Baby Name Directory

Baby name directory

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Here are girl names and boy names, listed alphabetically:

A-names for girlsA-names for boys
B-names for girlsB-names for boys
C-names for girlsC-names for boys
D-names for girlsD-names for boys
E-names for girlsE-names for boys
F-names for girlsF-names for boys
G-names for girlsG-names for boys
H-names for girlsH-names for boys
I-names for girlsI-names for boys
J-names for girlsJ-names for boys
K-names for girlsK-names for boys
L-names for girlsL-names for boys
M-names for girlsM-names for boys
N-names for girlsN-names for boys
O-names for girlsO-names for boys
P-names for girlsP-names for boys
Q-names for girlsQ-names for boys
R-names for girlsR-names for boys
S-names for girlsS-names for boys
T-names for girlsT-names for boys
U-names for girlsU-names for boys
V-names for girlsV-names for boys
W-names for girlsW-names for boys
X-names for girlsX-names for boys
Y-names for girlsY-names for boys
Z-names for girlsZ-names for boys

And here are girl names and boy names, listed by length:

2-letter girl names2-letter boy names
3-letter girl names3-letter boy names
4-letter girl names4-letter boy names
5-letter girl names5-letter boy names
6-letter girl names6-letter boy names
7-letter girl names7-letter boy names
8-letter girl names8-letter boy names
9-letter girl names9-letter boy names
10-letter girl names10-letter boy names
11-letter girl names11-letter boy names
12-letter girl names12-letter boy names
13-letter girl names13-letter boy names
14-letter girl names14-letter boy names
15-letter girl names15-letter boy names

The tens of thousands of names in this directory come straight from the the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national dataset, which stretches all the way back to the year 1880.

Each name links directly to a corresponding popularity graph, so you can see at a glance any name’s U.S. usage for the last 140+ years.