How popular is the baby name Clove in the United States right now? How popular was it historically? Use the popularity graph and data table below to find out! Plus, see all the blog posts that mention the name Clove.

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Popularity of the baby name Clove

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Girl names that end with a V-sound

Girl names that end with a V-sound

In the U.S., most of the names given to baby girls end with a vowel sound. And many of the remaining names end with an N-sound.

So, what about girl names that end with other sounds?

Below is a selection of girl names that end with a V-sound, regardless of last letter. The names are ordered by current popularity.

An Anglicized form of the Irish name Medb, meaning “intoxicating.” Here’s the popularity graph for Maeve.

From the type of tree. Here’s the popularity graph for Olive.

Based on the medieval name Genovefa (which belonged to a 5th-century French saint). Here’s the popularity graph for Genevieve.

From the Hebrew name Chavvah, which may mean “life.” Here’s the popularity graph for Eve.

A nickname for Olivia (or Olive). Here’s the popularity graph for Liv.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Love.

From the type of bird. Here’s the popularity graph for Dove.

From the English vocabulary word that refers to a small, sheltered bay. Here’s the popularity graph for Cove.

An Anglicized form of the Irish name Niamh, meaning “bright.” Here’s the popularity graph for Neve.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Brave.

A Hebrew word meaning “spring.” (It’s a component of Tel Aviv, the name of the city in Israel.) Here’s the popularity graph for Aviv.

From the type of spice. Here’s the popularity graph for Clove.

An Armenian word meaning “sun.” Here’s the popularity graph for Arev.

From the English surname, which originally referred to a person employed as a reeve (“an official responsible for the administration of a manor”). Here’s the popularity graph for Reeve.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Believe.

Less-common girl names that end with a V-sound include Merav, Tatev, Lyubov, Einav, Jasneev, Viv, and Wave.

Which of the above do you like most? What others can you think of?

P.S. Here are lists of girl names that end with D-, K-, L-, M-, R-, S-, T-, and Z-sounds.


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Popular baby names in England and Wales (UK), 2016

Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of the United Kingdom

According to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the most popular baby names in England and Wales last year were Olivia and Oliver.

Here are the top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2016:

Girl Names
1. Olivia, 5,017 baby girls
2. Amelia, 4,777
3. Emily, 3,551
4. Isla, 3,476
5. Ava, 3,285
6. Isabella, 2,729
7. Lily, 2,722
8. Jessica, 2,703
9. Ella, 2,702
10. Mia, 2,662

Boy Names
1. Oliver, 6,623 baby boys
2. Harry, 5,284
3. George, 5,263
4. Jack, 4,751
5. Jacob, 4,485
6. Noah, 4,305
7. Charlie, 4,190
8. Muhammad, 3,908
9. Thomas, 3,898
10. Oscar, 3,894

In 2015, the #1 names were Amelia and Oliver.

In the girls’ top 10, Lily replaced Poppy. In the boys’ top 10, Muhammad replaced William.

Finally, here are some of the rare baby names from the other end of the rankings. Each was given to exactly 3 babies in England and Wales last year.

Rare Girl NamesRare Boy Names
Adrijana, Barira, Clove, Damla, Eloghosa, Flossy, Ginika, Hivda, Irtiqa, Jadesola, Kisa, Lwsi, Merina, Niniola, Oracle, Petruta, Ronny, Sirin, Teuta, Umm, Verona, Winta, Xanthia, Yvette, ZelihaAthavan, Believe, Cuban, Danujan, Endeavour, Finton, Gilby, Hale, Inder, Jeston, Kleart, Lando, Mordche, Nosson, Otli, Pavith, Rune, Smit, Tishan, Ugnius, Vencel, Wilfie, Yanky, Zenith

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Image: Adapted from Flag of the United Kingdom (public domain)

Baby names with LOVE: Lovella, Lovelyn, Clover


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Looking for a baby name that makes you think of love? Here’s a list of names with LOVE — that is, names that contain the letter sequence “l-o-v-e”:

