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Popularity of the baby name Mac

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What gave the baby name Scotty a boost in 1971?

Bobby Goldsboro's single "Watching Scotty Grow" (1970)
The single “Watching Scotty Grow”

According to the U.S. baby name data, the name Scotty saw its highest-ever usage in the early 1970s:

  • 1973: 696 baby boys named Scotty [rank: 268th]
  • 1972: 757 baby boys named Scotty [rank: 260th]
  • 1971: 1,118 baby boys named Scotty [rank: 210th]
  • 1970: 574 baby boys named Scotty [rank: 330th]
  • 1969: 607 baby boys named Scotty [rank: 308th]
Graph of the usage of the baby name Scotty in the U.S. since 1880
Usage of the baby name Scotty


Because of the song “Watching Scotty Grow” [vid] by Bobby Goldsboro. It was released in October of 1970 and peaked at #11 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart in February of 1971.

Songwriter Mac Davis wrote “Watching Scotty Grow” about his young son, Scotty. He’d taken Scotty to the office with him one day, and that’s when inspiration struck:

He was a typical 5-year-old and was in my hair with questions, “Daddy” this and “Daddy” that.

Finally, I gave him a yellow legal pad and a felt tip pen. I said, “Draw Daddy a picture.” So he started drawing, and I’m trying to write a song. All of a sudden he shows me this picture that he’d drawn. It was a crude little rocket ship, and on the side of it, it had “P-R-L-F-Q.” I said, “Well, what does that spell?” And he said “Mom and Dad.” Yikes!

The song (as Mac Davis sings it) starts with the lyrics:

There he sits with a pen and a yellow pad
He’s a handsome lad
That’s my boy
PRLFQ spells mom and dad
Well that ain’t too bad
‘Cause that’s my boy

Singer Bobby Goldsboro asked if he could change the name in the song from “Scotty” to “Danny” — the name of his own son — but Davis wouldn’t give him permission:

I said, “Nope.”


I said, “I just can’t do it.” He said, “Well, OK, then.” … I just couldn’t do that to my son. I wanted it to be his name.

The song also managed to nudge the name Scott (which we talked about in the Lancer post earlier this week) into the boys’ top 10 for the first and only time:

  • 1973: 18,982 baby boys named Scott [rank: 18th]
  • 1972: 22,857 baby boys named Scott [rank: 11th]
  • 1971: 30,919 baby boys named Scott [rank: 10th] (peak usage)
  • 1970: 28,588 baby boys named Scott [rank: 12th]
  • 1969: 28,668 baby boys named Scott [rank: 12th]
Graph of the usage of the baby name Scott in the U.S. since 1880
Usage of the baby name Scott

What are your thoughts on the name Scotty? (How about Scott?)


Palindromic name-pairs: Allen/Nella, Iris/Siri, Leon/Noel

duck and reflection

Looking for a pair of baby names that are mirror images of one another? If so, check out this long list of palindromic name pairings.

What’s a palindrome? It’s a word or phrase that can be read the same way in either direction, i.e., both forwards and backwards. For instance, the words “level,” “refer” and “pop” are all palindromes.

Each of the hundreds of pairings below features two names that contain the same sequence of letters, just written in opposite directions. (Nearly all of these names were collected from the SSA’s huge database of U.S. baby names.)

