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Popular baby names (and Maori baby names) in New Zealand, 2022

Flag of New Zealand
Flag of New Zealand

The island nation of New Zealand is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, about 1,200 miles east of Australia.

Last year, New Zealand welcomed a total of 59,711 babies. What were the most popular names among these babies? Isla and Oliver.

Here are New Zealand’s top 50 girl names and top 50 boy names of 2022:

Girl Names

  1. Isla, 246 baby girls
  2. Amelia, 210
  3. Charlotte, 208
  4. Mila, 182
  5. Lily, 180
  6. Ava, 179
  7. Willow, 177
  8. Olivia, 175
  9. Harper, 167
  10. Sophie, 166
  11. Hazel, 164
  12. Mia, 161
  13. Ella, 157
  14. Isabella, 156
  15. Ruby, 149
  16. Chloe, 144
  17. Millie, 137
  18. Zoe, 130
  19. Grace, 128
  20. Lucy, 117 (tie)
  21. Olive, 117 (tie)
  22. Emily, 116
  23. Aria, 115
  24. Freya, 114
  25. Ivy, 111
  26. Evelyn, 110
  27. Georgia, 105 (tie)
  28. Sienna, 105 (tie)
  29. Layla, 102 (tie)
  30. Poppy, 102 (tie)
  31. Matilda, 101 (tie)
  32. Sophia, 101 (tie)
  33. Frankie, 100
  34. Luna, 96
  35. Mackenzie, 95
  36. Ellie, 94
  37. Sadie, 92
  38. Maia, 91
  39. Florence, 87
  40. Riley, 86
  41. Isabelle, 85 (tie)
  42. Margot, 85 (tie)
  43. Maeve, 84
  44. Evie, 83 (tie)
  45. Violet, 83 (tie)
  46. Aurora, 80 (tie)
  47. Billie, 80 (tie)
  48. Daisy, 78
  49. Sofia, 75
  50. Eleanor, 73

Boy Names

  1. Oliver, 274 baby boys
  2. Noah, 262
  3. Leo, 243
  4. Jack, 234
  5. Luca, 222
  6. Theodore, 219
  7. George, 211
  8. Charlie, 195
  9. Hudson, 169 (tie)
  10. William, 169 (tie)
  11. Oscar, 166
  12. Arthur, 160
  13. Elijah, 158
  14. Arlo, 156
  15. Thomas, 151
  16. James, 150
  17. Archie, 146
  18. Henry, 144
  19. Lucas, 140
  20. Hunter, 138
  21. Liam, 136
  22. Mason, 130
  23. Theo, 124
  24. Ezra, 123 (tie)
  25. Max, 123 (tie)
  26. Levi, 121
  27. Cooper, 120
  28. Carter, 114
  29. Hugo, 112
  30. Lachlan, 110
  31. Asher, 109
  32. Beau, 108
  33. Finn, 104
  34. Archer, 103 (tie)
  35. Felix, 103 (tie)
  36. Benjamin, 100 (tie)
  37. Luka, 100 (tie)
  38. Jasper, 94
  39. Luke, 92
  40. Harry, 91
  41. Ethan, 88
  42. Alexander, 87 (tie)
  43. Roman, 87 (tie)
  44. Grayson, 85 (tie)
  45. Harrison, 85 (tie)
  46. Jackson, 83 (3-way tie)
  47. Lincoln, 83 (3-way tie)
  48. Samuel, 83 (3-way tie)
  49. Jacob, 82 (tie)
  50. Louie, 82 (tie)

This is the tenth year in a row that Oliver has been New Zealand’s #1 boy name.

The news release also mentioned that the “most popular gender-neutral name for 2022 was Riley,” which ranked 40th for girls and 51st for boys.

And what about the top Maori baby names?

Maori girl names

  1. Aroha / Te Aroha
  2. Aria
  3. Anahera
  4. Maia
  5. Moana
  6. Kaia
  7. Manaia
  8. Atarangi / Te Atarangi
  9. Ataahua
  10. Marama

Maori boy names

  1. Ariki / Te Ariki / Teariki
  2. Nikau
  3. Wiremu
  4. Rawiri
  5. Mikaere
  6. Manaia
  7. Kai
  8. Manaaki
  9. Kahurangi
  10. Koa

There are a couple of things we need to note about the Maori baby name rankings, though.