  • Beloved
  • Clove
  • Clover, Klover
  • Glover
  • Love
    • Did you know that “Love” is the Swedish form of Louis?
  • Lovea, Loveah
  • Loveaya
  • Loveda
  • Lovee
  • Loveday
  • Lovelace
  • Lovel, Lovell, Lovelle
  • Loveleen
  • Loveless
  • Lovelia
  • Lovella
  • Lovely, Lovelee, Loveli
  • Lovelyn, Lovelynn
  • Lovena
  • Lovene
  • Lovenia
  • Lovensky
  • Lovera
  • Lovern, Loverne
  • Lovesta
  • Lovett, Lovette, Loveth
  • Lovetta, Loveta
  • Lovey
  • Loveya
  • Milove
  • Mylove

Do you “love” any of the above? :)

And, just to give you some extra options to choose from, here are two more sets of names. First, names that contain all the letters of LOVE (though they’re not necessarily together and/or in the correct order):

  • Avelino
  • Avonlea
  • Benvolio
  • Clevon
  • Clovie
  • Dalevon
  • Delvon
  • Delvonta
  • Delvonte, Delvontae
  • Devlon
  • Devola
  • Edvaldo
  • Elovie
  • Elvio
  • Elvon
  • Evangelos
  • Evola
  • Evolet, Evolett, Evolette, Evoleth
  • Jovel, Jovell
  • Jovelyn
  • Kelveon
  • Kelvon
  • Kelvonte, Kelvontae
  • Lavonne
  • Lavrentios
  • Leovanni, Leovani, Leovonni
  • Leovardo
  • Leovigildo
  • Levolia
  • Levon, Levonne
  • Levona, Levonna
  • Levonda
  • Levonia
  • Levonta
  • Levonte, Levontae
  • Levora
  • Levorn
  • Levoy
  • Lovice
  • Lovie
  • Lovine
  • Lovonne
  • Marvelous
  • Melvon
  • Melvonia
  • Novelia
  • Noveline
  • Novella
  • Novelle
  • Oleva
  • Olevia
  • Olive
  • Oliver
  • Olivera
  • Olivette, Olivet
  • Olivier
  • Oliviero
  • Orville
  • Ovel, Ovell
  • Ovelia
  • Oveline
  • Ovella
  • Roosevelt
  • Rovella
  • Salvatore
  • Silvestro
  • Solveig, Solvei, Solvej, Solveigh
  • Valentino
  • Valeriano
  • Valerio
  • Valero
  • Valorie, Vallorie
  • Velora
  • Veloria
  • Velouria
  • Violet, Violette
  • Violetta
  • Volena
  • Voleta
  • Vsevolod
  • Yovela

Second, names that simply contain the letter sequence “l-o-v” (without the final “e”):

  • Clova
  • Clovia
  • Clovis
  • Dilovan
  • Dilovar
  • Llovani
  • Lova
  • Lovada
  • Loval
  • Lovanda
  • Lovann
  • Lovanna
  • Lovi
  • Lovia
  • Lovic
  • Lovick
  • Lovida
  • Lovilla
  • Lovina
  • Lovinia
  • Lovis
  • Lovisa
  • Lovita
  • Lovonda
  • Lovonia
  • Lovorka
  • Maclovia
  • Maclovio
  • Milovan
  • Olov
  • Olova

Most of the names above come directly from the U.S. SSA’s baby name data.

Finally, here are two real-life Valentine’s Day babies for you: Valerie Valentine (born in 1951) & Val N. Tines (b. 1953).

Image: Adapted from Emojione1 2764 by Emoji One under CC BY-SA 4.0.

[Latest update: April 2023]

One-syllable girl names: Kate, Sage, Wren, Maeve

single tree

Looking for a girl name that’s short and to-the-point? Something that might work particularly well as a middle name?

