar, 118
Arnold, 118
Brexton, 118
Cree, 118
Faris, 118
Malek, 118
Armon, 117
Brentley, 117
Edson, 117
Ezio, 117
Indigo, 117
Jahir, 117
Mahir, 117
Mauro, 117
Santi, 117
Fynn, 116
Jamarion, 116
Levon, 116
Lucio, 116
Mikel, 116
Natanael, 116
Roan, 116
Vernon, 116
Brayson, 115
Honor, 115
Jovan, 115
Kent, 115
Monroe, 115
Stephan, 115
Aven, 114
Dale, 114
Don, 114
Gonzalo, 114
Kaladin, 114
Zephaniah, 114
Akiva, 113
Asiah, 113
Cecil, 113
Channing, 113
Coby, 113
Leeland, 113
Mars, 113
Mavrick, 113
Rylee, 113
Sammy, 113
Savion, 113
Xavion, 113
Aarush, 112
Iverson, 112
Jahziel, 112
Judd, 112
Karsen, 112
Kysen, 112
Osvaldo, 112
Smith, 112
Aariz, 111
Adnan, 111
Amare, 111
Amaris, 111
Artemis, 111
Camryn, 111
Destin, 111
Dev, 111
Eddy, 111
Holland, 111
Luther, 111
Makhi, 111
Percy, 111
Ransom, 111
Sky, 111
Zyan, 111
Aariv, 110
Canon, 110
Chevy, 110
Devonte, 110
Kamarion, 110
Khyson, 110
Lazaro, 110
Revan, 110
Ruger, 110
Evren, 109
Haiden, 109

1,601st to 1,700th

Jru, 109
Leander, 109
Nile, 109
Shivansh, 109
Wilmer, 109
Antoine, 108
Cai, 108
Davon, 108
Jhett, 108
Jules, 108
Neal, 108
Reynaldo, 108
Riot, 108
Ryver, 108
Sulaiman, 108
Avian, 107
Axell, 107
Dezmond, 107
Hampton, 107
Jamar, 107
Kaidyn, 107
Kiran, 107
Nate, 107
Ripley, 107
Said, 107
Sebastien, 107
Gionni, 106
Kahari, 106
Mickey, 106
Tyrell, 106
Yasin, 106
Abdul, 105
Boyd, 105
Eder, 105
Kiyan, 105
Linkin, 105
Massiah, 105
Montana, 105
Olin, 105
Phineas, 105
Rico, 105
Saif, 105
Vladimir, 105
Yunus, 105
Amarion, 104
Amin, 104
Ashtyn, 104
Ilan, 104
Irving, 104
Jacobo, 104
Kennedy, 104
Keoni, 104
Trevon, 104
Aaryan, 103
Cortez, 103
Darryl, 103
Hiram, 103
Kadence, 103
Klay, 103
Masiah, 103
Maverik, 103
Micaiah, 103
Ramses, 103
Roderick, 103
Tamir, 103
Yeshua, 103
Zavian, 103
Ajani, 102
Brighton, 102
Carsen, 102
Denis, 102
Eamon, 102
Izael, 102
Kaeden, 102
Kamron, 102
Khaled, 102
Klayton, 102
Marquise, 102
Neel, 102
Rylo, 102
Shay, 102
Tymir, 102
Yazan, 102
Brewer, 101
Bryer, 101
Divine, 101
Jasai, 101
Kain, 101
Myron, 101
Oaklen, 101
Oden, 101
Artist, 100
Deion, 100
Jetson, 100
Leopold, 100
Nael, 100
Rip, 100
Yousuf, 100
Zaidyn, 100
Cosmo, 99

