R-Names for Baby Boys

R-names for baby boys, boy name first letter R, boy names starting with R

Looking for R-names for baby boys? Here are the most common R-names for baby boys in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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Ra Raad Raafay Raaghav Raahil Raahim Raahul Raam Raamond Raanan Raashan Raashid Raayan Raaziq Rabert Rabi Rabih Rabon Rabun Raburn Raby Race Racer Rachad Rachael Rachard Rachel Rachelle Rachid Rachit Rachmiel Raciel Racine Rackwon Racquel Rad Radame Radames Radarius Radcliffe Rade Radee Radek Radell Raden Rader Radford Radhames Radi Radie Radin Radley Radoslav Radric Radu Radwan Radyn Rae Raeburn Raed Raeden Raedon Raedyn Raeed Raees Raef Raeford Raegan Raejon Raekwan Raekwon Rael Raelyn Raemon Raemond Raequan Raequawn Raequon Raeqwan Raeqwon Raesean Raeshaun Raeshawn Raeshon Raevon Rafa Rafael Rafal Rafan Rafat Rafay Rafe Rafeal Rafee Rafeek Rafeeq Rafel Rafer Raffael Raffaele Raffeal Rafferty Raffi Raffie Raffiel Raffy Rafhael Rafi Rafid Rafiel Rafik Rafiq Raford Rafuel Ragan Ragav Rage Ragen Ragene Raghav Raghib Ragnar Rahaman Rahat Raheam Raheel Raheem Raheen Raheim Rahem Rahi Rahib Rahiem Rahil Rahim Rahja Rahjon Rahkeem Rahkim Rahm Rahmaan Rahmad Rahman Rahmeek Rahmeir Rahmel Rahmell Rahmere Rahmi Rahmin Rahmir Rahmon Rahn Rahquan Rahsaan Rahsan Rahsaun Rahsean Rahshad Rahshan Rahshawn Rahsheed Rahsheen Rahshon Rahson Rahul Rahzel Rai Raian Raice Raid Raidan Raidel Raiden Raider Raidon Raidyn Raif Raife Raiford Raihaan Raihan Raijon Railey Raimon Raimond Raimondo Raimund Raimundo Rain Raine Rainen Rainer Raines Rainey Raini Rainier Rainn Raiquan Rais Raisean Raishaun Raishawn Raistlin Raith Raiyan Raizo Raj Raja Rajab Rajae Rajaee Rajah Rajahn Rajai Rajan Rajat Rajaun Rajbir Rajdeep Rajeev Rajen Rajendra Rajesh Raji Rajinder Rajit Rajiv Rajko Rajkumar Rajneesh Rajohn Rajon Raju Rajuan Rajveer Rajvir Rakai Rakan Rakee Rakeem Rakeen Rakeim Rakem Rakesh Rakib Rakiem Rakim Rakin Rakshan

