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Create a pen name, Edward Gorey-style

Illustration from the book "The Blue Aspic" (1968) by Edward Gorey.
Illustration from “The Blue Aspic”

In his later years, Edward Gorey — known for his eerie crosshatch drawings and stories — lived in Yarmouth, MA, which happens to be where I grew up. So the town and school libraries were always stocked with Gorey books, and I read those books over and over again as a kid.

One interesting thing about Gorey is that he published under dozens of bizarre pen names, all of them anagrams of “Edward Gorey.” Here are some examples:

  • D. Awd­rey-Gore
  • Deary Rewdgo
  • Dewda Yorger
  • Dogear Wryde
  • E. G. Deadworry
  • Ogdred Weary
  • Raddory Gewe
  • Regera Dowdy
  • Waredo Dyrge

We’ve already come up with Ben Franklin-style pen names, so I thought it would be fun to try some Edward Gorey-style pen names this time around.

Here are a few anagrams for my name, Nancy Man:

  • Anna C. Nym
  • Ann McNay
  • Cam Nynan
  • Macy Nann
  • Myc Nanan
  • Myna Cann
  • N. N. Cayman
  • N. Y. MacNan
  • Yna McAnn

Can you come up with any Gorey-style pen names for your name?

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Image from Edward Gorey’s The Blue Aspic (via UH).