Palindrome name-pairs

  • Aaila & Aliaa
  • Aala & Alaa
  • Aalya & Aylaa
  • Aari & Iraa
  • Aaron & Noraa
  • Aava & Avaa
  • Aayah & Hayaa
  • Aayla & Alyaa
  • Abeera & Areeba
  • Abel & Leba
  • Abem & Meba
  • Abira & Ariba
  • Acire & Erica
  • Adama & Amada
  • Adel & Leda
  • Aden & Neda
  • Adi & Ida
  • Adia & Aida
  • Adila & Alida
  • Ador & Roda
  • Adya & Ayda
  • Aela & Alea
  • Aeva & Avea
  • Afra & Arfa
  • Ahri & Irha
  • Aiana & Anaia
  • Aidah & Hadia
  • Aidan & Nadia
  • Aidyn & Nydia
  • Aila & Alia
  • Ailah & Halia
  • Ailana & Analia
  • Ailed & Delia
  • Aileen & Neelia
  • Ailen & Nelia
  • Aili & Ilia
  • Ailyn & Nylia
  • Aima & Amia
  • Aimar & Ramia
  • Aina & Ania
  • Aira & Aria
  • Airam & Maria
  • Airi & Iria
  • Airys & Syria
  • Aisa & Asia
  • Aiva & Avia
  • Aiyla & Alyia
  • Aiza & Azia
  • Ajna & Anja
  • Akila & Alika
  • Akim & Mika
  • Akina & Anika
  • Akira & Arika
  • Akire & Erika
  • Alan & Nala
  • Alana & Anala
  • Alaya & Ayala
  • Aleciram & Maricela
  • Aleema & Ameela
  • Aleen & Neela
  • Alegna & Angela
  • Aleina & Aniela
  • Alena & Anela
  • Alex & Xela
  • Aleya & Ayela
  • Aleyna & Anyela
  • Ali & Ila
  • Aliana & Anaila
  • Alim & Mila
  • Alima & Amila
  • Alin & Nila
  • Alina & Anila
  • Alis & Sila
  • Alix & Xila
  • Aliz & Zila
  • Allan & Nalla
  • Allen & Nella
  • Allena & Anella
  • Alli & Illa
  • Alma & Amla
  • Alona & Anola
  • Alya & Ayla
  • Alyah & Hayla
  • Alyana & Anayla
  • Alyna & Anyla
  • Alyne & Enyla
  • Alyn & Nyla
  • Alys & Syla
  • Alyx & Xyla
  • Alyza & Azyla
  • Amal & Lama
  • Amar & Rama
  • Ame & Ema
  • Ameelah & Haleema
  • Amel & Lema
  • Amen & Nema
  • Amil & Lima
  • Amilah & Halima
  • Amin & Nima
  • Amir & Rima
  • Amor & Roma
  • Amos & Soma
  • Amri & Irma
  • Anaaya & Ayaana
  • Anael & Leana
  • Anaeli & Ileana
  • Anaelle & Elleana
  • Anab & Bana
  • Anah & Hana
  • Anahi & Ihana
  • Anahis & Sihana
  • Anai & Iana
  • Anaid & Diana
  • Anaira & Ariana
  • Anais & Siana
  • Anaisa & Asiana
  • Anaiya & Ayiana
  • Anaiz & Ziana
  • Anali & Ilana
  • Analya & Aylana
  • Anam & Mana
  • Anan & Nana
  • Anar & Rana
  • Anavi & Ivana
  • Anavrin & Nirvana
  • Anaya & Ayana
  • Anayat & Tayana
  • Anayra & Aryana
  • Ande & Edna
  • Anel & Lena
  • Aneli & Ilena
  • Anelle & Ellena
  • Aneri & Irena
  • Anes & Sena
  • Angel & Legna
  • Ani & Ina
  • Anilah & Halina
  • Anime & Emina
  • Anira & Arina
  • Anis & Sina
  • Anisah & Hasina
  • Annaelle & Elleanna
  • Annah & Hanna
  • Annais & Sianna
  • Anne & Enna
  • Annel & Lenna
  • Anni & Inna
  • Anova & Avona
  • Anu & Una
  • Anum & Muna
  • Anya & Ayna
  • Arale & Elara
  • Arami & Imara
  • Aramis & Simara
  • Aranya & Aynara
  • Aras & Sara
  • Arav & Vara
  • Araya & Ayara
  • Areen & Neera
  • Aren & Nera
  • Ares & Sera
  • Arev & Vera
  • Ari & Ira
  • Arial & Laira
  • Ariam & Maira
  • Arian & Naira
  • Ariday & Yadira