Rakwan Rakwon Rakye Ral Raland Raleigh Ralen Ralf Raliegh Raliek Ralik Ralique Rallie Ralls Rally Ralph Ralphael Ralphe Ralpheal Ralphel Ralphell Ralphie Ralphy Ralston Ram Rama Ramadan Ramaj Ramal Raman Ramandeep Ramar Ramari Ramario Ramarion Ramazan Rambo Ramces Ramee Rameek Rameel Rameen Rameer Rameez Rameir Ramel Ramell Ramelle Ramello Ramelo Ramen Ramere Ramero Rameses Ramesh Ramesses Ramey Ramez Rami Ramiah Ramie Ramiel Ramier Ramik Ramil Ramin Ramir Ramire Ramirez Ramiro Ramis Ramiz Rammy Ramo Ramoan Ramon Ramona Ramond Ramondo Ramone Ramont Ramonte Ramos Ramsay Ramsen Ramses Ramsey Ramson Ramsses Ramsy Ramy Ramzee Ramzes Ramzey Ramzi Ramzy Ran Rana Ranald Ranaldo Ranard Ranardo Ranbir Rance Rancel Rances Rand Randahl Randal Randale Randall Randalph Randarius Rande Randee Randeep Randel Randell Randen Randey Randi Randie Randiel Randin Randle Randll Randloph Randol Randolf Randolfo Randoll Randolph Random Randon Randoph Randy Randyl Randyn Rane Ranel Ranell Ranen Raney Ranferi Ranford Rangel Ranger Rani Raniel Ranier Ranjan Ranjeet Ranjit Rankin Ranndy Rannie Rannon Ranny Ranold Ranon Ransel Ransen Ransford Ransom Ransome Ranson Ranulfo Ranveer Ranvir Rany Ranzel Ranzino Ranzy Raoof Raoul Raphael Rapheal Raphel Raphiel Raqib Raquan Raquane Raquawn Raquel Raquez Raquon Raqwan Raqwon Ras Rasaan Rasan Rasaun Raschad Rascoe Rasean Rasha Rashaad Rashaan Rashad Rashadd Rashade Rashamel Rashan Rashand Rashann Rashard Rashaud Rashaun Rashawd Rashawn Rashe Rashea Rashean Rashed Rashee Rasheed Rasheeda Rasheem Rasheen Rasheid Rasheim Rashem Rashene Rashi Rashid Rashida Rashidi Rashied Rashiem Rashik Rashim Rashine Rashod Rashodd Rashon Rashone Rashun Rasim Rasmus Rason Rasool Rass Rassan Rassie Rastus Rasul Rasun Ratan Ratana Ratha

Rathana Rathanak Rattana Raudel Rauf Raul Raulie Raulin Rauljr Raun Raunak Raunel Rauni Raushan Raushaun Ravaughn Raven Ravi Ravin Ravinder Ravindra Ravion Ravis Ravneet Ravon Ravonte Ravy Ravyn Rawad Rawland Rawle Rawleigh Rawley Rawlin Rawlins Rawly Rawn Rawson Ray Rayaan Rayan Rayane Rayansh Rayanthony Raybert Raybon Rayborn Rayburn Rayce Raycin Raydan Raydean Raydel Raydell Rayden Rayder Raydin Raydon Raydrick Raydyn Raye Rayen Rayfield Rayford Rayfus Raygan Raygen Rayhaan Rayhan Rayirth Rayjay Rayjohn Rayjon Raykwan Raykwon Raylan Rayland Raylee Raylen Rayli Raylin Raylon Raylyn Raylynn Rayman Raymand Raymar Raymarion Raymart Rayme Raymeir Raymel Raymell Raymen Raymer Raymere Raymie Raymir Raymod Raymon Raymond Raymondo Raymone Raymont Raymonte Raymound Raymund Raymundo Rayn Raynal Raynald Raynaldo Raynard Raynathan Rayne Raynel Raynell Raynen Rayner Rayniel Raynier Raynold Raynor Rayo Rayon Rayquan Rayquann Rayquon Rayqwan Rayqwon Raysean Rayshad Rayshan Rayshard Rayshaud Rayshaun Rayshawn Rayshod Rayshon Rayshone Rayshun Rayson Raytheon Rayvaughn Rayven Rayveon Rayvion Rayvon Rayvone Raywood Rayyaan Rayyan Raz Raza Razeen Razi Raziel Razmig Rb Rc Rd Rea Reace Read Reade Readus Reaford Reagan Reagen Reaksmey Reakwon Real Reamer Rease Reason Reathel Reather Reaves Reavis Reba Rebeca Rebecca Rebekah Rebel Rebert Recardo Recco Rece Rechard Reche Recie Recil Reco Record Rector Red Reda Redd Redden Reddick Redding Redell Rederick Redford Redge Redgie Redginald Redick Redman Redmon Redmond Redrick Redus Redwan Ree Reece Reecie Reed Reeder Reedie Reedy Reef Reegan Rees Reese Reeve Reeves Refael Refoel Reford Refugia Refugio Refujio Reg Regal Regan Rege Regen Regenal Regenald Reggie Regginal Regginald Reggy Regi Regie Regina Reginal Reginald Reginaldo

