I-Names for Baby Boys

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Looking for I-names for baby boys? Here are the most common I-names for baby boys in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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Iaan Iago Iahn Iain Iam Ian Iancarlo Ianmichael Iann Iasiah Iason Iassac Iban Ibe Ibin Ibis Ibn Ibraaheem Ibraham Ibraheem Ibraheim Ibrahem Ibrahim Ibrahima Ibukunoluwa Ichael Ichard Ichigo Ichiro Icholas Icker Ida Idan Idas Iddo Idean Idel Idelfonso Idell Iden Idhant Idi Idiris Ido Idrees Idris Idriss Idrissa Idus Iean Ien Iesa Iesha Iestyn Ieuan Ifeanyi Ifeanyichukwu Ifeoluwa Ifrain Ignac Ignace Ignacio Ignasio Ignatius Ignatuis Ignatz Ignazio Igor Ihab Ihan Ihor Ihsaan Ihsan Ii Iian Ijah Ijaz Ikaika Ike Ikea Ikeam Ikechi Ikechukwu Ikee Ikeem Ikem Ikenna Iker Ikey Ikie Ikponmwosa Ikram Iktan Ila Ilai Ilan Ilario Ilay Ildefonso Iley Ilham Ilhan Ilia Ilian Ilias Ilija Ilijah Ilir Iliya Iliyaas Iliyan Illiam Illias Illidan Illijah Illinois Illya Ilo Ilya Ilyaas Ilyan Ilyas Ilyass Ilyjah Imaad Imaan Imad Imam Imamu Iman Imani Imanol Imanuel Imar Imari Imarion Imauri Imer Imere Imhotep Imir Immanol Immanuel Immer Imo Imogene Imon Imothy Imraan Imran Imre Imri Imtiaz In Ina Inacio Inaki Inaky Indalecio Inderjit Inderpreet India Indiana Indie Indigo Indio Indra Indy Ines Inesh Inez Infant Infantboy Infantof Infboy Infinite Ingemar Ingmar Ingo Ingolf Ingram Ingrid Ingvald Inigo Iniki Iniko Inioluwa Iniyan Inman Inmar Inmer Innis Innocent Inocencio Inocente Inoke Inri Inti Ioan Ioane Ioannis Iokepa Ion Iona Iori Iory Iosefa Iosif Iosua Ipolito Iqbal Iquan Ira Iram Iran Irbin Irby Ire Iredell Ireland Iren Irene Ireneo Ireon Irey Irfaan Irfan Iria Iric Iridian Irie Irin Irineo Iris Irish Irl Irland Irma Iroh Iron Irshad Irv Irvan Irven Irvin Irvine Irving Irvyn Irwin Irwing

Iry Isa Isaac Isaack Isaah Isaak Isaam Isaaq Isabel Isabell Isabella Isabelle Isabelo Isac Isacc Isack Isador Isadore Isael Isah Isaha Isahi Isahia Isahiah Isahias Isai Isaia Isaiah Isaiaha Isaiahmichael Isaiahs Isaian Isaias Isaic Isaid Isaih Isaiha Isaihas Isain Isair Isais Isaish Isaiyah Isajah Isak Isam Isamar Isamel Isami Isamu Isan Isander Isandro Isao Isaque Isarael Isarel Isau Isaul Isauro Isay Isaya Isayah Isayiah Iseah Isen Iseral Ish Ishaan Ishaaq Ishak Isham Ishamel Ishan Ishant Ishanth Ishaq Ishaun Ishawn Ishayu Ishi Ishiah Ishmael Ishmail Ishmam Ishman Ishmeal Ishmel Ishmil Ishraq Isia Isiaah Isiac Isiah Isiaha Isiaih Isias Isiash Isidor Isidore Isidoro Isidro Isileli Isis Iskandar Iskander Islam Island Isley Ismaaeel Ismaeel Ismael Ismail Ismaila Ismar Ismeal Ismel Ismet Isom Ison Israel Israyel Isreal Isriel Isrrael Issa Issaac Issac Issacc Issachar Issack Issael Issah Issai Issaiah Issaias Issaic Issaih Issak Issam Issay Isse Issey Issiac Issiah Issiaka Issic Issie Istvan Iszac Iszak Itai Italo Itamar Itay Ithan Ithel Ithiel Itiel Itsuki Itsuo Ittai Itzae Itzael Itzcoatl Itzel Itzhak Itziar Iva Ivaan Ival Ivan Ivandejesus Ivanhoe Ivann Ivano Ivar Ivars Ive Ivel Iven Iver Iverson Ivery Ives Ivette Ivey Ivica Ivie Ivin Ivion Ivis Ivison Ivo Ivol Ivon Ivonne Ivor Ivory Ivy Ivyl Ivyn Ivyon Iwan Iwao Iyad Iyan Iyari Iyon Izaac Izaack Izaah Izaak Izaan Izac Izacc Izach Izack Izaeah Izaeh Izael Izaha Izahia Izai Izaia Izaiah Izaias Izaih Izaiha Izair Izais Izaiya Izaiyah Izak Izamar Izan Izavier Izavion Izaya Izayah Izayha Izayiah Izayuh Izea Izeah Izeal Izear Izeck Izeiah Izek

Izekiel Izel Izell Izen Izeyah Izhar Iziah Iziaha Izic Izick Izik Izmael Izrael Izreal Izriel Izsak Izuchukwu Izyah Izyan Izyk Izzac Izzaiah Izzak Izzat Izziah Izzy