  • Arie & Eira
  • Ariel & Leira
  • Arik & Kira
  • Arin & Nira
  • Aris & Sira
  • Ariv & Vira
  • Ariya & Ayira
  • Ariza & Azira
  • Aron & Nora
  • Arya & Ayra
  • Aryam & Mayra
  • Aryan & Nayra
  • Aryn & Nyra
  • Arys & Syra
  • Ase & Esa
  • Aseret & Teresa
  • Aset & Tesa
  • Asli & Ilsa
  • Aslin & Nilsa
  • Asya & Aysa
  • Avah & Hava
  • Ave & Eva
  • Aven & Neva
  • Avey & Yeva
  • Avi & Iva
  • Aviv & Viva
  • Avon & Nova
  • Avram & Marva
  • Avy & Yva
  • Avya & Ayva
  • Axel & Lexa
  • Ayaan & Naaya
  • Ayah & Haya
  • Ayame & Emaya
  • Ayan & Naya
  • Ayanah & Hanaya
  • Ayani & Inaya
  • Ayanni & Innaya
  • Ayat & Taya
  • Ayaz & Zaya
  • Aydah & Hadya
  • Aydan & Nadya
  • Ayen & Neya
  • Aylen & Nelya
  • Ayme & Emya
  • Ayo & Oya
  • Ayza & Azya
  • Azar & Raza
  • Biel & Leib
  • Cam & Mac
  • Caz & Zac
  • Dair & Riad
  • Dame & Emad
  • Denisse & Essined
  • Dev & Ved
  • Dez & Zed
  • Diar & Raid
  • Divan & Navid
  • Eavan & Navae
  • Eilah & Halie
  • Eilyn & Nylie
  • Eivan & Navie
  • Ekin & Nike
  • Elbert & Treble
  • Eliah & Haile
  • Eliam & Maile
  • Elin & Nile
  • Ellah & Halle
  • Ellen & Nelle
  • Elyn & Nyle
  • Emit & Time
  • Eneri & Irene
  • Eon & Noe
  • Eric & Cire
  • Eriel & Leire
  • Erik & Kire
  • Eris & Sire
  • Eron & Nore
  • Eryk & Kyre
  • Etan & Nate
  • Esli & Ilse
  • Eziah & Haize
  • Flor & Rolf
  • Gem & Meg
  • Guy & Yug
  • Haelyn & Nyleah
  • Haeven & Neveah
  • Haevyn & Nyveah
  • Hailyn & Nyliah
  • Haiven & Neviah
  • Haizen & Neziah
  • Hakim & Mikah
  • Hali & Ilah
  • Halyn & Nylah
  • Haram & Marah
  • Hari & Irah
  • Hasset & Tessah
  • Haven & Nevah
  • Hayat & Tayah
  • Heaven & Nevaeh
  • Helen & Neleh
  • Heran & Nareh
  • Ian & Nai
  • Iman & Nami
  • Imar & Rami
  • Imer & Remi
  • Inez & Zeni
  • Inzo & Ozni
  • Irais & Siari
  • Iram & Mari
  • Iris & Siri
  • Isom & Mosi
  • Issam & Massi
  • Ivan & Navi
  • Ivar & Ravi
  • Ives & Sevi
  • Ivo & Ovi
  • Izak & Kazi
  • Jak & Kaj
  • James & Semaj
  • Jesus & Susej
  • Jet & Tej
  • Kam & Mak
  • Kavon & Novak
  • Kaz & Zak
  • Kedar & Radek
  • Keem & Meek
  • Kerem & Merek
  • Kevin & Nivek
  • Kiram & Marik
  • Kroy & York
  • Lain & Nial
  • Lam & Mal
  • Lamar & Ramal
  • Leam & Mael
  • Lean & Nael
  • Lemar & Ramel
  • Leon & Noel
  • Leor & Roel
  • Leroy & Yorel
  • Leunam & Manuel
  • Liav & Vail
  • Liban & Nabil
  • Lin & Nil
  • Linus & Sunil
  • Lukan & Nakul
  • Mairim & Miriam
  • Mar & Ram
  • Mihan & Nahim
  • Milas & Salim
  • Miles & Selim
  • Mizan & Nazim
  • Mohan & Nahom
  • Naeco & Ocean
  • Nahin & Nihan
  • Nahir & Rihan
  • Nahsir & Rishan
  • Nalin & Nilan
  • Nalo & Olan
  • Nas & San
  • Naveen & Neevan
  • Navin & Nivan
  • Navon & Novan
  • Navy & Yvan
  • Nay & Yan
  • Naz & Zan
  • Nazar & Razan
  • Nero & Oren
  • Nilo & Olin
  • Noir & Rion
  • Nomar & Ramon
  • Norris & Sirron
  • Nylo & Olyn
  • Omer & Remo
  • Ray & Yar
  • Vinay & Yaniv