1,701st to 1,800th

Giuseppe, 99
Jasir, 99
Journey, 99
Kacen, 99
Lake, 99
Lloyd, 99
Mordecai, 99
Quinten, 99
Rudra, 99
Viaan, 99
Yohan, 99
Armaan, 98
Avyan, 98
Baron, 98
Corbyn, 98
Hussein, 98
Kashtyn, 98
Kyzen, 98
Marcelino, 98
Nakoa, 98
Xavi, 98
Adolfo, 97
Amauri, 97
Eliab, 97
Elvin, 97
Ervin, 97
Jovi, 97
Riyan, 97
Usman, 97
Uzziah, 97
Wolf, 97
Clint, 96
Gibson, 96
Ishmael, 96
Jaleel, 96
Joao, 96
Konnor, 96
Orin, 96
Taylin, 96
Wendell, 96
Advik, 95
Ansh, 95
Aris, 95
Armoni, 95
Ayansh, 95
Braulio, 95
Cypress, 95
Darnell, 95
Henley, 95
Kove, 95
Quadir, 95
Alek, 94
Azari, 94
Aziah, 94
Chester, 94
Gerson, 94
Josh, 94
Kailo, 94
Kenton, 94
Lars, 94
Linden, 94
Oslo, 94
Sir, 94
Stellan, 94
Valor, 94
Ayce, 93
Cornelius, 93
Hagen, 93
Kaisyn, 93
Kyngston, 93
Lyndon, 93
Shaya, 93
Taysom, 93
Braylin, 92
Gryffin, 92
Issa, 92
Karmelo, 92
Mecca, 92
Samar, 92
Yuri, 92
Amani, 91
Dashiell, 91
Deegan, 91
Lester, 91
Levy, 91
Maykel, 91
Noam, 91
Raylen, 91
Summit, 91
Urijah, 91
Yuvaan, 91
Ayven, 90
Domingo, 90
Donnie, 90
Haze, 90
Humberto, 90
Jakhari, 90
Johnathon, 90
Johnpaul, 90
Jordi, 90

1,801st to 1,900th

Karam, 90
Koe, 90
Kyran, 90
Paulo, 90
Akai, 89
Auden, 89
Avrohom, 89
Demarcus, 89
Geovanni, 89
Hardin, 89
Hendrixx, 89
Isidro, 89
Izayah, 89
Jarvis, 89
Morris, 89
Mykel, 89
Shalom, 89
Xaiden, 89
Zakaria, 89
Asad, 88
Calder, 88
Dan, 88
Ellison, 88
Hussain, 88
Irvin, 88
Keller, 88
Meyer, 88
Ragnar, 88
Sanad, 88
Shiv, 88
Woodrow, 88
Woods, 88
Xion, 88
Zade, 88
Aharon, 87
Azaan, 87
Basil, 87
Camari, 87
Colsen, 87
Jacobi, 87
Johann, 87
Mikhail, 87
Rain, 87
Reggie, 87
Theodor, 87
Zohan, 87
Aidyn, 86
Angus, 86
Cordell, 86
Esai, 86
Giovanny, 86
Hoyt, 86
Kahlil, 86
Kasyn, 86
Emrys, 85
Giorgio, 85
Hadi, 85
Ignatius, 85
Izhaan, 85
Konner, 85
Lisandro, 85
Lonnie, 85
Quest, 85
Riggins, 85
Ronaldo, 85
Taha, 85
Vito, 85
Alton, 84
Charley, 84
Egypt, 84
Eydan, 84
Fidel, 84
Jaquan, 84
Jibreel, 84
Kaito, 84
Kasper, 84
Klaus, 84
Makaio, 84
Octavius, 84
Richie, 84
Sloan, 84
Vander, 84
Zacari, 84
Austyn, 83
Brenton, 83
Ciaran, 83
Keylor, 83
Kyden, 83
Maksim, 83
Malcom, 83
Obed, 83
Shayan, 83
Valen, 83
Ahmari, 82
Arvin, 82
Braiden, 82
Fred, 82
Holt, 82
Kru, 82
Maxx, 82