First, the Maori rankings don’t cover the same period of time as the national rankings. Instead, they cover births from June 21, 2022, to July 9, 2023. Why? Because these dates are linked to Matariki, or Maori New Year. (The Maori word Matariki refers to both the Pleiades star cluster and to the yearly celebration of the Pleiades’ return to the night sky, in late June or early July).

Second, a more thorough process is now being used to determine which names to include in the Maori rankings. Previously, the only criterion was that the names be made up of letters in the Maori alphabet. Now, on top of that, the names must: end in a vowel, be “carefully considered and checked,” be discussed with a Maori elder, and be reviewed by the Maori Language Commission.

In 2021, the top names overall in New Zealand were Charlotte and Oliver.

Sources: Top Baby Names – New Zealand Government, Aotearoa’s top ten Maori baby names of the year revealed for Matariki, Matariki (the Pleiades) – the Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Image: Adapted from Flag of New Zealand (public domain)

The 15 children of John Tyler

10th U.S. President John Tyler (1790-1862)
John Tyler: 10th president, 15 children

John Tyler became the unexpected 10th president of the United States in 1841, upon the sudden death of William Henry Harrison.

He wasn’t a particularly impressive commander-in-chief, but he was notable for at least one thing: having more legitimate children than any other U.S. president.

He married this first wife, Letitia Christian, in 1813. They had eight children:

  • Mary (b. 1815)
  • Robert (b. 1816)
  • John (b. 1819)
  • Letitia (b. 1821)
  • Elizabeth (b. 1823)
  • Anne Contesse (1825-1825) – John Tyler’s paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Contesse.
  • Alice (b. 1827)
  • Tazewell, called “Taz” (b. 1830) – He “was named by the older children after the Tyler family’s close friend, Littleton W. Tazewell.”

Letitia had a stroke in 1839, and died in 1842.

John married his second wife, Julia Gardiner, in 1844. They had seven more children:

  • David (b. 1846)
  • John (b. 1848)
  • Julia (b. 1849)
  • Lachlan (b. 1851) – Julia’s mother’s maiden name was McLachlan.
  • Lyon (b. 1853) – Probably named in honor of Julia’s ancestor Lion Gardiner.
  • Robert Fitzwalter, called “Fitz” (b. 1856) – He was “[n]amed Robert Fitzwalter in honor of Julia Tyler’s ancestor of thirteenth-century England.” (I found several contenders, but my guess is this guy.)
  • Pearl (b. 1860) – She “was originally to be named Margaret, but she was christened Pearl instead.”

The grand total? 15.

Which of the Tyler kids’ names do you like best?


Numerology: Baby names with a value of 6

Baby names with a numerological value of 6

If you’re on the hunt for baby names with a numerological value of 6, you’re in luck! Because today’s post features hundreds of 6-names.

Before we get to the names, though — how do we know that they’re “sixes” in numerology?

Turning names into numbers

Here’s how to calculate the numerological value of a name.

First, for each letter, come up with a number to represent that letter’s position in the alphabet. (Letter A would be number 1, letter B would be number 2, and so forth.) Then, add all the numbers together. If the sum has two or more digits, add the digits together recursively until the result is a single digit. That single digit is the name’s numerological value.

For instance, the letters in the name Weston correspond to the numbers 23, 5, 19, 20, 15, and 14. The sum of these numbers is 96. The digits of 96 added together equal 15, and the digits of 15 added together equal 6 — the numerological value of Weston.

Baby names with a value of 6

Below you’ll find the most popular 6-names per gender, according to the latest U.S. baby name data. I’ve further sub-categorized them by total sums — just in case any of those larger numbers are significant to anyone.


The letters in the following baby names add up to 6.

Girl name (6)Boy names (6)
AdaAbba, Baba

6 via 15

The letters in the following baby names add up to 15, which reduces to six (1+5=6).

Girl names (6 via 15)Boy names (6 via 15)
Aida, Alaa, Adia, An, AmaJad, Aadi, Gabe, An, Ej

6 via 24

The letters in the following baby names add up to 24, which reduces to six (2+4=6).

