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The Rosado family of Brazil

Statue of Jerônimo Dix-Sept Rosado
Jerônimo Dix-Sept Rosado

Brazilian pharmacist Jerônimo Rosado (b. 1861) had three children with his first wife, Maria. After Maria died, he married Maria’s sister, Isaura, and they welcomed 18 more children.

Notably, nearly all of the 21 Rosado children were given number-names. Each number-name corresponded to that particular child’s position in the birth order. Here’s the full list:

  1. Jerônimo (b. 1890)
  2. Laurentino (b. 1891)
  3. Tércio (b. 1892) – tércio is a Portuguese form of tertius, meaning “third” in Latin
  4. Isaura Quarto (b. 1894) – quarto means “fourth” in Portuguese
  5. Laurentino Quinto (b. 1896) – quinto means “fifth” in Portuguese
  6. Isaura Sexta (b. 1897) – sexta means “sixth” in Portuguese
  7. Jerônima Sétima (b. 1898) – sétima means “seventh” in Portuguese
  8. Maria Oitava (b. 1899) – oitava means “eighth” in Portuguese
  9. Isauro Nono (b. 1901) – nono means “ninth” in Portuguese
  10. Vicência Décima (b. 1902) – décima means “tenth” in Portuguese
  11. Laurentina Onzième (b. 1903) – onzième means “eleventh” in French
  12. Laurentino Duodécimo (b. 1905) – duodécimo means “twelfth” in Portuguese
  13. Isaura Trezième (b. 1906) – trezième means “thirteenth” in French
  14. Isaura Quatorzième (b. 1907) – quatorzième means “fourteenth” in French
  15. Jerônimo Quinzième (b. 1908) – quinzième means “fifteenth” in French
  16. Isaura Seize (b. 1910) – seize means “sixteen” in French
  17. Jerônimo Dix-Sept (b. 1911) – dix-sept means “seventeen” in French
  18. Jerônimo Dix-Huit (b. 1912) – dix-huit means “eighteen” in French
  19. Jerônimo Dix-Neuf (b. 1913) – dix-neuf means “nineteen” in French
  20. Jerônimo Vingt (b. 1918) – vingt means “twenty” in French
  21. Jerônimo Vingt-Un (b. 1920) – vingt-un means “twenty-one” in French

Notice how the number-names shifted from Portuguese to French, and from ordinal to cardinal.

Several members of the family had successful careers in politics. For instance, patriarch Jerônimo served as the mayor of the city of Mossoró from 1917 to 1919. Dix-Sept held the same office from 1948 to 1950. Vingt held it from 1953 to 1958. And Dix-Huit served as the mayor of Mossoró three times: 1973-1977, 1983-1988, and 1993-1996. (The city’s airport is named after Dix-Sept; its theater is named after Dix-Huit.)

What are your thoughts about these names?

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Image: Adapted from Statue of Jerônimo Dix-Sept Rosado by Patrick under CC BY-SA 3.0.