1,901st to 2,000th

Maziyon, 82
Ori, 82
Tevin, 82
Abdulrahman, 81
Blair, 81
Constantine, 81
Dakoda, 81
Ishan, 81
Jaycob, 81
Jennings, 81
Kalen, 81
Koby, 81
Kyron, 81
Lamont, 81
Lathan, 81
Lex, 81
Lukah, 81
Muhammadali, 81
Orhan, 81
Riker, 81
Roscoe, 81
Tahir, 81
Ajay, 80
Alakai, 80
Arlen, 80
Caison, 80
Camron, 80
Conway, 80
Daemon, 80
Elan, 80
Hudsyn, 80
Iman, 80
Jarrett, 80
Kanaan, 80
Kota, 80
Matheus, 80
Mayer, 80
Naim, 80
Neymar, 80
Rivers, 80
Sylvan, 80
Thor, 80
Virgil, 80
Amadeo, 79
Brantlee, 79
Damarion, 79
Donte, 79
Elton, 79
Halston, 79
Haroon, 79
Jaron, 79
Kurt, 79
Mahdi, 79
Neythan, 79
Radley, 79
Rigoberto, 79
Rockwell, 79
Shaurya, 79
Stratton, 79
Clifton, 78
Earl, 78
Fredy, 78
Hernan, 78
Keelan, 78
Merritt, 78
Miran, 78
Rayaan, 78
Alias, 77
Arin, 77
Armin, 77
Beauden, 77
Brenden, 77
Daryl, 77
Eastyn, 77
Edmond, 77
Esdras, 77
Estevan, 77
Gavriel, 77
Kyrin, 77
Manolo, 77
Niall, 77
Samarth, 77
Sora, 77
Syaire, 77
Xavien, 77
Zaine, 77
Andrei, 76
Aram, 76
Camren, 76
Everardo, 76
Gurbaaz, 76
Henderson, 76
Marlin, 76
Marlo, 76
Mylan, 76
Nehemias, 76
Reyan, 76
Ridley, 76
Rishaan, 76
Xavian, 76

See anything you like?

Source: SSA

Image: Adapted from Scattered stars in Sagittarius by ESA/Hubble under CC BY 4.0.

Baby names with PH: Phoenix, Ophelia, Joseph


Looking for baby names that feature the appealing letter-pair PH?

I’ve collected hundreds of options for you in this post!

Before we get to the names, though, let’s get one big question out of the way…

Why does PH sound like “F”?

In English, PH is a digraph, which means that it’s a pair of letters that make a single sound. (It’s interesting that the word “digraph” contains a digraph, isn’t it?)

Most of the English words that have PH were derived from Greek — specifically, from Greek words that included the Greek letter phi:

Greek letter phi (uppercase)
Phi (uppercase)

In ancient times, the Greek letter phi made an aspirated p-sound. (The unaspirated p-sound, on the other hand, was made by the Greek letter pi.)

When Greek was transliterated into Latin, the letter phi was written as “ph” to denote this aspiration — that is, to signal that the letter “p” was accompanied by a brief puff of air.

So, what happened?

In the first several centuries A.D., the pronunciation of the Greek letter phi changed. It slowly evolved from an aspirated p-sound into an f-sound.

As a result, the letter-pair “ph” underwent a corresponding (though somewhat illogical) pronunciation change. It, too, came to represent an f-sound — and still does to this day.

Now, back to the names!

Top baby names with PH

Let’s begin with the most popular names with PH (including a few names that start with PH):

Top girl names with PHTop boy names with PH

Now here are the same names again, but this time around I’ve added some details (including definitions and rankings).

Christopher + Kristopher

The name Christopher was derived from a pair of ancient Greek words: christos, meaning “Christ” or “anointed one,” and phoros, meaning “bearing” — hence, “Christ-bearing.”

Kristopher is a slightly simplified form of Christopher (perhaps influenced by the Scandinavian spelling, Kristoffer).

Christopher is currently the 52nd most popular boy name in the nation, and Kristopher ranks 936th.

Other forms of the name include Christoph (German) and Christophe (French).


The name Daphne was derived from the ancient Greek word daphne, meaning “laurel.”

In Greek myth, Daphne was a naiad who was saved from the advances of the god Apollo by being transformed into a laurel tree.

Daphne is currently the 288th most popular girl name in the U.S.

One variant form of the name is Daphna. The name is also sometimes spelled Daphnie, Daphney, or Daphni.


The name Ephraim is the Biblical Greek form of a Hebrew name meaning “fruitful.” It’s pronounced a variety of ways: EHF-rum, EEF-rum, EHF-fray-um, etc.