Girl names (6 via 24)Boy names (6 via 24)
Ava, Alaia, Maia, Nia, Hana, Rae, Amia, Dara, Kaci, Edna, Ani, FaigaIan, Dean, Aden, Dane, Kal

6 via 33

The letters in the following baby names add up to 33, which reduces to six (3+3=6).

Girl names (6 via 33)Boy names (6 via 33)
Kali, Mabel, Anahi, Mara, Alena, Shea, Andie, Vaeda, Adira, Aimee, Alara, Adhara, Arie, Daria, Elana, Bracha, Blanca, Hawa, Shae, Avia, Diane, Eira, Leana, Adria, Dasha, Amen, Amaiah, Eman, NahiaAiden, Isaac, Wade, Kobe, Fabian, Sam, Abdiel, Amar, Shea, Don, Said, Fred, Aram, Arie, Alfie, Fabio, Amen, Jin, Eidan, Adair

6 via 42

The letters in the following baby names add up to 42, which reduces to six (4+2=6).

Girl names (6 via 42)Boy names (6 via 42)
Eliana, Maria, Cecilia, Callie, Amira, Lilah, Elaina, Blair, Maggie, Esme, Amari, Anaya, Nola, Jemma, Macy, Emani, Arden, Ayana, Abril, Jhene, Aanya, Meera, Alisa, Rain, Amarah, Alex, Adalina, Maeva, Khalia, Rio, Kaliah, Dawn, Ileana, Katia, Janice, Danni, Nailea, Madina, Analeah, Evan, Cianna, Rian, Teddi, Rebel, Lili, Delta, Eevee, Maira, Neva, Rina, Sima, Lark, Aseel, LeighaAxel, Damian, Evan, Amari, Alex, Joel, Nash, Andre, Odin, Deacon, Jalen, Ayaan, Rio, Ander, Casen, Heath, Ameer, Dion, Eren, Cedric, Rene, Jacari, Aayan, Arden, Rian, Mikah, Cru, Hans, Axle, Karl, Sami, Aamir, Malek, Aven, Makhi, Nakoa, Ansh, Rain, Ori, Blair, Kanaan, Alias, Arin, Damani, Javi, Asim, Bakari, Talha, Azan

6 via 51

The letters in the following baby names add up to 51, which reduces to six (5+1=6).

Girl names (6 via 51)Boy names (6 via 51)
Layla, Delilah, Lydia, Myla, Khloe, Phoebe, Camilla, Charli, Maren, Elora, Nalani, Davina, Haley, Thalia, Irene, Jolie, Paula, Greta, Darcy, Claudia, Aiyana, Dixie, Lianna, Inaaya, Alannah, Caylee, Aubri, Zaina, Eris, Naveah, Tahlia, Amariah, Ameerah, Irina, Amerie, Nariah, Leora, Sidra, Asher, Heidy, Alanni, Flor, Cambrie, Taliah, Jelani, Karli, Emarie, Leanne, Finlee, Kamya, Kalaya, Anaiya, Nomi, Navaeh, Navie, ChanyMichael, Asher, Raiden, Hugo, Jamir, Ledger, Boone, Rome, Issac, Lachlan, Gary, Davian, Deandre, Adrien, Mikael, Gray, Jeriah, Sire, Ansel, Micheal, Lyam, Rashad, Jahseh, Jelani, Darien, Mars, Aariv, Masiah, Denis, Reggie, Ishan, Andrei, Freddie, Kainoa, Kallan, Evian, Omer, Von, Maddex, Rihaan, Robbie, Samael, Amarii, Kyan, Price, Clive, Derian

6 via 60

The letters in the following baby names add up to 60, which reduces to six (6+0=6).

