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Popularity of the Baby Name Track

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Popular baby names in Sonoma County, CA, 2018

According to the government of Sonoma, California, the most popular baby names in the county in 2018 were Camila and Mateo.

Here are Sonoma’s top 5 girl names and top 5 boy names of 2018:

Girl Names

  1. Camila, 28 baby girls
  2. Isabella, 27
  3. Olivia, 26
  4. Emma, 23
  5. Sophia and Abigail, 21 (tied)

Boy Names

  1. Mateo, 33 baby boys
  2. Alexander, 25
  3. William, 24
  4. Angel, 20
  5. Liam, Benjamin and Adrian, 19 (3-way tie)

And here are some of the baby names from the other end of the list. Each of these was used just once in Sonoma in 2018:

Unique Girl NamesUnique Boy Names
Ariscel, Aumber, Bivianny, Bellona, Citrina, Evening, Elliadria, Happi, Hibatullah, Itzae, Jasibe, Malou, Marrakech, Novalu, Naviannan, Punelupi, Sahori, Siolo, Sixela, Taya, Tsianina, Xylamoon, YunaAthos, Andoni, Bromley, Calcagno, Castle, Coda, Dreyce, Gridley, Harlem, Huitzilopochtli, Ilaisa, Kaxachi, Kestrel, Neon, Olonzo, Pride, Stream, Summit, Tark, Track, Truckee, Xavion, Zantino

The top names in 2017 were Mia and Mateo.

Source: Sonoma County Baby Names

Zamboni Palin?

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Sarah Palin was asked if she planned to have any more children (nope) and whether she “had any more unique names up [her] sleeve.”

Here’s what she said:

We did. We never got to get our Zamboni in. I always wanted a son named Zamboni.

Her husband Todd added:

I don’t think that would have flied.

Palin seems to be able to take a joke really well, so I’m going to assume that she’s kidding about Zamboni. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t make any assumptions about someone who has chosen baby names as offbeat as Track and Trig

(The word “Zamboni” refers to the ice resurfacer used to smooth the ice in hockey rinks. The machine was invented by a guy named Frank Zamboni.)

Source: Sarah Palin: My Wedding Hope for Bristol (Oct. 22, 2008)

Sarah Palin Baby Names: Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, Trig

Sarah Palin's family: Sarah, Todd, Track, Willow, Piper.
The Palin family (minus Trig)

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, chose unusual names for their five children:

  1. Track, boy, 19 years old
  2. Bristol, girl, 17
  3. Willow, girl, 14
  4. Piper, girl, 7
  5. Trig, boy 4 months

Todd explained the origins of the names in a recent interview with People:

Sarah’s parents were coaches and the whole family was involved in track and I was an athlete in high school, so with our first-born, I was, like, ‘Track!’ Bristol is named after Bristol Bay. That’s where I grew up, that’s where we commercial fish. Willow is a community there in Alaska. And then Piper, you know, there’s just not too many Pipers out there and it’s a cool name. And Trig is a Norse name for “strength.”

But wait…in an earlier MSNBC interview, a Palin spokesperson had stated that Trig was a Norse name meaning “true” and “brave victory.” The Bad Baby Names Blog takes issue with both definitions:

Trig doesn’t appear to be any kind of “Nordic” name, as the family claims. There’s “Trygg”, a Norwegian name which means “safe” or “reliable” – but there’s unfortunately no “brave victory.”

Regardless of its meaning, Trig was the name of the baby’s great uncle, KTUU News learned from Sarah Palin’s father. He also mentioned that one of Trig’s middle names, Paxson, was chosen in honor of Paxson, Alaska — home of the Arctic Man snowmobile festival.

Several sources, including the NY Daily News, have suggested that Piper’s name was inspired by the Piper PA-18 Super Cub, a bush plane popular in Alaska.

Odd names tend to elicit strong reactions — mostly negative reactions, in this case. For instance, Rachael Brownell of Strollerderby calls the names “bizarre.” Conservative political commentator Debbie Schlussel says they’re “[w]hacked out and pretentious. And frankly, stupid.” Nancy Friedman of Fritinancy asks: “Do we want someone with such poor judgment in naming to be a heartbeat away from the presidency?”

How do you feel about the names?

Update, 6/2020: Looking back at the data for 2008, we can see that the focus on Palin — and her young baby Trig, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome — boosted the rare name Trig back into the SSA data after an absence of over 40 years.

  • 2010: 18 baby boys named Trig
  • 2009: 20 baby boys named Trig
  • 2008: 11 baby boys named Trig
  • 2007: unlisted
  • 2006: unlisted

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One-Syllable Boy Names: Colt, Wynn, Dax, Zane

Looking for a boy name that’s short and to-the-point? Something that might work particularly well as a middle name?

Check out this list of several hundred one-syllable boy names. (And click on any name to see its popularity graph!)

Please note that I did include names in the gray area between one syllable and two syllables. The deciding factor on these particular names (such as Charles, Miles, and Noel) will be your own interpretation/accent, so be sure to test the names out loud before making any final decisions.

Many of these names also happen to be unisex, so they appear on the One-Syllable Girl Names list as well.

What’s your favorite one-syllable boy name?

[Latest Update: June 2021]