It’s also possible to come up with your own palindromic pairs by flipping traditional names to create brand new names, just as Ramon and Helen were flipped to create the modern names Nomar and Neleh.

Which palindromic name-pair do you like best?

(And, did you know that individual names can be palindromes as well?)

Image: Adapted from Male northern pintail at Llano Seco by Frank Schulenburg under CC BY-SA 4.0.

[Latest update: Apr. 2023]

Numerology: Baby names with a value of 8

Baby names with a numerological value of 8

If you’re on the hunt for baby names with a numerological value of 8, you’re in luck! Because today’s post features hundreds of 8-names.

Before we get to the names, though — how do we know that they’re “eights” in numerology?

Turning names into numbers

Here’s how to calculate the numerological value of a name.

First, for each letter, come up with a number to represent that letter’s position in the alphabet. (Letter A would be number 1, letter B would be number 2, and so forth.) Then, add all the numbers together. If the sum has two or more digits, add the digits together recursively until the result is a single digit. That single digit is the name’s numerological value.

For instance, the letters in the name Wyatt correspond to the numbers 23, 25, 1, 20, and 20. The sum of these numbers is 89. The digits of 89 added together equal 17, and the digits of 17 added together equal 8 — the numerological value of Wyatt.

Baby names with a value of 8

Below you’ll find the most popular 8-names per gender, according to the latest U.S. baby name data. I’ve further sub-categorized them by total sums — just in case any of those larger numbers are significant to anyone.


The letters in the following baby names add up to 8.

Girl name (8)Boy name (8)

8 via 17

The letters in the following baby names add up to 17, which reduces to eight (1+7=8).

Girl names (8 via 17)Boy names (8 via 17)
Gia, Bo, Afia, Eabha, CalaBo, Mac, Cam, Md, Jeb

8 via 26

The letters in the following baby names add up to 26, which reduces to eight (2+6=8).

Girl names (8 via 26)Boy names (8 via 26)
Leah, Maci, Jana, Pia, Dua, Gema, Calia, Brea, CamiEli, Bear, Bode, Obed, Asaad, Adil

8 via 35

The letters in the following baby names add up to 35, which reduces to eight (3+5=8).

Girl names (8 via 35)Boy names (8 via 35)
Mila, Clara, Dahlia, Laila, Heidi, Alicia, Cleo, Hadlee, Cadence, Carla, Ayah, Aarna, Sana, Leela, Chava, Lidia, Hafsa, Haya, Jiana, Ambar, Uma, Jaina, Kamia, Adella, Nika, BobbieLiam, Cole, Eric, Kaden, Jax, Edgar, Kian, Bodie, Makai, Jase, Abram, Creed, Lance, Marc, Jet, Koah, Anas, Akeem, Saif, Ajani, Kain, Hagen, Alakai, Mahdi, Cadence, Eyad, Koi, Beckam, Calen, Najee, Eliah, Blu

8 via 44

The letters in the following baby names add up to 44, which reduces to eight (4+4=8).

Girl names (8 via 44)Boy names (8 via 44)
Ariana, Faith, Hope, Helen, Opal, Keira, Jenna, Anais, Cielo, Xena, Kiera, Celina, Micaela, Khadija, Maliah, Erika, Ainara, Brenda, Rue, Karma, Rya, Carlee, Sanai, Sahana, Tamia, Claira, Hailie, Halima, Nella, Anisa, Jacey, Aleya, Atalia, TinaJayce, Kaiden, Judah, Abraham, Brian, Dante, Archie, Andy, Allen, Ray, Dakari, Hugh, Alaric, Braden, Boaz, Jakobe, Kaleo, Jadon, Akiva, Micaiah, Karam, Emile, Adonai, Arjan, Zael, Akram, Finan, Trae, Athan, Essa, Nicco

8 via 53

The letters in the following baby names add up to 53, which reduces to eight (5+3=8).

Girl names (8 via 53)Boy names (8 via 53)
Julia, Eliza, Samara, Laura, Reign, Legacy, Rosa, Chelsea, Kendra, Malaya, Kori, Kamari, Livia, Shay, Zainab, Deborah, Casey, Layan, Riya, Vayda, Zaya, Nayla, Emilie, Atlas, Aryah, Anyla, Carmela, Marcela, Harlie, Kaelani, Layna, Marli, Blakelee, Hadassa, Alyna, Ollie, Senna, Keren, Jadore, Sora, Greer, Marta, Ahuva, Kaleigh, Xenia, Bryce, Tamar, Bexlee, Emiko, Rayah, Analy, Jaycie, Alize, Kior, Oaklie, Kelsea, TahaniArcher, Atlas, Gavin, Bryce, Aziel, Colin, Khalil, Casey, Kamari, Kyle, Camilo, Kohen, Saul, Reign, Kareem, Keith, Legacy, Felipe, Brodie, Jairo, Zev, Ollie, Beaux, Makari, Aydin, Elmer, Umar, Cormac, Caius, Efrain, Syed, Vince, Yair, Gerard, Guy, Faris, Leeland, Kiran, Izael, Shay, Adolfo, Kove, Aidyn, Kahlil, Braiden, Koby, Lukah, Sora, Eyden, Simcha, Baruch, Yash, Mendel, Tyce, Ghaith, Tuff, Aylan, Eduin, Corban, Kwame, Jahleel, Yug, Mckay, Brix, Cedrick, Lamir, Ayaz