Girl names (6 via 60)Boy names (6 via 60)
Hailey, Millie, Kehlani, Wren, Raven, Matilda, Skye, Nylah, Emely, Averie, Miranda, Selene, Novah, Fallon, Zora, Keziah, Rori, Azul, Maribel, Selina, Mirabel, Petra, Emori, Aashvi, Diamond, Juno, Aryana, Janiya, Judy, Raleigh, Kamiya, Isabell, Abriella, Dayanna, Desire, Eliora, Jannat, Khelani, Hindy, Kayden, Mylee, Camdyn, Nahomi, Aribella, Samaya, Marnie, Zamara, Daliyah, Eliyah, Kavya, Solei, Razan, Corina, Rocio, Maeleigh, Haylie, Caydence, Dakotah, Zenaida, BerlinLandon, Silas, Thiago, Kayden, Enzo, Grant, Bryan, Ibrahim, Ruben, Kason, Moshe, Lucian, Samir, Riggs, Cillian, Devon, Darren, Yahya, Wren, Billy, Benny, Maxim, Nikko, Camdyn, Viraj, Osiel, Lucio, Revan, Kiyan, Aaryan, Carsen, Hernan, Rayaan, Daryl, Aditya, Salman, Bennet, Viggo, Nolen, Genaro, Raleigh, Skye, Shamar, Markel, Emmit, Jahmari, Tobin, Raven, Diamond, Whit, Sven, Kaedyn, Novah, Jibril, Jayse, Cylas, Azaire

6 via 69

The letters in the following baby names add up to 69, which reduces to six (6+9=15; 1+5=6).

Girl names (6 via 69)Boy names (6 via 69)
Riley, Stella, Lillian, Parker, Oakley, Celeste, Harley, Giselle, Rylie, Katalina, Cameron, Maliyah, Addilyn, Laurel, Amoura, Henley, Giavanna, Miller, Janessa, Odette, Sally, Shanaya, Bayleigh, Priya, Zaynab, Audriana, Kaniyah, Saniya, Ziyah, Noura, Samirah, Lenore, Miamor, Jasper, Anastacia, Esty, Ariyana, Ayzel, Zarina, Keisy, Elyza, Ginny, Maevis, LuizaCameron, Jeremiah, Parker, Jasper, Brayden, Riley, Griffin, Malcolm, Hector, Oakley, Marcos, Kaison, Leandro, Miller, Conner, Benson, Kannon, Leonard, Kyro, Alvaro, Joziah, Evander, Castiel, Colten, Rhodes, Harley, Korbin, Darwin, Bishop, Howard, Achilles, Kyaire, Yaseen, Kenny, Tayden, Kalvin, Aston, Vivaan, Smith, Ruger, Linkin, Henley, Kyran, Cordell, Lonnie, Jaydon, Knight, Hendrik, Kory, Aayansh, Neizan, Ulices, Lowen, Croix, Erwin, Azekiel, Ayaansh, Arlow

6 via 78

The letters in the following baby names add up to 78, which reduces to six (7+8=15; 1+5=6).

Girl names (6 via 78)Boy names (6 via 78)
Genesis, Kennedy, Madilyn, Esmeralda, Melissa, Viviana, Scarlet, Julieta, Oaklyn, Kayleigh, Florence, Scout, Leilany, Estelle, Berkley, Harmoni, Jazmine, Leylani, Tilly, Corinne, Avyanna, Aislinn, Montana, Onyx, Harlyn, Louella, Yesenia, Kenzlee, Batsheva, Taryn, Haisleigh, Rylin, Zulema, Karissa, October, Yohanna, Renleigh, Karson, Pauline, Nazly, TaniyahRobert, Emiliano, Tucker, Patrick, Colson, Daxton, Karson, Onyx, Troy, Dominick, Vicente, Shmuel, Genesis, Scout, Shimon, Seamus, Renzo, Antoine, Montana, Kennedy, Darryl, Braulio, Chester, Gerson, Muhammed, Myheir, Rhyder, Domenico, Shulem, Zyir, Shakur, Callaway, Luqman, Oaklyn, Lennix, Bently, Jairus, Kazmir, Romelo

6 via 87

The letters in the following baby names add up to 87, which reduces to six (8+7=15; 1+5=6).

Girl names (6 via 87)Boy names (6 via 87)
Paisley, Everly, Mackenzie, Veronica, Journi, Marlowe, Marisol, Justice, Tallulah, Blessing, Maryjane, Brayleigh, Cattleya, Hermione, Lotus, Ashtyn, Unique, Cosette, Xitlali, Lilyann, Sequoia, Priscila, Layton, Philippa, Lizzie, Grettel, Lynnlee, Yocheved, Roxanna, Truth, Ellarose, Ellory, JaylynVincent, Victor, Joaquin, Stephen, Sonny, Kolton, Braylon, Dustin, Layton, Justice, Junior, Wylder, Maxton, Niklaus, Mayson, Sultan, Truth, Clinton, Truman, Hampton, Ashtyn, Cortez, Artist, Konnor, Geovanni, Matheus, Neythan, Mackenzie, Zavion, Monty, Zaylin, Yasser, Yeison, Jayvon, Javonte, Dempsey, Geoffrey, Yossi, Binyamin, Priest

6 via 96

The letters in the following baby names add up to 96, which reduces to six (9+6=15; 1+5=6).