Ephraim is currently the 978th most popular boy name in the nation.

The name is also sometimes spelled Ephram or Ephrem.

Joseph + Josephine

The name Joseph is based on Ioseph, the Biblical Greek form of a Hebrew name meaning “he adds.”

Josephine comes from Joséphine, the French feminine form of Joseph.

Joseph is currently the 28th most popular boy name in the U.S., whereas Josephine ranks 72nd for girls.

The Dutch form of Joseph is Josephus. Other feminine forms include Josepha (German) and Josephina.


Memphis was the Greek form of the ancient Egyptian city-name Men-nefer, which meant “his beauty.” (The nefer element is also evident in the Egyptian name Nefertiti.)

The Egyptian city is long gone, but a city in Tennessee was named Memphis in the 1820s.

Memphis is currently the 404th most popular boy name in the nation.


The Irish surname Murphy was derived from a medieval Irish given name comprised of the elements muir, meaning “sea,” and cath, meaning “battle.”

Murphy is currently the 716th most popular girl name in the U.S. (It’s also sitting just outside the top 1,000 for boys.)

The name is also sometimes spelled Murphie, Murphee, or Murphey.


The name Ophelia was derived from the ancient Greek word opheleia, meaning “aid, help, succor.”

It’s not a name found in Greek myth, but William Shakespeare used it for a character in his play Hamlet around the year 1600. And, much more recently, the Lumineers featured the name in their 2016 song “Ophelia.”

Ophelia is currently the 321st most popular girl name in the nation.

The French form of the name is Ophélie.


The etymology of the Greek name Persephone (pronounced per-SEH-fuh-nee) isn’t known for certain, but one modern theory suggests that it means “she who threshes ears of corn.”

In Greek myth, Persephone was the daughter of Demeter (the goddess of agriculture) and Zeus.

Persephone is currently the 778th most popular girl name in the U.S. (It entered the top 1,000 for the first time in 2019.)

The name is also sometimes spelled Persephonie or Persephony.

Philip + Phillip

The name Philip was derived from a pair of ancient Greek words: philos, meaning “beloved, loving,” and hippos, meaning “horse” — hence, “lover of horses.”

Phillip-with-two-L’s is a common variant of Philip.

Philip is currently the 451th most popular boy name in the nation, and Phillip (two L’s) ranks 523rd.

Both spellings are typed entirely with the right hand on a standard QWERTY keyboard, which is interesting.

Other forms of the name include Philipp (German) and Philippe (French). Feminine forms include Philippa and Phillipa.


The name Phoebe was derived from the ancient Greek word phoibos, meaning “pure, bright, radiant.”

Many characters in Greek myth had this name, including a Titaness who was the daughter of Uranus and Gaia. This particular Phoebe was the grandmother of the sun god Apollo and the moon goddess Artemis.

Phoebe is currently the 247th most popular girl name in the U.S.

The spelling Phebe (used in certain translations of the Bible) was more prevalent in previous generations. Among the babies born in the city of Providence in 1868, for instance, we find four girls named Phebe, but none named Phoebe.


The name Phoenix was derived from the ancient Greek word phoinix, meaning “crimson” or “purple.”

In Greek and Egyptian myth, the phoenix was a bird that periodically self-immolated and then rose again from its own ashes.

In fact, the capital of Arizona was named “Phoenix” because early settlers, in the 1860s, noticed archaeological evidence of the previous Native American inhabitants and recognized that “the new town would spring from the ruins of a former civilization.”

Phoenix, a relatively gender-neutral name, currently ranks 248th for boys and 308th for girls.


Raphael — the name of a Biblical archangel, Renaissance painter, and a Ninja Turtle — is based on a Hebrew name meaning “God heals.”

Raphael is currently the 538th most popular boy name in the nation.

Feminine forms of the name include Raphaela (German) and Raphaëlle (French).

Sophia + Sophie

The name Sophia was derived from the ancient Greek word sophos, meaning “wisdom,” “sound judgment,” “skilled.”

Sophie is the French form of Sophia.

Sophia is currently the 6th most popular girl name in the U.S., and Sophie ranks 76th.