Regino Reginold Regional Regionald Regis Regnald Regniald Regnold Regory Regulo Rehaan Rehan Rehman Rei Reice Reichen Reico Reid Reidar Reide Reiden Reider Reif Reign Reik Reiken Reiko Reiley Reili Reilley Reilly Reily Reimundo Rein Reinald Reinaldo Reinard Reiner Reinhard Reinhardt Reinhart Reinhold Reinholdt Reinier Reino Reinold Reion Reis Reise Reiss Reiter Rejean Rejino Rejon Reko Relando Reldon Relford Relis Rell Rem Rema Rembert Remberto Rembrandt Reme Remedy Remer Remey Remi Remick Remiel Remigio Remigius Remijio Remington Remmel Remmington Remmy Remo Remon Remond Remone Remus Remy Ren Rena Renado Renae Renald Renaldo Renan Renard Renarda Renardo Renata Renato Renaud Renauld Renauldo Renault Renay Rendall Rendell Render Rendon Rendy Rene Renee Renel Renell Reney Renford Renfred Renick Renie Reniel Renier Renji Renn Rennan Rennard Renne Renner Rennick Rennie Rennis Renny Reno Renold Renso Renton Renwick Reny Renz Renza Renzie Renzo Reo Reon Rephael Reppard Requan Resean Reshad Reshard Reshaud Reshaun Reshawn Reshod Reshon Ressie Reston Rett Reuben Reubin Reuel Reuven Reva Revan Revanth Reve Revel Revell Revelle Reven Revere Revin Revis Revon Rex Rexall Rexford Rexie Rexton Rexx Rey Reyaan Reyad Reyan Reyansh Reyburn Reyce Reyd Reydavid Reyden Reydon Reyes Reyez Reyhan Reylan Reyli Reylin Reyly Reymon Reymond Reymundo Reyn Reyna Reynald Reynaldo Reynard Reynardo Reynaud Reynel Reyner Reyniel Reynier Reynol Reynold Reynoldo Reynolds Reyon Reyshawn Reza Reznor Rezon Rhaheem Rhakeem Rhamel Rhamir Rhandy Rhasaan Rhashad Rhasheen Rhea Rhemy Rhen Rheo Rhet Rhett Rheuben Rhian Rhiannon Rhiley Rhion Rhoan Rhoda Rhodell Rhoderick Rhodes Rhodney Rhody Rhome Rhon Rhonald Rhonda Rhone Rhonin Rhonnie

Rhuben Rhyan Rhyden Rhyder Rhyen Rhyker Rhylan Rhyland Rhylee Rhylen Rhyley Rhylin Rhyne Rhyon Rhys Rhyse Rhyson Rhythm Riaan Riad Rial Rian Riane Riaz Ribaldo Ribhi Ric Ricado Ricahrd Ricard Ricardo Ricari Riccardo Ricci Ricco Rice Rich Richaad Richad Richand Richar Richard Richardd Richardjames Richardo Richards Richardson Richaud Richer Richerd Richey Richi Richie Richmon Richmond Richon Richrd Richter Richy Rick Rickard Rickardo Ricke Rickeem Rickey Rickford Ricki Rickie Rickman Ricko Ricks Rickson Ricky Rickye Rickyy Rico Ricoh Ricquan Rictavious Rida Riddick Riddik Rider Ridge Ridgely Ridgeway Ridgley Ridgway Ridha Ridhaan Ridhwan Ridley Ridwaan Ridwan Riece Riel Rieley Rielly Riely Rielyn Rien Rienhold Ries Riese Rifat Rigby Rigden Rigdon Rigel Rigg Riggin Riggins Riggs Righteous Rigley Rigo Rigoberto Rigoverto Rihaan Rihan Rihanna Rihcard Riis Rijad Rijul Rik Rikardo Rikelme Riken Riker Rikesh Rikhil Riki Rikin Rikio Rikishi Rikki Rikky Riko Riku Rikuto Riky Rilan Riland Rilee Rileigh Rilen Riley Rilley Rilo Rilwan Rily Rilyn Rilynn Rimantas Rimas Rinaldo Rinehart Ringo Rinnie Rino Rintaro Rio Rion Riordan Riot Riott Rip Ripal Ripken Ripley Riquelme Riquelmer Rishaan Rishab Rishabh Rishad Rishan Rishard Rishaun Rishav Rishawn Rishi Rishik Rishikesh Rishil Rishin Rishit Rishith Rishon Riston Rita Ritch Ritchard Ritchey Ritchie Ritchy Ritesh Rith Rithik Rithvik Rithwik Rithy Ritik Rito Ritter Ritvik Ritwik Rivaan Rivaldo Rivan Riven River Rivers Rives Rix Riyaan Riyad Riyadh Riyan Riyansh Riyon Rizal Rizwan Rj Rjay Rl Rmani Rmon Rmontay Roald Roan Roanan Roandy Roanin Roanld Roark Roarke Roary Rob Robah Robart Robb Robbe Robben Robbert Robbey Robbi Robbie Robbin