Girl names (6 via 96)Boy names (6 via 96)
Destiny, Mallory, Blessyn, Shirley, Blakelynn, Kristen, Vivianne, Journii, Kirsten, TrulyWeston, Stanley, Ernesto, Knowledge, Turner, Krishiv, Pierson, Townes, Jayvion, Muhammadali, Allister, Rexton, Sylus, Triton, Nikolaos, Murray, Kolsyn

6 via 105

The letters in the following baby names add up to 105, which reduces to six (1+0+5=6).

Girl names (6 via 105)Boy names (6 via 105)
Wynter, Dorothy, Esperanza, Christine, Huntley, Lovelyn, Viktoria, CypressLorenzo, Maximilian, Gustavo, Xzavier, Tristen, Cypress, Johnathon, Giovonni, Huntley, Tytus

6 via 114

The letters in the following baby names add up to 114, which reduces to six (1+1+4=6).

Girl names (6 via 114)Boy names (6 via 114)
Rosemary, Jazzlyn, Brynnleigh, Treazure, VittoriaWinston, Princeton, Demetrius, Juancarlos, Townsend

6 via 123

The letters in the following baby names add up to 123, which reduces to six (1+2+3=6).

Girl names (6 via 123)Boy names (6 via 123)
Monserrat, Riverlyn, Antoinette, Kimberlynn, QuetzalliGrizzly, Johnthomas, Maxamillion, Lovensky, Timmothy

Number 6: Significance and associations

What does the number six mean in numerology?

There’s no definitive answer, unfortunately, because various numerological systems exist, and each one has its own interpretation of the number six. That said, if we look at a couple of modern numerology/astrology websites, we see 6 being described as “harmonious,” “loving,” “stable,” “compassionate,” and “responsible.”

We can also look at associations, which are a bit more concrete. Here are some things that are associated with the number 6:

  • Snowflake (six-fold symmetry)
  • Beehive (six-sided cells)
  • Guitar (6 strings)
  • Football (6 points for a touchdown)
  • Ice hockey (6 players per side, including the goalie)
  • Cube (six faces)
  • Six degrees of separation (the idea that all people are six or fewer social connections away from one other)

What does the number 6 mean to you? What are your strongest associations with the number?

P.S. To see names with other numerological values, check out the posts for the numbers one, two, three, four, five, seven, eight, and nine.

Sources: SSA, Numerology – Cafe Astrology, The meaning of the numbers 1 – 9 – World Numerology, 6 – Wikipedia

[Latest update: Jan. 2024]

Popular baby names in Canberra/ACT (Australia), 2018

According to ACT Government, the most popular baby names in Canberra in 2018 were Amelia and William.

Here are the Australian Capital Territory’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2018:

Girl Names
1. Amelia
2. Ella (tie)
2. Olivia (tie)
4. Ava
5. Evelyn (tie)
5. Zoe (tie)
7. Chloe
8. Matilda (tie)
8. Mia (tie)
10. Charlotte

Boy Names
1. William
2. Noah
3. Oliver
4. Henry
5. Jack (tie)
5. Thomas (tie)
7. Ethan
8. Alexander
9. Leo
10. Lucas

In the girls’ top 10, Ella, Evelyn, Zoe, and Matilda replaced Sophie, Isla, Ivy and Grace. (The last time Matilda waltzed into the ACT top 10 was in 2009.)

In the boys’ top 10, Ethan and Lucas replaced James, Samuel, Charlie, and Lachlan.

(These rankings are based on provisional data covering the year up to mid-December.)

In 2017, the top names were Charlotte and Oliver.

Sources: Amelia and William top baby names in 2018, Top 10 baby names 1930, 1950 and 1991 to 2018