The name Stephanie was derived from the ancient Greek word stephanos, meaning “crown” (or, more precisely, “that which surrounds”).

Stephanie is currently the 455th most popular girl name in the nation.

One variant form of the name is Stephania. The name is also sometimes spelled Stephany or Stephani.

More names with PH

So, what other names have PH in them?

Here are some less-common choices (that are still seeing usage in the U.S. these days):

  • Aleph
  • Alpha
  • Alphonse, Alphonso
  • Aphrodite
  • Apphia
  • Asaph
  • Cephas
  • Cypher
  • Delphi
  • Delphina, Delphine
  • Gryphon
  • Hephzibah
  • Humphrey
  • Morpheus
  • Mustapha, Moustapha
  • Naphtali
  • Nephi
  • Ophira
  • Phaedra
  • Pharaoh
  • Pharrell
  • Phelan
  • Philemon
  • Philo
  • Philomena
  • Philopateer, Philopater
  • Phineas, Phinehas
  • Prophet
  • Phyllis
  • Ralph, Ralphie
  • Randolph
  • Rapha
  • Rudolph
  • Saphina
  • Saphira, Sapphira, Saphyra
  • Sapphire
  • Sephira
  • Sephiroth
  • Sephora
  • Seraph
  • Seraphim
  • Seraphina, Saraphina, Seraphine
  • Shiphrah
  • Sophina
  • Sophonie
  • Sophronia
  • Sophus
  • Sylphrena
  • Sypha
  • Symphony
  • Theophilus
  • Triumph
  • Zephaniah, Zephan
  • Zephyr, Zephyra, Zephyrus

Finally, here are some very rare names with PH — some of which haven’t seen any usage in the U.S. in recent years, others of which never appeared in the U.S. data at all.

Girl names:

Alpharetta, Amphirho, Amphithea, Aphaea, Alphonsa/Alphonsine, Aphra (e.g., Aphra Behn), Cleopha/Cléophée, Christophine, Delpha/Delphia, Dymphna, Elpha, Elaphia, Eugraphia, Euphrasia/Euphrasie, Glaphyra, Iphigenia, Nephele, Nephthys, Ophrah, Orpha/Orphia, Phaenna, Pharaildis, Philia, Philena/Philene, Philina/Philine, Philinda, Phillis, Philomela/Philomel, Philotera, Phoenicia, Photina/Photine, Phronsie, Phryne, Phyllida, Ralphine, Seraphia, Sophilia, Sophonisba, Theophila/Theophilia, Theophania, Tryphena, Tryphosa, Zelpha, Zephyria/Zéphyrine, Zilpha/Zilphia

Boy names:

Alphaeus, Alphonsus, Amphion, Caliph, Cephus, Cleophas/Cleophus, Delphin/Delphinus, Demophon, Dolph/Dolphus, Eliphalet/Eliphelet, Eliphas/Eliphaz, Ephesius, Epiphanius, Eugraphius, Euphemius, Euphranor, Euphrasius, Hephaestus, Ildephonse, Jehoshaphat/Josaphat, Jephthah/Jephtha, Naphtali/Nephtali, Nicéphore, Onuphrius, Ophir, Orpheus, Pamphilus, Phaedrus, Phanuel, Pharamond, Pharez, Phelan, Phelim, Philbert/Philibert, Phileas, Philemon, Philetus, Philon, Photius, Porphyrius, Rodolph, Rolph, Seraphin, Sophron/Sophronius, Télesphore, Theophanes, Theophilus, Tryphon, Xenophon

Options that work for both genders include Alphie, Iphis, and Seraph.

Which of the PH names above to do you like most? Let me know in the comments!


Image: Adapted from Fasan3 by Ragnhild & Neil Crawford under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Numerology: Baby names with a value of 4

Baby names with a numerological value of 4

If you’re on the hunt for baby names with a numerological value of 4, you’re in luck! Because today’s post features hundreds of 4-names.

Before we get to the names, though — how do we know that they’re “fours” in numerology?

Turning names into numbers

Here’s how to calculate the numerological value of a name.