8 via 62

The letters in the following baby names add up to 62, which reduces to eight (6+2=8).

Girl names (8 via 62)Boy names (8 via 62)
Natalie, Leilani, Sienna, Georgia, Kylie, Ariyah, Arielle, Serena, Avianna, Danielle, Navy, Jordan, Kennedi, Gloria, Leslie, Adrianna, Noor, Ramona, Ayleen, Luisa, Keily, Xyla, Tori, Ailany, Solana, Aylani, Annabella, Queen, Yelena, Liyana, Estela, Karmen, Malky, Dalett, Magdalene, Nuri, Avril, Samaira, Terra, Sarina, Laynee, Isobel, Samaria, Toby, Amiracle, Harbor, Ilyana, Mackenna, Kiley, Mason, Mehlani, Kaislee, Eryn, Keyli, Adalyne, Kaloni, Alyse, Analucia, Eugenia, ElliemaeMason, Josiah, Jordan, Adonis, Callum, Ronan, Briggs, Louie, Hassan, Zahir, Randy, Talon, Benedict, Osman, Menachem, Matheo, Casper, Toby, Javon, Andreas, Randall, Bernard, Freddy, Elyas, Nikola, Jovan, Riot, Rudra, Elvin, Xion, Johann, Angus, Alton, Maxx, Mayer, Brenden, Aziz, Navy, Kamren, Braven, Floyd, Adriano, Harun, Jareth, Noor, Chadwick, Axyl, Levin

8 via 71

The letters in the following baby names add up to 71, which reduces to eight (7+1=8).

Girl names (8 via 71)Boy names (8 via 71)
Avery, Zoey, Adalynn, Jasmine, Finley, Octavia, Rowan, Lauren, Shiloh, Astrid, Maryam, Gabrielle, Charleigh, Shelby, Marianna, Royal, Eleanora, Jaylin, Lettie, Mariella, Wendy, Romy, Mireya, Prisha, Briley, Milly, Jailyn, Annaleigh, Elysia, Jazelle, Analiyah, Karleigh, Wilder, Kyler, Betsy, Xareni, Kenslee, Annalisa, Kenleigh, Maryn, EverliSamuel, Rowan, Rhett, Avery, Kyler, Finley, Orion, Royal, Wilder, Apollo, Mathias, Zayne, Emanuel, Wells, Shiloh, Kenzo, Moses, Soren, Nikolai, Julien, Raylan, Flynn, Azriel, Shepard, Mariano, Zeus, Maison, Pierre, Jovani, Kylin, Ross, Jaylin, Jessiah, Steve, Chozen, Javion, Sammy, Jahziel, Destin, Amarion, Brewer, Haroon, Xavian, Daylon, Raziel, Theoden, Yasiel, Izrael, Atharva, Drayden, Abdirahman, Dwight, Khylan, Shyne, Devante, Jionni, Merlin, Niccolo, Quill, Deklyn, Othman, Rickey, Usher, Blayze, Neithan

8 via 80

The letters in the following baby names add up to 80, which reduces to eight (8+0=8).