Check out this list of several hundred one-syllable girl names:

  • Anne/Ann, Ash/Ashe, Ayn
  • Banks/Banx, Bar, Bea, Belle/Bell, Bess, Beth, Bjork, Blair/Blaire, Blaise/Blaze/Blayze/Blaize, Blake/Blayke, Blanche, Bless, Blessed, Bliss/Blyss, Bloom, Blue/Blu, Blythe, Brave, Bray, Breck, Bree/Brie, Breeze/Brees, Brett, Bright, Britt, Bronx, Bronze, Brooke/Brook, Bryce/Brice, Brynn/Bryn/Brynne/Brin/Brinn, Burke
  • Cache, Cass, Cate/Cait, Chance, Charm, Chase, Chen, Cher, Chris, Claire/Clare/Clair, Clark/Clarke, Cloud, Clove, Coast, Cove, Cree, Cruz
  • Dale, Dare, Dash, Dawn, Deah, Dee, Deem, Del/Dell, Doll, Dor, Dove, Dream, Drew/Dru
  • Earth, Elle, Eve
  • Fair/Fayre, Faith/Fayth, Fawn/Faun, Fate, Faye/Fay/Fae, Fern/Ferne, Flame, Fleur, Flor, Flynn, Fran
  • Gail/Gayle/Gale, Gal, Gay/Gaye, Gem, Gift, Gold, Grace/Grayce, Gray/Grey, Greer, Gwen, Gwyn/Gwynn/Gwynne
  • Hayes/Haze, Hayle, Heart/Hart, Hope
  • Jace/Jayce, Jade/Jayde/Jaide, Jan, Jane/Jayne, Jaye/Jae, Jazz/Jaz, Jean/Jeanne, Jem, Jen/Jenn, Jess, Jett, Jewel, Jill, Jin/Jyn, Jo, Joan, Joss, Joy/Joye/Joi/Joie, Joyce, Jude, Jules, June, Jung
  • Kai, Kate/Kayte/Kaite, Kay/Kaye/Kae, Kayce, Kayde, Kim, Klaire/Klare/Klair, Klark/Klarke, Kree, Kris, Kyle
  • Lace, Laine/Lane/Layne, Lake, Lark, Leigh/Lee, Light, Liv, Liz, Love, Lux, Luce, Luz, Lynn/Lynne/Lyn/Lin
  • Mae/May, Madge, Maeve/Maebh/Mave, Mai, March, Marge/Marj, Maude/Maud, Maze/Maize/Mayze, Mills, Mirth, Moon
  • Nash, Naz, Nelle/Nell, Neve/Niamh, Nile, Noire/Noir, Noor/Nour, North
  • Paige/Payge/Page, Pam, Pax, Paz, Peace, Peach, Pearl/Perl, Plum, Praise, Prayer, Prim, Psalm, Psalms, Prue, Pure
  • Queen, Quinn
  • Rae/Raye, Rayne/Rain/Raine/Rainn/Reign, Reece/Reese/Rhys, Reem, Reet, Reeve, Rell, Ren, Rise, Rogue, Rome, Rose, Rue, Rune, Rut, Ruth, Ryn/Rin
  • Saint, Sage/Saige/Sayge/Saje, Scout, Shane/Shayne, Shea/Shae/Shay/Shaye, Shine, Silk, Shir, Skye/Sky, Sloane/Sloan, Snow, Sol, Soul, Star/Starr, Storm, Sue/Sioux, Swan, Sway
  • Tai, Taj, Tate, Teal, Tess, Thyme, Tris, Trish, True/Tru, Trust, Truth, Tyne
  • Vail/Vale, Val, Vaughn
  • Wing, Wren/Wrenn, Wryn, Wynn/Wynne/Winn
  • Yaz, Yen
  • Zane/Zain/Zayne, Zeal, Zell, Zen

Please note that I did include names in the gray area between one syllable and two syllables. The deciding factor on these particular names will be your own interpretation/accent, so be sure to test the names out loud before making any final decisions. (“Hayle,” for instance — would you say it like Hale, or like Hailey? Or “Rise” — is it rize, or ree-sah?)

Many of these names also happen to be unisex, so they appear on the one-syllable boy names list as well.

What’s your favorite one-syllable girl name?

Image: Adapted from 1 Drvo 06241 by Olja Simovic under CC BY-SA 4.0.

[Latest update: July 2023]