First, for each letter, come up with a number to represent that letter’s position in the alphabet. (Letter A would be number 1, letter B would be number 2, and so forth.) Then, add all the numbers together. If the sum has two or more digits, add the digits together recursively until the result is a single digit. That single digit is the name’s numerological value.

For instance, the letters in the name Willow correspond to the numbers 23, 9, 12, 12, 15, and 23. The sum of these numbers is 94. The digits of 94 added together equal 13, and the digits of 13 added together equal 4 — the numerological value of Willow.

Baby names with a value of 4

Below you’ll find the most popular 4-names per gender, according to the latest U.S. baby name data. I’ve further sub-categorized them by total sums — just in case any of those larger numbers are significant to anyone.

4 via 13

The letters in the following baby names add up to 13, which reduces to four (1+3=4).

Girl names (4 via 13)Boy names (4 via 13)
Cai, Eh, Cia, Gea, AabhaCade, Cai, Cj, Eh, Jc

4 via 22

The letters in the following baby names add up to 22, which reduces to four (2+2=4).

Girl names (4 via 22)Boy names (4 via 22)
Kaia, Lia, Ila, Giada, Ali, AichaAli, Lee, Dale, Akai, Hadi, Mace, Dael, Bane

4 via 31

The letters in the following baby names add up to 31, which reduces to four (3+1=4).

Girl names (4 via 31)Boy names (4 via 31)
Blake, Demi, Macie, Kara, Miah, Aliah, Janae, Delia, Echo, Haddie, Ayda, Gina, Cedar, Effie, Koda, Candace, HaliaJacob, Blake, Kaleb, Cash, Kane, Koda, Ahmed, Gian, Cedar, Gio, Mael, Adiel, Taj, Ved, Cree, Dev, Koe, Elam, Gene, Echo, Calan, Aahil

4 via 40

The letters in the following baby names add up to 40, which reduces to four (4+0=4).

Girl names (4 via 40)Boy names (4 via 40)
Maya, Angela, Kiara, Lola, Alaya, Megan, Linda, Kenia, Aadhya, Maleah, Tara, Hailee, Akira, Chiara, Kit, Joan, Kaira, Leni, Camden, Jude, Amya, Emmi, Danika, Nya, Elin, Melia, Skai, Janna, Aayla, Akari, Calani, AyalaDavid, Diego, Jude, Camden, Lucca, Zaid, Eliam, Neil, Dilan, Allan, Boden, Teo, Adler, Joan, Kenai, Abner, Kaine, Kit, Benaiah, Benji, Alder, Obadiah, Nile, Nate, Abdul, Kaeden, Jasai, Haze, Jacobi, Akari, Izaac, Jaciel, Bleu, Calian, Audie, Fateh, Blue, Akira, Halen, Jahkai, Kaidan, Elden, Tadhg, Amiel

4 via 49

The letters in the following baby names add up to 49, which reduces to four (4+9=13; 1+3=4).

Girl names (4 via 49)Boy names (4 via 49)
Emilia, Athena, Jayla, Logan, Oaklee, Kyla, Isabela, Dallas, Milan, Amayah, Aliza, Gwen, Jianna, Harlee, Araceli, Billie, Alaiya, Jaycee, Reya, Mirha, Karen, Amiya, Ehlani, Emilee, Annabel, Ayva, Brisa, Coral, Luana, Niya, Johana, Carol, Tiara, Zaila, Ellamae, Kamani, Maiya, Auri, Aalayah, Islah, Fannie, Anora, BrigidLogan, Luke, Aaron, Jose, Milo, Adriel, Ayden, Dallas, Crew, Niko, Milan, Dariel, Bruce, Hamza, Clyde, Kenji, Brock, Ahmir, Carlo, Mazi, Eitan, Demir, Oaklee, Mahir, Jru, Hiram, Klay, Eydan, Aviel, Braeden, Sahil, Eziah, Jaycee, Ayub, Calix, Bennie, Atom, Kirk, Penn, Jahdiel, Kion, Rahim, Fares, Ason

4 via 58

The letters in the following baby names add up to 58, which reduces to four (5+8=13; 1+3=4).

