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How did Vietnamese immigration influence U.S. baby names in 1975?

Vietnamese family at Fort Chaffee
Vietnamese family at Fort Chaffee

The fall of Saigon in April 1975 marked not only the end of the Vietnam War, but also the start of large-scale Vietnamese immigration to the United States. (An estimated 125,000 Vietnamese refugees were evacuated to the U.S.)

The same year, dozens of Vietnamese names debuted in the U.S. baby name data. Here are the ones I’ve spotted so far…

Vietnamese boy name debuts, 1975Vietnamese girl name debuts, 1975
Viet, 23
Hung, 16
Nam, 14
Huy, 13
Long, 11
Vu, 10
Tran, 9
Duc, 8
Dung, 8
Hoang, 8
My, 8
Nguyen, 8
An, 7
Luan, 7
Phong, 7
Binh, 6
Minh, 6
Quoc, 6
Anh, 5
Hai, 5
Linh, 5
Quang, 5
Tien, 5
Yun, 5
Anh, 10
Phuong, 9
Nguyen, 7
Thu, 7
Bich, 6
Linh, 6
Thao, 6
Trang, 6
Chau, 5
Hoa, 5
Lien, 5
Ngoc, 5
Viet, 5
Yen, 5

Viet was the top boy-name debut of 1975, and the next three boy names on the list (Hung, Nam, and Huy) ranked within the top 10.

Many other Vietnamese names — including Bao, Chinh, Dao, Giang, Huong, Khanh, Lam, Nguyet, Phuc, Quyen, Suong, Thanh, and Vuong — debuted throughout the rest of the ’70s and into the early ’80s.

One of the Vietnamese babies born at Fort Chaffee in 1975 was Dat Nguyen, who went on to become the first Vietnamese-American to play in the NFL. Even though he was born in America in 1975, his name, Dat, wasn’t popular enough to appear in the U.S. data (that is, it wasn’t wasn’t given to at least five baby boys within a single calendar year) until 1979.

Source: Vietnamese Immigrants in the United States
Image: Family with three children holding suitcases

Popular and unique baby names in Alberta (Canada), 2009


According to Service Alberta, the top baby names the Canadian province of Alberta last year were Olivia and Ethan.

Here are Alberta’s top 5 girl names and top 5 boy names of 2009:

Girl Names

  1. Olivia
  2. Isabella
  3. Ava
  4. Emma
  5. Hailey

Boy Names

  1. Ethan
  2. Liam
  3. Jacob
  4. Logan
  5. Noah

Rare baby names that were bestowed just once in Alberta last year include…

Unique Girl NamesUnique Boy Names
Albertarose, Beauty, Cred, Dessarhey, Eloquence, Fury, Gallary, Heart, Ibiza, Joy-Joviale, Kwynn, Lashes, Manhattan, Noof, Ortal, Poetic, Qhloe, RoyLe, Society, Temprance, Uniqua, Veditha, Weency, Xanet, Yejee, ZimmelAlias, Bison, Crazyhorse, Dat, Edgerrin, Ericlindross, Folly-Noah, Guch, Hawkar, Iex, Jhazriel, Kduss, Lightning, Maxxwel, Neptune, Owies, Philopateer, Qron, Rayon, Seige, Thunder, Uyohoini, Voltaire, Wrath, Xayden, Yak, Zenry

Edgerrin was probably named for American football player Edgerrin James, while Ericlindross was definitely named for Canadian hockey player Eric Lindros.

Fingers crossed that Thunder and Lightning have a playdate together one day. :)

Here’s last year’s post on baby names in Alberta.

Source: Service Alberta
Image by med-nunn from Pixabay