Robbins Robby Robeert Robel Roben Robenson Rober Robere Roberick Roberrt Roberson Robert Roberta Robertanthony Robertcharles Roberte Roberth Robertjames Robertjohn Robertjr Robertlee Robertmichael Roberto Robertocarlos Roberts Robertson Robertt Robet Robeto Robey Robi Robie Robin Robinho Robins Robinson Roble Robley Robney Robret Robrick Robroy Robrt Robson Robt Roby Robyn Roc Rocci Rocco Roch Rochard Roche Rochell Rochelle Rochester Rochon Rochus Rocio Rock Rocke Rockeem Rocket Rockey Rockford Rocki Rockie Rocklan Rockland Rocklin Rocklyn Rockne Rockney Rocko Rockwell Rocky Roczen Rod Rodarius Rodd Roddell Rodderick Roddey Roddick Roddie Roddney Roddrick Roddy Rodel Rodell Rodeny Roderic Roderich Roderick Rodericus Roderiquez Roderrick Rodert Rodger Rodgerick Rodgers Rodick Rodie Rodin Rodion Rodley Rodman Rodne Rodnee Rodner Rodney Rodnie Rodny Rodolfo Rodolph Rodolphe Rodolpho Rodre Rodrecus Rodregus Rodrekus Rodric Rodricas Rodrick Rodrickus Rodrico Rodricus Rodrigo Rodrigue Rodrigues Rodriguez Rodrigus Rodrion Rodrique Rodriques Rodriquez Rodson Rody Roe Roee Roel Roemello Roen Roert Roey Rogan Rogar Rogel Rogelio Rogen Rogene Roger Rogerick Rogerio Rogers Roget Roggie Rogie Rogue Rohaan Rohail Rohan Rohanpreet Rohen Rohil Rohin Rohit Rohith Rohman Rohn Rohnan Rohun Roi Rojelio Rokas Rokeem Rokko Roko Rolan Roland Rolanda Rolandas Rolando Roldan Rolen Roley Rolf Rolfe Rolin Roll Rolla Rollan Rolland Rollen Rolley Rollie Rollin Rollins Rollo Rollon Rolly Rollyn Rolman Rolondo Rolph Rolston Roly Rolyn Rom Roma Romain Romaine Romal Romaldo Romale Romalis Roman Romance Romando Romane Romani Romano Romanus Romar Romare Romari Romario Romarion Romaro Romas Romayne Rome Romel Romelio Romell Romelle Romello Romellow Romelo Romen Romeo Romer Romere Romero Romey Romi Romie Romil Romin Romio