Girl names (4 via 58)Boy names (4 via 58)
Lily, Natalia, Liliana, Josie, Daisy, Arianna, Ariella, Milani, Nicole, Aniyah, Daniella, Ryan, Lylah, Kylee, Emerald, Kimber, Robin, Avayah, Magdalena, Paloma, Nyra, Indigo, Joyce, Jaylee, Amyra, Sonia, Elayna, Aleyna, Lailani, Ziva, Jalayah, Marlie, Mayra, Elyana, Sedona, Natalee, Fatimah, Karis, Oriana, Pippa, Toni, Star, Mariel, Linden, Hayes, Keely, Melinda, Inayah, Tova, Illiana, Ivanka, Janeth, Sianna, Haniya, Ezri, Anvika, Berklee, Marlei, Charis, Kayli, Mayar, MelodiMiles, Nathan, Ryan, Jesse, Hayes, Holden, Pedro, Isaias, Kieran, Roy, Danny, Albert, Alvin, Robin, Brendan, Brecken, Harold, Dangelo, Ezrah, Ignacio, Kolt, Teddy, Oakland, Archibald, German, Indigo, Oaklen, Clint, Linden, Jakhari, Shiv, Zacari, Donte, Jaron, Fredy, Fenix, Nyjah, Daxon, Finnan, Coast, Rune, Brigham, Marko, Harlen, Keandre, Selim, Harland, Kamran, Aiyden, Abelardo, Jaycen, Mykah, Daquan, Jeter, Branden, Hillel, Wayde, Hashim

4 via 67

The letters in the following baby names add up to 67, which reduces to four (6+7=13; 1+3=4).

Girl names (4 via 67)Boy names (4 via 67)
Gabriella, Ruth, Michelle, Lyric, Aurelia, Paislee, Kaliyah, Zoya, Jessie, Brylee, Maisy, Kimora, Lyanna, Cordelia, Jillian, Jaelyn, Honey, Valencia, Angeline, Tillie, Isadora, Sybil, Ester, Suri, Zhavia, Italy, Evelin, Charly, Jules, Catarina, Delylah, Anayeli, Zayna, Manuela, Karly, Jaylen, Azura, Tracy, Jensen, Gretel, Sahasra, Elvira, Jinora, Bradley, Timber, Kyndal, Jamiyah, Aubriana, EliyanaJulian, Dominic, Miguel, Jensen, Jaylen, Bradley, Marcelo, Julio, Lionel, Rayden, Carmelo, Brycen, Zamir, Kylen, Cullen, Lyric, Zayan, Jessie, Caysen, Maddux, Monte, Elvis, Pharaoh, Oziel, West, Finnian, Carver, Percy, Jules, Yazan, Riyan, Ishmael, Maykel, Urijah, Ayven, Zakaria, Marlin, Maxon, Syre, Yechiel, Kyland, Manny, Jeziel, Soul, Kylar, Timber, Andrey, Kevon, Pryce, Rahmir, Ezrael, Finlay, Charly, Cyril, Neftali, Zhaire

4 via 76

The letters in the following baby names add up to 76, which reduces to four (7+6=13; 1+3=4).

Girl names (4 via 76)Boy names (4 via 76)
Rory, Lorelei, Emory, Kinley, Zendaya, Kataleya, Hayley, Georgina, Nyomi, Winona, Emmeline, Ansley, Kathleen, Addisyn, Taliyah, Evaluna, Sidney, Martina, Eliette, Pepper, Theresa, Samiyah, Amberly, Skylah, Arlett, Nariyah, Dawson, Naylani, Jailyne, Starr, Everlie, Keylin, Shreya, Wynn, Zaniya, Juanita, Vianey, Raniyah, AnnamarieThomas, Emmett, Dawson, Jeremy, Louis, Rory, Sylas, Dexter, Nixon, Alonso, Jerry, Nathanael, Emory, Mordechai, Kruz, Jethro, Torin, Sidney, Kymir, Woods, Neymar, Gurbaaz, Khyrie, Tylen, Wynn, Yusef, Herbert, Waylan, Kolsen, Royale, Jacques, Adonnis, Keyler, Welles

4 via 85

The letters in the following baby names add up to 85, which reduces to four (8+5=13; 1+3=4).