Girl names (8 via 80)Boy names (8 via 80)
Savannah, Alexandra, Stevie, Colette, Cassidy, Monroe, Emberly, Cassandra, Marceline, Ensley, Cynthia, Lakelyn, Spencer, Carsyn, Marissa, Tyler, Bennett, Lizeth, Preslee, Estefania, Elianny, Annaliese, Pyper, Leonora, Shaindy, Brooks, Jeanette, Polly, Ravyn, Therese, Thyri, Zariya, Sumaya, Mayleigh, Sayler, Austen, Brenleigh, IssabellaBrooks, Bennett, Tyler, Alejandro, Spencer, Moises, Emmitt, Zyon, Waylen, Bryant, Jeremias, Kooper, Eliezer, Cashton, Giancarlo, Alessio, Monroe, Savion, Ransom, Wilmer, Emrys, Giorgio, Samarth, Carsyn, Santiel, Austen, Stefano, Kashmere, Krishna, Kanyon, Cassidy, Theron, Wayland, Latrell, Mouhamed, Carsten

8 via 89

The letters in the following baby names add up to 89, which reduces to eight (8+9=17; 1+7=8).

Girl names (8 via 89)Boy names (8 via 89)
Raelynn, Summer, Emerson, Winter, Alexandria, Felicity, Ivory, Virginia, Alisson, August, Rosalina, Avalynn, Beverly, Arizbeth, Quincy, Marjorie, Susanna, Winry, Wesley, Gentry, Halston, Hartley, Jazmyn, Wyatt, Bellarose, Azariyah, UnityWyatt, Wesley, August, Emerson, Titus, Travis, Garrett, Enrique, Mauricio, Quincy, Alistair, Osiris, Massimo, Graysen, Syncere, Gentry, Antony, Halston, Yisrael, Winter, Zyion, Salomon, Aleister, Dusty, Oswaldo

8 via 98

The letters in the following baby names add up to 98, which reduces to eight (9+8=17; 1+7=8).

Girl names (8 via 98)Boy names (8 via 98)
Scarlett, Valentina, Allyson, Crystal, Londynn, Julietta, Kenzley, Jocelynn, Fatoumata, KynzleeTrevor, Jefferson, Zephyr, Lazarus, Marquis, Brexton, Klayton, Giuseppe, Kashtyn, Everson, Britton, Hutton, Colston, Donatello, Kurtis, Zayvian

8 via 107

The letters in the following baby names add up to 107, which reduces to eight (1+0+7=8).

Girl names (8 via 107)Boy names (8 via 107)
Treasure, Dominique, Phoenyx, Charolette, WinsleyPreston, Dominique, Yousuf, Giovanny, Prosper

8 via 116

The letters in the following baby names add up to 116, which reduces to eight (1+1+6=8).

Girl names (8 via 116)Boy names (8 via 116)
Royalty, Annistyn, Eternity, Suzette, ChristiannaCornelius, Stryker, Treyson, Royalty, Prescott

8 via 125

The letters in the following baby names add up to 125, which reduces to eight (1+2+5=8).

Girl names (8 via 125)Boy names (8 via 125)
Rozalynn, Tristyn, Oliviarose, Skyelynn, RemingtynKyngston, Tristyn, Octavious, Vishruth, Dontavius

Number 8: Significance and associations

What does the number eight mean in numerology?

There’s no definitive answer, unfortunately, because various numerological systems exist, and each one has its own interpretation of the number eight. That said, if we look at a couple of modern numerology/astrology websites, we see 8 being described as “successful,” “ambitious,” “organized,” “practical,” and “authoritative.”

We can also look at associations, which are a bit more concrete. Here are some things that are associated with the number 8:

  • Figure 8
    • Infinity symbol
    • Analemma (diagram showing the position of the sun over the course of a year)
    • Figure-eight knot
  • Octopus (8 arms)
  • Spider (8 legs)
  • 8-bit computing
  • 8-track cartridge
  • Eight-ball (in pool)
    • Magic 8 Ball (fortune-telling toy)
  • Eight-ender (perfect score in the sport of curling)

What does the number 8 mean to you? What are your strongest associations with the number?

P.S. To see names with other numerological values, check out the posts for the numbers one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and nine.

Sources: SSA, Numerology – Cafe Astrology, The meaning of the numbers 1 – 9 – World Numerology, 8 – Wikipedia

[Latest update: Jan. 2024]

Initials that spell names: Z.A.C., E.V.A., C.A.M.

Oak (which can also be a name, or a set of initials)

In June of 1982, the Toledo Blade ran a short article about two local brothers who “enjoy the distinction of having initials which spell their names.” One was Thomas Owen Matzinger (T.O.M.), the other was James Irvin Matzinger (J.I.M.). Their dad Mike said it was “just as well” that he didn’t have any more kids, because he couldn’t think of any other sets of names to fit the pattern.

