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Popularity of the Baby Name Twain

Posts that Mention the Name Twain

Names in Hawaii: Twain and Sefa

nancy - naneki keychainAloha! I arrived in Hawai’i yesterday for my sister-in-law’s wedding (which was this morning). I’ll be here for the next few weeks.

So far I’ve found two interesting names…and, ironically, neither of them are Hawai’ian:

  • The O’ahu guidebook in our hotel room features the work of a photographer named Twain. I’m guessing his name was inspired by writer Mark Twain.
  • The music for tonight’s dinner cruise was provided by a fellow named Sefa, who was born in Samoa. Sefa is a short form of Iosefa, which is one of the many versions of Joseph.

Also, according to a key-chain I couldn’t stop my husband from purchasing, the Hawai’ian equivalent of my own name is apparently Naneki. :)

Boy names with one syllable: Colt, Wynn, Dax, Zane

Looking for a boy name that’s short and to-the-point? Something that might work particularly well as a middle name?

Check out this list of several hundred one-syllable boy names. (And click on any name to see its popularity graph!)

Please note that I did include names in the gray area between one syllable and two syllables. The deciding factor on these particular names (such as Charles, Miles, and Noel) will be your own interpretation/accent, so be sure to test the names out loud before making any final decisions.

Many of these names also happen to be unisex, so they appear on the One-Syllable Girl Names list as well.

What’s your favorite one-syllable boy name?

[Latest Update: June 2021]