Girl names (4 via 85)Boy names (4 via 85)
Anastasia, Gracelyn, Brinley, Ainsley, Sevyn, Madisyn, Aubrielle, Artemis, Paityn, Ripley, Margaux, Rayleigh, Finnley, Shoshana, Tinley, Rivky, Storm, Yamilet, Shannon, Julieth, Karoline, Alitzel, Hillary, Rosabella, Lively, Vesper, Mallorie, RyleySteven, Kayson, Franklin, Donovan, Finnley, Boston, Sevyn, Jovanni, Ulises, Rowdy, Korbyn, Lucius, Zackary, Kyzer, Octavio, Rodolfo, Kendrix, Wolfgang, Storm, Xavion, Artemis, Devonte, Ripley, Tymir, Myron, Gryffin, Theodor, Broderick, Hyrum, Octavian, Kipton, Hawkins, Omarion, Raylon, Ryley, Shannon

4 via 94

The letters in the following baby names add up to 94, which reduces to four (9+4=13; 1+3=4).

Girl names (4 via 94)Boy names (4 via 94)
Willow, Genevieve, Harmony, Evangeline, Alessandra, Antonella, Stormi, Elowyn, Lakelynn, Emberlyn, Kinsleigh, Bernadette, Milagros, Constance, Madisson, Josette, Everest, Aislynn, Lourdes, Jaqueline, RosaleighBraxton, Everest, Dutton, Jaxtyn, Jiovanni, Brayson, Reynaldo, Sebastien, Trevon, Alexandro, Tayson, Gregorio, Suleiman, Santhiago, Riyansh

4 via 103

The letters in the following baby names add up to 103, which reduces to four (1+0+3=13).

Girl names (4 via 103)Boy names (4 via 103)
Scarlette, Princess, Roslyn, Valkyrie, Merritt, Nicolette, Rosemarie, Violett, Quinley, JustyceGreyson, Solomon, Yisroel, Zeppelin, Jettson, Perseus, Marquise, Maziyon, Merritt, Younis, Tiberius, Everhett, Yitzchak, Jaxston, Trevion, Nicodemus

4 via 112

The letters in the following baby names add up to 112, which reduces to four (1+1+2=4).

Girl names (4 via 112)Boy names (4 via 112)
Brooklyn, Emmersyn, Divinity, Weslynn, VictoryStetson, Valentino, Houston, Guillermo, Zayvion, Augustin, Brooklyn, Ollivander

4 via 121

The letters in the following baby names add up to 121, which reduces to four (1+2+1=4).

Girl names (4 via 121)Boy names (4 via 121)
Persephone, Courtney, Tiaraoluwa, Luxury, KierstynMorrison, Courtney, Kristofer, Christofer, Quintus

Number 4: Significance and associations

What does the number four mean in numerology?

There’s no definitive answer, unfortunately, because various numerological systems exist, and each one has its own interpretation of the number four. That said, if we look at a couple of modern numerology/astrology websites, we see 4 being described as “hardworking,” “practical,” “stable,” “trustworthy,” and “detail-oriented.”

We can also look at associations, which are a bit more concrete. Here are some things that are associated with the number 4:

  • Seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter)
  • Cardinal directions (north, south, east, west)
  • States of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma)
  • Original Greek classical elements (water, earth, air, fire)
  • Moon phases (new, half-moon waxing, full, half-moon waning)
  • Suits of playing cards (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades)
  • Suits of tarot cards (cups, coins, wands, swords)
  • Limbs (2 arms and 2 legs)
  • Baseball (4 bases)
  • Violin (4 strings)
  • Common time in music (4 beats per measure)
  • Arithmetic (4 basic operations)
  • Furniture (most furniture has four legs)

What does the number 4 mean to you? What are your strongest associations with the number?

P.S. To see names with other numerological values, check out the posts for the numbers one, two, three, five, six, seven, eight, and nine.

Sources: SSA, Numerology – Cafe Astrology, The meaning of the numbers 1 – 9 – World Numerology, 4 – Wikipedia

[Latest update: Jan. 2024]