My guess is that Mike was joking, because there are several other sets of initials that could work with an M-surname like Matzinger, one of which, T.I.M., is just a letter away from T.O.M.

In fact, there are at least a couple of combinations that would work with every type of surname.

So today, in honor of the Matzingers of Toledo, I’ve come up with a long list of name-spelling initials. They’re sorted by third initial (that is, the first letter of the last name) so you can scroll straight to the set that matches up with your own surname.


Initials that Spell Names & Nicknames

Surname starts with:Potential full initials (& example combo):
AA.D.A. (Adelaide Diane A.)
A.N.A. (Anastasia Nadine A.)
A.S.A. (Asa Scott A.)
A.V.A. (Ava Virginia A.)
B.E.A. (Beatrix Elaine A.)
E.V.A. (Eva Veronica A.)
G.I.A. (Gia Idonea A.)
I.D.A. (Idabelle Daria A.)
I.N.A. (Ina Nigella A.)
I.R.A. (Ira Ralph A.)
I.S.A. (Isabel Simone A.)
K.I.A. (Kia Ianthe A.)
L.E.A. (Leah Elizabeth A.)
M.I.A. (Mia Imelda A.)
N.I.A. (Nia Ilona A.)
O.D.A. (Odalys Delfina A.)
O.R.A. (Ora Ruth A.)
U.M.A. (Uma Magnolia A.)
U.N.A. (Una Normina A.)
BD.E.B. (Deborah Ethel B.)
J.E.B. (Jeb Evan B.)
L.I.B. (Libbie Ione B.)
R.O.B. (Robert Orville B.)
S.E.B. (Sebastian Everly B.)
S.Y.B. (Sybil Yvette B.)
T.A.B. (Tabitha Araminta B.)
Z.E.B. (Zebulon Ezekiel B.)
CB.E.C. (Becky Eowyn C.)
M.A.C. (Mackenzie Anne C.)
N.I.C. (Nicole Isabelle C.)
V.I.C. (Victor Ivan C.)
Z.A.C. (Zackary Arlo C.)
DJ.E.D. (Jedidiah Easton D.)
R.O.D. (Rodney Orrin D.)
T.E.D. (Theodora Eugenia D.)
Z.E.D. (Zedekiah Ezra D.)
EA.B.E. (Abraham Benjamin E.)
A.C.E. (Ace Corbin E.)
E.V.E. (Eve Violet E.)
F.A.E. (Fae Adina E.)
I.K.E. (Isaac Keith E.)
J.O.E. (Joseph Owen E.)
L.E.E. (Lee Ethan E.)
M.A.E. (Maebelle Alice E.)
M.O.E. (Morris Oscar E.)
R.A.E. (Raelene Alicia E.)
S.U.E. (Susan Ursula E.)
Z.O.E. (Zoe Ocean E.)
FA.L.F. (Alfred Leonard F.)
D.U.F. (Duffy Ultan F.)
J.E.F. (Jeffrey Elliott F.)
GM.E.G. (Megan Emiliana G.)
P.E.G. (Peggy Elise G.)
R.E.G. (Reggie Elmo G.)
R.O.G. (Roger Olav G.)
HA.S.H. (Ashton Samuel H.)
IA.B.I. (Abigail Bailey I.)
A.L.I. (Alison Layla I.)
A.M.I. (Ami May I.)
A.R.I. (Ariana Rafaela I.)
A.V.I. (Avi Vincent I.)
E.D.I. (Edith Daisy I.)
E.L.I. (Elijah Logan I.)
E.V.I. (Evie Venetia I.)
J.O.I. (Joi Olivia I.)
K.A.I. (Kai Alexander I.)
O.L.I. (Oliver Lennox I.)
JR.A.J. (Rajesh Ajay J.)
KM.A.K. (Makayla Ashley K.)
O.A.K. (Oakley Atlas K.)
LC.A.L. (Callum Audley L.)
D.E.L. (Delaney Estelle L.)
G.I.L. (Gilbert Ishmael L.)
H.A.L. (Harry Archibald L.)
L.I.L. (Lillian Iva L.)
