O-Names for Baby Girls

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Looking for O-names for baby girls? Here are the most common O-names for baby girls in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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Oakie Oaklee Oakleigh Oakley Oaklie Oaklyn Oaklynn Oanh Oasis Oatha Obdulia Obeda Obehi Obelia Obera Oberia Oberta Obianuju Obie Oca Occie Ocea Oceal Ocean Oceana Oceane Oceania Oceanna Ocelia Ocella Oceola Ocey Ocia Ocie Octa Octava Octavia Octaviana Octavie Octavio Octavious Octavius Octayvia Octivia October Oda Odali Odalis Odaliz Odaly Odalys Odalyz Oddie Odeal Odean Odelia Odell Odella Odelle Odena Odene Odera Odesa Odessa Odesser Odessey Odessia Odessie Odester Odet Odete Odeth Odett Odetta Odette Odia Odie Odila Odile Odilia Odis Odra Ody Odyssey Oella Oesha Ofa Ofelia Offie Ofilia Ofir Ogechi Ogechukwu Ogie Ogle Ogochukwu Ogreta Ohana Ohanna Ohara Ohemaa Ojasvi Ojetta Ok Oka Okairy Okal Okalani Okeema Okeima Okema Okemia Okie Okima Okla Oklahoma Oksana Oksanna Oktober Ola Olabisi Olachi Oladis Olah Olaiya Olajumoke Olamae Olamide Olana Olanda Olar Olatokunbo Olaya Olayinka Olea Olean Oleane Oleatha Oleavia Oleda Olee Oleen Oleeta Oleita Olema Olen Olena Olene Oler Olesha Olesia Olesya Oleta Oletha Olethea Olethia Oletta Oleva Olevia Olexa Olexus Oley Olga Olgia Olgie Olha Olia Oliana Olibia Olice Olicia Olida Olie Olimpia Olin Olina Olinda Oline Olinka Olis Olisa Olisha Olita Oliva Olivama Olive Olivea Oliveah Olivene Oliver Olivera Olivet Olivett Olivette Olivia Oliviagrace Oliviah Oliviamarie Oliviana Olivianna Oliviarose Olivier Olivine Oliviya Oliviyah Olivya Oliwia Oliyah Olla Olle Ollene Ollia Ollie Olliemae Olline Ollive Ollivia Olliyah Olly Ollye Olma Olna Ololade Olubukola Olubunmi Oluchi Olufunke Olufunmilayo Olukemi Oluremi Olutosin Olutoyin Oluwabukola Oluwabukunmi Oluwadamilola Oluwadara Oluwadarasimi Oluwademilade Oluwaferanmi Oluwafisayo Oluwafunmilayo Oluwakemi Oluwanifemi Oluwapelumi Oluwasemilore Oluwaseun Oluwaseyi Oluwatamilore Oluwateniola Oluwatobi

Oluwatobiloba Oluwatofunmi Oluwatomi Oluwatomilola Oluwatomisin Oluwatoni Oluwatosin Oluwatoyin Oluwatoyosi Oluwatumininu Oluwayemisi Olvia Olvie Olwen Olwyn Olya Olympia Olyne Olyve Olyvea Olyvia Olyviah Oma Omagene Omah Omaida Omaira Omalee Omani Omar Omara Omarah Omari Omaria Omariah Omariana Omarie Omarion Omarionna Omaris Omaya Omayma Omayra Omeda Omega Omeisha Omeka Omekia Omelia Omer Omera Omeria Omesha Omeshia Ometa Omia Omie Omika Omiya Omiyah Omma Ommie Omni Omnia Omolara Omolola Omotayo Omotola Omri Omunique Omya Omyra Ona Onah Onalee Onaleigh Onawa Onaya Onda Ondina Ondine Ondra Ondraya Ondrea Ondreya Ondria Oneal Oneatha Oneda Onedia Oneeda Oneida Oneika Oneil Oneisha Oneita Oneka Onekki Onelia Onell Onella Onesha Oneshia Onesti Onesty Oneta Onetha Onetia Onetta Oneva Oney Oneyda Onezia Ong Oni Onia Onica Onida Onie Oniesha Onika Onis Onisha Onisty Onita Oniya Oniyah Onna Onnah Onnalee Onnie Onnika Onnolee Onolee Onora Ontaria Onya Onyae Onyah Onye Onyekachi Onyinye Onyinyechi Onyinyechukwu Onyka Onyx Onzell Oona Oonagh Opal Opalee Opalene Opaline Opel Opeyemi Opha Ophelia Ophelie Ophia Ophie Ophilia Opie Ople Oppie Oprah Ora Orabell Orabelle Oradee Oradell Orah Oral Oralee Oralene Oralia Oramae Orange Orangie Orba Orbie Orcella Orchid Orda Ordell Ordella Ordie Ore Orea Oreal Orean Oreana Oreane Oreanna Oreatha Oreda Oree Oreen Orel Orelia Orell Orella Oren Orena Orenda Orene Oreoluwa Oressa Oreta Oretha Oretta Oreva Orfa Orfalinda Orfelinda Ori Oria Oriah Orian Oriana Oriane Orianna Orianne Orie Oriel Orielle Orien Orietta Orilla Orina Orinda Orine Oriole Orion Oriona Orionna Oris Orise Orisha Orissa Orit Orita Oriya Oriyah Oriyana Orla Orlagh Orlaith Orland Orlanda Orlando

Orlandra Orlandrea Orlandria Orlantha Orlean Orlee Orleen Orlena Orlenda Orlene Orletta Orli Orlidia Orlie Orlinda Orline Orly Orma Ormah Ormi Orna Ornella Orneta Orothy Orpah Orpha Orphia Orphie Orquidea Orquidia Orr Orra Orrie Orris Orsola Ortencia Ortensia Ortha Ortrude Orva Orval Orvella Orvetta Orvilla Orville Orya Orysia Osa Osanna Oscar Osceola Osee Osha Oshai Oshanique Oshanna Oshay Oshea Osheana Osheanna Oshen Oshia Oshiana Oshie Oshun Oshyn Osia Osiana Osie Osiris Osirys Osmara Osmary Osnas Ossie Ostara Osvaldo Ota Otavia Oteka Otelia Otella Oteria Otha Othal Othel Othelia Othell Othella Othello Otie Otila Otilia Otilla Otillia Otillie Otis Otisha Otome Otsie Otta Ottavia Ottelia Ottie Ottilia Ottilie Ottillie Ottis Otto Oudia Ouida Ouita Oumie Oumou Oumy Ourania Ourtney Ova Ovada Oval Ovalee Ovalene Ovaline Oveda Ovedia Oveida Ovel Ovelia Oveline Ovell Ovella Ovena Overa Oveta Ovetta Ovia Ovida Ovie Ovis Oviya Oweda Owen Owena Oweta Owetta Owyn Oxana Oyindamola Oyinkansola Oyuki Oyuky Oza Ozaria Ozeal Ozel Ozelia Ozell Ozella Ozellar Ozelle Ozelma Ozena Ozetta Ozie Ozioma Ozite Ozlem Ozzie