Romir Rommel Rommell Rommie Rommy Romney Romolo Romon Romond Romondo Romone Romuald Romualdo Romulo Romulus Romus Romy Romyn Ron Ronak Ronal Ronald Ronaldinho Ronaldino Ronaldo Ronan Ronav Ronda Rondal Rondald Rondale Rondall Rondarious Rondarius Ronde Rondel Rondell Rondelle Ronderick Rondey Rondez Rondi Rondie Rondle Rondo Rondol Rondre Rondrick Rondy Rone Roneal Roneil Ronel Ronell Ronelle Ronen Roney Roni Ronie Roniel Ronil Ronin Ronique Ronit Ronith Ronld Ronmel Ronn Ronnal Ronnald Ronne Ronnel Ronnell Ronnelle Ronney Ronni Ronnie Ronniel Ronny Ronnye Ronold Ronon Ronreaco Ronreco Ronrico Ronson Ronta Rontae Rontarius Rontavious Rontavis Rontavius Ronte Rontez Rontrell Rony Ronzel Ronzell Roody Rook Rooney Roony Rooseve Roosevelt Roosvelt Roozbeh Rope Roper Roquan Roque Roran Rorey Rori Roric Rorie Rorik Rorry Rory Rosa Rosaire Rosalie Rosalinda Rosalino Rosalio Rosamond Rosanna Rosanne Rosario Rosbel Rosco Roscoe Rose Rosean Roselio Rosell Rosella Rosemarie Rosemary Rosemond Rosendo Rosetta Rosevell Rosevelt Rosh Roshaad Roshad Roshan Roshane Roshard Roshaud Roshaun Roshawn Rosheen Roshell Roshod Roshon Roshun Rosie Rosier Rosio Roslyn Rosolino Ross Rossano Rosser Rossi Rossie Rosston Rosswell Roston Rosvelt Roswell Rotem Roth Rotha Rothana Rothwell Rotimi Roudolph Roudy Roul Rouldph Rounak Rourke Roverto Rovin Rovon Rowan Rowdie Rowdy Rowe Rowell Rowen Rowin Rowland Rowley Rowyn Rox Roxana Roxanna Roxanne Roxas Roxie Roxton Roxy Roy Royace Royal Royale Royall Royalty Royan Royce Royd Royden Roydon Roye Royel Royer Royle Roylee Roynell Royse Royster Royston Royzell Rozay Rozel Rozell Rozelle Rozier Rpbert Ruairi Rual Ruan Ruari Ruark Ruban Rubben Rube Rubel Ruben Rubens Rubert Ruberto Rubi Rubie Rubiel Rubin Ruble

Ruby Rubyn Ruchir Rucker Rudalph Rudd Ruddie Ruddy Rudell Rudhra Rudi Rudie Rudis Rudloph Rudolf Rudolfo Rudolph Rudolphe Rudolpho Rudolphus Rudra Rudy Rudyard Rue Rueben Ruebin Ruel Ruey Rufas Rufe Rufes Ruff Ruffin Ruffus Rufino Ruford Rufus Ruger Ruhaan Ruhan Rui Ruiz Rujul Rulon Rumaldo Rumeal Rumi Rumsey Runako Runar Rundy Rune Runnie Ruot Rupen Rupert Ruperto Rupesh Ruppert Rural Rurik Rury Rus Rusbel Rusell Rush Rushabh Rushawn Rushi Rushil Rushon Rushton Rushun Ruskin Ruslan Russ Russel Russell Russelle Rustan Rusten Rustin Ruston Rusty Rustyn Rutger Ruth Ruther Rutherford Ruthford Ruthie Ruthvik Rutilio Rutledge Rutvik Ruven Ruvim Ruxin Ruy Ruzgar Ry Rya Ryaan Ryahn Ryan Ryananthony Ryanchristian Ryanchristopher Ryane Ryanjacob Ryanjames Ryanjay Ryanjoseph Ryanlee Ryanmatthew Ryanmichael Ryann Ryanpatrick Ryant Ryatt Ryce Rydan Rydel Rydell Ryden Ryder Rydge Rydin Rydon Rye Ryean Ryel Ryelan Ryeland Ryelee Ryelin Ryen Ryer Ryerson Ryett Ryhan Ryheem Ryheim Ryian Ryin Ryion Rykan Rykar Rykeem Ryken Ryker Rykin Rykker Ryko Rylan Ryland Rylann Ryle Rylee Rylei Ryleigh Rylen Rylend Ryler Ryley Rylie Rylin Rylind Rylon Rylund Ryly Rylyn Rylynn Ryman Ryn Ryna Ryne Rynell Rynn Ryo Ryoma Ryon Ryosuke Ryot Ryota Ryotaro Ryott Ryou Rysen Ryshaun Ryshawn Ryshon Ryson Ryszard Rythm Ryu Ryuichi Ryuji Ryun Ryunosuke Ryusei Ryuu Ryver Ryyan Ryzen