M.A.L. (Malcolm Angus L.)
M.E.L. (Melanie Eloisa L.)
M.O.L. (Molly Odette L.)
S.A.L. (Sally Angelica L.)
S.O.L. (Solomon Osborn L.)
V.A.L. (Valerie Annette L.)
W.I.L. (Willy Ingo L.)
Z.E.L. (Zelda Erin L.)
MC.A.M. (Cameron Aidan M.)
D.O.M. (Dominic Orson M.)
J.E.M. (Jemima Eleanor M.)
J.I.M. (James Irvin M.)
K.I.M. (Kimberly Imogene M.)
L.E.M. (Lemuel Emerson M.)
P.A.M. (Pamela Alys M.)
R.A.M. (Ramsey Archer M.)
S.A.M. (Samuel Aaron M.)
S.I.M. (Simon Isidore M.)
T.A.M. (Tammy Anita M.)
T.I.M. (Timothy Isaac M.)
T.O.M. (Thomas Owen M.)
NA.N.N. (Annie Nuala N.)
B.E.N. (Benjamin Ellis N.)
C.Y.N. (Cynthia Yelena N.)
D.A.N. (Daniel Avery N.)
D.O.N. (Donovan Oliver N.)
F.I.N. (Finley Ivor N.)
J.A.N. (Janice Andrina N.)
J.O.N. (Jonathan Octavian N.)
K.E.N. (Kenneth Eric N.)
L.E.N. (Leonard Earl N.)
L.Y.N. (Lynnette Yasmin N.)
N.A.N. (Nancy Azalea N.)
R.E.N. (Renato Elian N.)
R.O.N. (Ronald Ormond N.)
V.A.N. (Vanessa Athena N.)
W.I.N. (Winifred Inez N.)
Z.E.N. (Zenobia Evelyn N.)
OF.L.O. (Florence Lily O.)
L.E.O. (Leo Elton O.)
PC.A.P. (Caprice Amity P.)
K.I.P. (Kip Indigo P.)
QJ.A.Q. (Jaquan Anthony Q.)
R.A.Q. (Raquel Alaiah Q.)
RG.A.R. (Gareth Alfie R.)
SC.A.S. (Caspian Atticus S.)
G.U.S. (Gustavo Ulises S.)
J.E.S. (Jessica Esther S.)
L.E.S. (Lester Edward S.)
R.U.S. (Russell Upton S.)
W.E.S. (Wesley Elwood S.)
TA.R.T. (Arthur Roland T.)
C.A.T. (Catherine Aveline T.)
D.O.T. (Dorothy Olive T.)
M.A.T. (Matthew Alastair T.)
N.A.T. (Nathan Arnold T.)
P.A.T. (Patricia Ainsley T.)
UL.O.U. (Louisa Ophelia U.)
P.R.U. (Prudence Rhoda U.)
S.T.U. (Stuart Tucker U.)
T.R.U. (Trudie Rose U.)
VB.E.V. (Beverly Evangeline V.)
L.I.V. (Livia Indiana V.)
N.E.V. (Neville Eldon V.)
V.I.V. (Vivian Ingrid V.)
WL.A.W. (Lawson Amos W.)
L.E.W. (Lewis Edgar W.)
XB.A.X. (Baxter Andrew X.)
D.A.X. (Dax Alec X.)
D.E.X. (Dexter Edison X.)
J.A.X. (Jaxon Antony X.)
L.E.X. (Lexie Eliza X.)
M.A.X. (Maximus Alvin X.)
P.A.X. (Pax Amelia X.)
R.E.X. (Rex Elias X.)
R.O.X. (Roxanna Opal X.)
T.E.X. (Tex Emmanuel X.)
YA.M.Y. (Amy Michelle Y.)
G.U.Y. (Guy Urban Y.)
I.V.Y. (Ivy Verity Y.)
J.A.Y. (Jay Adam Y.)
J.O.Y. (Joyce Ondina Y.)
K.A.Y. (Katherine Addison Y.)
M.A.Y. (May Augusta Y.)
R.A.Y. (Raymond Adrian Y.)
R.O.Y. (Royce Oberon Y.)
S.K.Y. (Skylar Kerry Y.)
ZH.E.Z. (Hezekiah Ellery Z.)
J.E.Z. (Jezebel Eulalia Z.)
L.I.Z. (Lizzie Iris Z.)
K.I.Z. (Kizzy Isla Z.)
R.O.Z. (Rosalind Olga Z.)

Can you come up with other good ones? If so, please leave a comment!

Source: “So Named.” Toledo Blade 29 Jun. 1982: P-1.
Image: Dab szypulkowy by Joanna Boisse under CC BY-SA 4.0.